This page is "God" and "Holy" - God in the context of religions, most mis-spocken and misunderstood is the almighty God. God Holy has no religion - religiously holy can be selfish holy which is not HOLY, religions help people living in community - Man thinks in the ways of God and his selfish ways and ways neither man nor God - God messages may comprehended by persons of God have so much life more than people of religious ways.

What is God? What is Holy? the Spirit of God upon me - Spirit of God is not thoughts of man - Thoughts of man is creation - Incarnation ways of God is not ways of selfish - God the mighty overcomes thoughts of man - (God unman the expression is a usage of understanding).

God is the English usage to express infinite knowledge, unlimited power, present everywhere - perfect goodness. However, those are human standard of expressions but not all what God Holy "the Word" Is + God beyond humanly expressed is "the Word" that no religious name or title or popularity is in the Usage. Unman that no man can perfectly image. That no man has seen or able to comprehend the Highest, yet benefits.

In me and I was once at the gate of heaven and god appeared to me in different ways and forms - God is so much above what is known by man - I possess the Usage in unman much above God, Holy, Trinity, Creator, supernatural creator, universe, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, divine simplicity, divine mercy and eternal, necessary existence, the singular being or in theistic and deistic religions, other belief systems that is either the sole deity in monotheism, or a single deity in polytheism. That all those are human only � those are not "the Word" in Full in terms God Is - the Unman is the Existance or the Existance is unman in its Presence and Commitment - above the Universe - Limit of man is not the end of man - God is infinite in the limit of man - Greek language Christ has human ways higher in the Understanding - but being in Greek and anointed name of Jesus much objections by others thus Holy is also the best for God says in your language -

Holy is the Commitment of the almighty Mighty, God is the action purpose and the beliefs are people assembly in community. The Noun is soundless infinite nameless Holy � soundless Noun and action does Holy. Soundless Noun Does Holy - if not action match with the Holy a prayer is in vain - preaching with out work does not work for God. If action matches will be holy on belief - Attain beyond belief Holy God. Jesus Christ is the highest human standard that Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life, Jesus said in Word.

Wish to be in the Provider of the Commitment � go beyond: Belief - God - Holy � for God Healing is at hand � !!! Something for living is all that but the Life as high as the heaven above the earth

(Beyond the Usage: Three narrations: ONE � Did you ever see the Sun in the sky � if your answer is �YES� you are wrong � that the Sun is far off human eyes, seen was image of a reflection of past light rays reached within earth�s atmosphere - persons of different vision seeing not from same place. TWO Bird: A simple Maths question - Three birds resting together on a tree, shoot one time only to kill all but only one fell on ground, how many left on the tree? If you answer 3-1=2 on the tree your answer is wrong THREE : Did you ever said God or called from the innermost not thinking of Religion: ? The answer is Yes � that is Holy Truth of no soundless or nameless Noun.

Those who argue the Existance arguing just the usage in the human standard of Holy or God or Belief. � There are persons who had great God faith but no more believing on their dreams lost, that they neither knew the truth or still on the heavenly test to attain the prayers

For assembly Belief is great - For faith God is great - For saintly Holy is great .

Beyond all be in Holy � is the Word - �Do God� � �Do Holy� � �Do Salvation for all� - Wish for others too what you wish for self

Holy in things known and unknown - is Unman - Holy unique is every personal and individual relationship with the Holy - righteous you too can be. Was a time believed God is very rich king in heaven but now is the time to experience God is the Most humble simple divine helper in you too