The world must move into God of all people preparing the next generation - brining all people under one God - that the Word the Principal is invisible Noun and Holy is the Commitment or promise of the Principal - Although the Trinity existed in the Word but became known in mankind after Jesus, that Trinity was a new generation of faith - likewise in the credit of the past let us move into the next generation of Faith of all people!!!

All are people of God but the believers are called people of God - Trinity (God) is three functions of the Holy - and Holy is the Commitment or Promise of the almighty. Infinity (God) is infinite functions everyone in glory is member - The Almighty is the Principal nameless invisible Noun "the Word" for man in the ways. Although not enough, people see God except the Principal "the Word" invisible stands for the past present and future that Jesus Christ stood up of the past for the future

In understanding the world must move into the next generation God of people of God - the Word - the Principal is invisible Noun - and Holy is the Commitment of the Principal to human life

True God Holy God Almighty God the Lord is invisible - no man can see it means it is mystery - Through Jesus people can see and know God in human ways but the Holy God is Unman is invisible for physical structure. The Principal is the Word Invisible and Unman and never seen by man.

That every person and every believer has place in it, regardless religion - Christian I am it shall be Christ

Holy Church may develop to attain all people in the Church more than a way of conversion - religious conversion is a complex issue in the modern life thus the issue of Salvation shall be in timely manner of the Future in the Word A/K/A the Holy Spirit - current manner is

The Principlal or the Word or the Noun is invisible but believers - God - Holy are visible or known - on such the next generation must move into the invisible Principal for God invisible