Invisibly namelessly soundlessly timelessly spacelessly God the Almighty all in all everything - Angels all People all Beings, animals plants birds fishes creatures spirits everyone has its own Highest power prayer the "Prayer One" to no word can express it - Subject to the Almighty Christ is Prayer One all Christians or all people - Mother is prayer one of a child - mother feels the child is herself - that is the way I put "Prayer One" - that is the way I place your healing prayer request with Christ - Christ the Almighty all in all. In "Prayer One Christ" forget about Diversities on earth. The Almighty is free of diversity. One understanding we say one God that is not as count one. God inborn Childhood and God education Adult and God experience spiritual old Age. You survive in God above education or religion - Infinity in the Mathematics of the earth for the Eternity the heavenly unending. Everyman is infinity of God for earth life and the Eternity for heavenly life. Count one is material reading of not spiritual God. One itself or between 1 and 3 or any number is made of infinity of numbers - that the highest number in every one - that eternity in every split second - the highest number it is. Served of God shall be of no religion - Thy Kingdom earthy in God is the Peace invisible becomes visible - one and the same heavenly Truth of no creation story - Everyone invisibly stands the Queue God we are - Seen resurrected and ascended Jesus for man to believe otherwise invisible them the Spirit you shall be healed of God - Jesus Christ invisibly born, grown up, done many miracles, healed many, Christ never died any place - God of heaven the Word on earth namelessly - soundlessly - timelessly - spacelessly Divinity pilgrimage on earth. Parable everyone witnesses in personal life - Brain in head is science for God whole body is the brain. Holy tears witness healing and blessing - God all above law prayers through "PRAYER ONE"


Every life is higher doctor God above all the world. Every mind is a doctor for self above the world. Almighty is the Miracle Doctor. Healing in every good-will - What would be your Good-Will in thanking God Healing

Be a God doctor for self and others in good old ways - few of the many testimonials below - Eternity and God Healing in every split second and the Word of God in every word

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The list below is only few of the many healings God blessed them after contacted me. Most others are afraid to testify on religious and other issues. I pray the list helps those who wish to come to God. God can heal you in split second that the world never could in all many years. Holy Spirit is time of timeless God - attain you are branch of God likewise a leaf is life of the Tree - Risen from astrological time you will get "Miracle Word" for God above all religious declarations - Do God our ways is Christ - Do God and get the code for healing within - the Almighty. Rain waters pass through many places to become purest water. Food we consume formed from earth - so as for God healing passes through many wonderful situations - Christ himself God taken human life and has been crucified - Trees stand in sky but no trees touch the sky and we live in God but none of us touch God yet every pains ends at God's Time the Holy Spirit - Living with God is miracle healing - Jesus in human ways and you too can alive with God. I am touched by God with healing gift for your body mind and spirit be healed - you are standing the invisible line God for every thing to happen - do not put yourself miss the chance after seen me in God - stand with me holy honest for our prayer God will do good for us - other than situation issues you can be healed - Angels and everything on land and waters and in the sky one God for all - Christ is anointed name in human ways - Christ the Lord for God - religions are many ways prior to the destination but only one way to the destination - Alive with God DO GOD next healing for you +++Abraham. Few of many testimonials listed below DO GOD Would you be next - be a partner in God Healing:-

Healed surgery pain after 39 years Death Notice Ends
Elbow Healing Uterus polyp/fibroid healing
No More Walking Cane My Sister Talking
Cancer healed-USA Cancer Healed - India&Singapure
7 Months Pregnancy Police Did Not Find Summons
Murderer got Arrested Mother's 3 Healings
Holy Mass Found Dream House
Wicked Person Moved Out Business Improved
Diabetic Cure Husband Returned
Mother Children United Bishop’s entry to Church
Eye Sight restored Good Friday Blessing
Baby Born No Defects No More Bad Dreams
No More Acid Influx High Grade in School
No More Chest Pain Win Lotto
Worker got paid Blessed Oil
Promised but not performed Lupus Healed
Healed a Spy Died 2, injured 7, spared 1
Plenty of Money Next For You ................    

Every day God Healing happens - The above are only few of many Miracle Healings. Please see below few of them 11-23-11 to 11-27-11 I was in Los Angeles (The Angels) USA - several instant miracles happened and are posted in the facebook under "Christ Abraham". For You can be the next - self healing messages are this website - make a small donation for I shall make unique prayer for you

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A man contacted me for knee healing that his doctor suggested knee replacement. After prayer I messaged him go to a church he never went, walk around the church three times in the name Jesus Christ calling for the healing. He did faithfully and the knee pain no more, at next doctor appointment on no more pain the doctor too said miracle happened. However, to heal evilness from a household members, a lady who faithfully did the pilgrimage walk at her neighborhood church was not healed. She didn't have the freedom to go to a church she never gone. God knew it was not a disobedience of her yet she was not healed. There is prime in Jesus said I am the Way and the Life and the Truth. Unfamiliar church of no religious spirit active against. Several are testimonials by the pilgrimage walk. If you are unable please let me know that I will walk for you.

A person asked healing that he gets anger or hipper or act crazy when he see crowd, at home he is very calm and cool. I prayed and told him attend a convention or gathering of another religion, not of his own. And asked him to feel release the spirit - He was afraid to go to gathering of another religion on social reasons, however, confidently did it and the problem no more in him

The Creation was healing to give peace to the disobedient spirit. But the spirit abused the freedom or the peace, crossed the limit, that God has to intervene with man as a middle person between God and the spirit. That every man born into sins, and God forgives until the limit, then wages of sins became death. Thank God the healer and the service for you shall be blessed further more. People make promises but most instances are forgetting the service after healed. At least try not to use hurting language to the servant of God healer. Many people of such nature some way or other loses the blessing. Please realize a financial donation to this free service at least after healed. If made a financial promise please do ignore at after attained the healing. 2 plus 2 Eight, or any number other than 4 how? Correct answer is: by mistake or trick. In wordily business 2+2= any number other than 4. On the truth of heart mind and soul lost healing too in many ways.

One man in 2003 did not get a huge huge huge forest contract in Fiji Island (I am about 18 hours by air travel far from Fiji Island) and he promised me 10% of the net profit if the bid winner back up so he can be the winner. I told just 1% is enough that 1% itself is a huge amount. He agreed. In three days the bid winner withdrawn and he got the contract. Few weeks later I had a dream of storm and big loses and I informed him the dream and the storm happened. After one year of huge profit time I on contacted the man but he said he does not have any record of the promise, so never paid. Well the rest is in the hands of God - this just one incident experienced.

A man of God with his wife on 23-11-11, 9PM in Los Angeles driven 75 miles came to me in deep faith requested from the end of earth to heal his body pains – joint pains and could not even bent his body on pains. he gone after my healing touch prayer - next day early morning he returned in happiness bending his body like dancing that no more in pain.

On 24-11-11, I went to pray for a lady who has been sent home from hospital on no further cancer treatment – in severe final stage pains she could not sleep for days and no medicine stops the pain - I prayed touching her - she slept - since then no more pain in her body, and started church worship

Later of no more pains and her doctor confirmed no more cancer - two months later she started gambling etc, she did not listen people asked her stop those on healed of God - now seeking my visit again but I am about 2500 miles away.

On 24-11-11 a woman about age 50 years suffering Seizures since early young, I touched her with prayers - God message appeared a grave yard and young she in there years ago - she answered used to walk through the grave yard when young her parents house was facing a grave yard and the messages was true the first Seizures attack was on monthly day - I prayed for her and in February 17 2012 her husband told no more seizure she suffers.

On 26-11-11 the Holy Cross I carried with me was on the alter table on a stand; at holy mass service and I saw the nine inches cross so huge six feet high - and on the right the one inch candle flame has been seen about five inches high - this flame 5 inches high almost all about 350 persons in the service has seen, and announced by the Archbishop Baladad present.

On 25-11-11 Friday evening a family driven from Texas to Los Angeles brought a new bible to bless - but God's spirit blocked me - messaged me it is not "the Bible” - so I asked to return to the store - do not take it to where they came from - as there was limited time left to scheduled travel back, they given it to the church father Jose who placed it at the church corner - on Sunday 27-11-11 while sermon someone came in with it - as soon as walked in with it the priest doing sermon could not open his eyes and pain around eyes - one person fell on floor unconscious, another person crying on stomach pain and thrown up - suddenly the priest felt and asked who walked in with that bible and ordered to walk out - after gone all became normal.

There were seven more major miracles Christ through me in Los Angeles between 23-11—11 and 27-11-11 but others did not testify for public.

Miracles are God in action on Mercy and our prayers, at when you have given up the body and the world for the healer God, that is the infinite Self, until then is only like water as a wave seething and foaming, so all sufferings, streaming out of the self, to attain miracl the self be a first-rate version of the Self instead of a second-rate version of someone else. Prayer is not an idle delight. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of broken heart in action. When at the Supreme God no one can be evil, just seek the Self, compassionate and noble without fault, that nature is a major contribution for miracle. Three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion - Three things to practice: simplicity, patience, compassion - Three things for salvation: simplicity, patience, compassion. That is Trinity of the Salvation all people - while religions salvation is religious differences on God.

Take an example - Many were sick in the region - it was not just the people who came to Jesus were not all the sick in the region - Jesus knew that too, but healed those who asked in trust. God knows your heart, knows your human, knows the world of Satan - so open your heart for God - invisible broken heart before the Invisible. Prayer is natural obedience in every existance, it is a good tradition we pray - thus you pray from understanding of your natural cause. It can be a name or nameless - Show cause of your prayer.

Believers and unbelievers, while belied can be darkness too - that it is not by a belief but by the purity of heart many unbelievers also can be healed. True heart beyond any belief is reconciliation with God may not be in a Test. Religions by certain law discourage the Healing is true on evil worship - we are God healing, for example: Mahatma Gandhi, a nonChristian or Rev Martin Luther King a Christian - all are under one God healing, not under the Cannon Laws that the Salvation of Christ Jesus Christ is not through religious. Christianity as a religion has to protect the Church in the human world - Thus the Catholic Church may not officially declare they are saints. That foolishness of the protection is wiser than the lord of the wisdom.

Only certain men of God have the enlightenment and the courage to recognize evil. God commissioned Guardian Angels to protect and guide each individual through out their entire life on earth. ( Ps: 91,11. Mt: 18,10 ). God is present among us in many forms: healing, blessing, charity, love, prayer, worship, meditation, art, music, spirituality, and other traditional wisdoms. God is present among us by our religion and through other religions too. Where ever God is present, understand well, satan is also present. Today mankind is coming to the realization that spirituality is Universal, One Human Spirituality For All Peoples. Do not expect the world will treat you good on your good deeds.

God can heal any illness or problem within a split of a second as people deserve it and looking for it.God did not create the earth in your wishes, sameas, God shall heal you through His the Self. These healings include: cancer, eye vision, diabetes, chronic pains, mental illness, addictions, emotional problems, all kinds of physical ailments, financial problems, problems with relationships, acquisitions of houses, jobs and promotions, victory in court cases, children, finding lost relatives, and so on. God is not a repeatition of religious books, God is you speak for the Self, although religion is needed a community attitude. Religion or legion means society of humans - not at all the society of angels if you expecting from religion.

"Miracle Healing" is available to you by the Grace of God, whether you believe it or not. Please review the following few miracles listed to enlighten you too if seeking miracle. As you meditate upon them, you will feel the Healing Power of God come upon you. Thank God and do Charity for His Healing Presence made manifest in your life, and then go forth and help others to know how God has healed you.

Many were healed but only few are publically testified to announce here - confidentiality maintained - 39 year sickness Healed, No more death notice, No More Walking Cane, Untalking Sister Talking, cancer healed, 7 Months Pregnancy sickness cured, Police Did Not Find Summons after repented, Police Found the Murderer after contacted the gift of God miracle soul, a Mother asked three healings and all the 3 Healings attained, Holy Mass blessed with dreams, Found Dream House after prayed, Wicked Person Moved Out after wrote a letter to the healer soul, Business Improved after meditation. Diabetic Healed testimonial after contacted the healer, Husband Returned after 2 months, Mother Children United after 8 years, Bishop’s entry to Church on request, Eye Sight restored of a pastor, Good Friday Blessing for house, Baby Born No Defects, No More Bad Dreams, No More Acid Influx, student High Grade in School, No More Chest Pain, won Lotto, Worker got paid, blessed Oil for house, Promised but not performed thus lost, Lupus Healed after prayed, Healed a Spy by faith, 2 persons died 7 injured spared 1 who prayed and got Plenty of Money. MIRACLE IS HEAVENLY WITNESS ON BROKEN HEART. JESUS IS THE BROKEN HEART OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER WITNESS OF HEAVENLY FATHER IS THE HIGHEST WITNESS AND TESTIMONIAL FOR EVERY MIRACLE. 1