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A mother had a dream college for her daughter a high school stdent. But on lower high school grade the admission denied letter received. The parents contacted me for the blessing and then the child got admission to the very same program which was previously been denied.

After the admission the mother thanlessly said the admission was on high school grade. Then, after two semesters the college put the student on probation on laking the standard for higher grades. Then again the mother contacted for my prayer to continue studies there. And I did, afterwards the student did satisfactory grades only one more semister and the probation has been removed and sought adimission elewhere and from there graduated not lapsing time.

Another instance, a 12 year old son was not behaving good at home and school. His grantfather was an elected official so had showoff too. As asked by me the mother she brought the son on a Saturday early in the morning at 7 O Clock. They were coming from another State which I didn't know, they had to leave their home so early at about 4am to see me at 7am. They were obedient to my request. I prayed and layed hands on him. Afterthat the boy is doing great in school and home, even selected and playing for pro-basket ball, NBA. Now we looking forward to see the boy in the National Team.

My thinking is blessing and Word of God, my touch is touch of God.


Many attend healing service with me but few are testifying their healing attained. The majority are afraid of their spiritual community for seeking God healing through else where, or have their personal reasons. The laws of the church is founded such a way that have excuses to disregard the Supernatural Enlightenment of Jesus Christ, if happening outside the church administration. Each spiritual group has restrictions to its membership to their earthly reasons that they are the best and next to God. Ms. Veronica is a person for God high over a church membership. She has God given courage to tell the truth. She support her church with her soul, all her soul. She firmly believes Catholic faith is supernaturally enlightened faith.

Therefore, in her dedication for the Catholic faith, she can not take any wrong doing by the church authorities. She is a wonderful Catholic lady. But in her knowledge on the church she was missing certain positions of Jesus with the church. For example, Jesus healed many but was mostly out side the worshiping temple, also none of them who got miraclously healed through Jesus did not come forward to rescue Jesus even from the trail to Crucifixion. Even the number one person Peter said, he did not know Jesus, on his earthly reasons.

Ms. Veronica fight to heal the church and her prayer group, but as a faithful member person she will not be able to heal the organization. Secondly, even if she has been thrown out from the church by the authorities in her church cleaning efferts no one of her supporters will be coming forward to rescue her from the authority action. This is because the truth of the earth is imperfect of the Holy God, or human knowledge of God is imperfect.

The church situation was creating constant and continous chest pain to her. There was no cure in her because the church was not cured. She did not know the reason to the chest pain was due to her honesty for the church and her honesty was not helping in the social culture. She is a resident of New Jersey State. Knowing the Instant Miracle Healing at the Learning Annex, New York City, she attended the healing in April at the Source of Life Building in NYC next to the Empire State Building.

Most people think sickness is condition of body while it can be a result of the mind too. Because her knowlege of God is deep, honesty is deep, righteous soul like an angel, she is a very easy person to get healed. Within 24 hours after she attended the blessing with me, she called me to inform that she has no more chest pain after attending the healing blessing. She is very much impressed on my saying: "Get Healed Make God Happy" and "Receive a fax from God stating, Congratulations, you are healed". Before in her faith she was trying to make the church happy, after the blessing she attained the knowledge to God and the Church happy and the chest pain got healed through the enlightenment of God above a faith. After her healing she advised me and volunteered a website on my healing.


There was a man living in East New York, Brooklyn from Panama. He was not employed. His wife in Panama was contacting him regularly for money. This man was staying with another Panamanian and was looking for some small job to send some money to his wife and ends meet.

One day I was visiting a prayer group in an East New York home. From that prayer group I heard some one was sick at the next door home. Therefore, I walked in to the next door neighbor to pray for the sick person there. After my prayer there while leaving another man came to me and asked a prayer for him. I did not know his financial position or problems of life or who he was. He faithfully came and asked a blessing. I was surprised on his faith. It came to my mind that his faith will do some fast miracle on him. Before I started praying and laying hands on him, I asked him to put his mind on what he wants from this blessing prayer for him. I did not know what was in his mind.

On the next day I heard that immediately after my prayer, without saying a word of mouth he rushed to a store and purchased one lotto ticket and won enough money to solve his financial priorities. His faith was deep, the depth was his heart of silent of God. Later I came to know that he was unemployed and his family in Panama was depending on him.



One Saturday a Christian worker from Nigeria came to see me to get some miracle help. He is a Pentecostal minister bishop from Nigeria, wife lives in Canada, he is overseer of church in England and Nigeria, is a visitor in the USA for six months, do construction home improvement work in the USA and support the churches and family. He has to support the church in England, wife in Canada, family in Nigeria and expenses in the USA. The income from Evangelism was not enough for all these expenses, so he does home improvement work. He took a home improvement contract in Brooklyn. The home owner purchased the material and will pay him for his labor at the completion of work. This money he was counting for all his immediate needs and visiting his wife in Canada. But the home owner did not pay him over three months and came to pray with me on a Saturday for a miracle. I felt very sympathy to him. I prayed and spirit of God an answer came to me said tomorrow. I did not know why I said tomorrow. Thank God on the next day on that tomorrow the home owner who owe him the money called him and said to collect it on the Monday and he collected about $10,000 and on the Monday. He could not believe it. So he kept secret for about 24 hours until he hot the money on the Monday. He was attempting to reach me the night after Monday and all day Tuesday. He was so excited and rushed to visit his wife in Canada. Tuesday evening before leaving for Canada from the airport he called and I talked on the phone and he explained to me the miracle happened after praying with me. And again he contacted me from England, again he called me from Nigeria..


One mother in Virginia State had five children to distribute her wealth. In her last testate of will she want her house to one of the child only, that they can have their regular family reunion at that house. Therefore, she decided the ownership to one child only through a lotto among the five children. Knowing the healing of Rev. Ann Stewart in New York one of the daughter’s husband confidentially took Rev. Abraham blessed oil and anointed the entrance main door of the house in the wishes to win the lotto and they won the lotto.

After the winning he told his wife of what he did in secret with the oil blessed by the Reverned. His wife or one of the five children is a nurse supervisor in a nursing home and as a very religious person she had high sympathy to the nursing home residents. So with prayer she took some of the blessed oil and anointed some residents for God’s healing upon them. She did this very secret with out any one knowing it. Within a week at least seven of the patients got better health and have been discharged to their homes.

Another time a person in Fort Worth Texas anointed a stage four Pancreatic Cancer patient and the patient no more suffering Pancreatic Cancer. The person used to carry the oil with him asked the Reverend for a healing after prayer the Reverenced answered in 21 days it will happen, and happened. The prayer was the return of no whereabouts of his son since seven years. Then on the third day the son phoned and in 21 days the son returned.



On a Monday evening one Grandmother asked me to pray her school going 16 year old granddaughter. She asked the prayer unexpectedly from her heart as she came to pray with me for other healing.. On that week Wednesday just on the 2nd day after the prayer there was a gang stabbing in a Brooklyn Subway Station. It was a national news. The stabbers randomly stabbed a group of school girls, Two died in the hospital, Seven injured and one spared injury. One of the stabbers yelled at the granddaughter get out here otherwise you will be stabbed too and the granddaughter run away and escaped injury. The grandmother testified that her praying with the healer bishop protected her granddaughter from injury.



I was a frontline soldier of India-Pakistan war 1965. Before the ferocious war broke out in September 1965, I was serving with the Battalian HQ of 8 JAK RIF at the border from where free medical was given to local Kashmiris. There were many Pakistani infiltrators in the region, they were alike the local people and cross border was regular. I used to spent my free time at the medical tent with the doctor. I remember a man came in humble for medicines, told me sickness of his mother and daughter but they could not come to the tent on religious reasons. On his humble I was kind and prayed for them in silence besides medicines given by the Medical Assistant.

In few days afterwards the war broke, I escaped injury and capture, but the medical Captain has been taken POW along some with others and the Medical Assistant Namdar was killed by enemy shelling. After the release in March 1966 the Captain told me that Pakistani guards knew him and me too from the medical tent where they acted local residents while were Pakistani infiltrators. They imitated South Indian my accent. One of the guards testified his mother and daughter were healed in Pakistan after talking me of their sickness, the Most Merciful Allah.

I did know the person was a spy and his duty as a spying that he could let me know while his asking for healing was genuine and I prayed in goodwill. In the essence this healing was deeper than the Centurion got healed of Jesus according to Bible. If I knew he was a spy he could have been arrested, things would have been different. God hidden in us is God invisible among us for Godly purpose. God we serve and see through our divinity even in prison. The spy attained healing through wishes for him.

God healing is never a religious, it is uncientific miracle. Jesus ministry I am is Christianity re-examined Eternal Gospel unlimited. Healing has no limit. ( India and Pakistan are independent nations from the British India claiming certain Kashmir area against the other. Since early 1960 Pakistan sent Thousands of infiltrators and militants into Kashmir and fought wars for Kashmir. After all these there come a time soon that Pakistani citizens will cross border to take refuge in Indian side as the conditions became untolarable there. This will be one of the victorious position for India to prove Indian stand against religious claims on Kashmir issue. China is a sleeping tiger, on China-India relationship there will also be major border dispute in conjuction with the 1962 conflict.

Healed a Spy may not be a right expression that God also may appear as a spy. Thus uumber 28 next.



There was a church man who used to give money privately to a church bishop for reputation among the believers. He used to work for the MTA, Metropolitan Transit Authority, City of New York. One time he was absent at work for two days with the explanation that the flight was late after vacation on return from India. The MTA put him on suspension pending the final hearing. This was in 1990. The man contacted me for help and promised huge reward to me if returned to work, I told him it is not money thing but good heart for me. For me character is lost everything is lost. It might be he had other problems to be absent at work that might be confidential on his earthly truths, God reads the hearts, asked him to keep a clean heart, as a confession within.

I meditated for his return to work. At his court hearing, there was some paperwork problems for the employer who brought him on the charge sheet and in that position the case has been dismissed. Unfortunately, after the victory he used to ignore me as if he did not see me. I was praying God for he would stop ignoring me - Two years later I visited and prayed with him when he was admitted in hospital. However, he he continued the same attitude - Then I sent a letter by postal mail of my spiritual reconciliation to him saying let us be like before, please for God sake do not turn face on me. He ignored that too. Gradually his condition worsend. All the time when I see or think of him I have heart felt sympathy on his weaker spirit fellowship while higher reputation in the church.

Finally, afterwards while employed with the MTA, I am sad to say, God of the almighty called him back to permanent dismissal from the earth. I honestly felt his promises of finance was just for self, his prophesy for self. If he would have lost the job after the hearing his family would have lost the death benifits while employed. Bad spirits treat God too small. Each time turning the face on me was turning away his longevity.


The following are two testimonials from Fiji Islands of a brother after his sister attained Miracle Healing LUPUS HEALED, the sister was about 18 days in the I C U with life support equipments connected, and the hope almost lost, was going to be discharged on the following day, the broken heart of love for the sister the brother searched the internet found God Healing miracle Jesus Christ power online, found WWW.GODHEALING.ORG.

20/11/03 E-Mail: Indeed very very thankful to you sir and without the prayers to God this was not possible. I saw an impossible thing happened possible today with my eyes. I saw the evil rivals losing this battle today. I salute you. With all my respect to you JAY. jaydayal@msn.com - Upon his sister's healing the brother asked for another blessing, then Another testimonial from the same person: You have helped my business from troubles, winning back business from my competitors and also assisted my sister in her sickness. I trust and believe in you as God in form of a human. those who want to know about Dr. Abraham can always email me to know of

First Name : JAY

Country : Fiji Islands. 20/11/03

E-Mail :


Indeed very very thankful to you sir and without the prayers to God this was not possible. I saw an impossible thing happened possible today with my eyes. I saw the evil rivals losing this battle today. I salute you. With all my respect to you JAY

Also view guest book LUPUS HEALED at Sydney Australia. ( A laboratory test for lupus in which white blood cells are mixed with specimen of the patient’s serum ) A lady was suffering about 15 years of this disease. She asked the healing. She was on medication for years. But after meditation with me she got healed. There are others too cured of the lupus but for another miracle on this lady was that she was working in the World Trade Center building. On 9-11-01 God further blessed her miraculously to escaped horror. She has a son about 14 years old born of the lupus symptoms. He was not doing satisfactory in school. The mother brought the boy to me and I blessed him for his school performance after blessing he improve school grades. Because he was born of the lupus, his physical size is not regular for age 14. Other boys make fun of him and he used to cry and complain to the mother. But after my praying for him he started saying God Bless you to those who make fun on him. This saying of word created great healing of comfort in the home. Also, one day when her family member was sick I visited the family at that time God blessed for the testimonial 23 above.

30 Plenty of Money

I made a prayer visit at a home in Brooklyn, New York. The home owner was a lady living by self only and had her sister visiting from a remote village of India. The visitor was of Hindu faith of God but the home owner sister was converted to Christian faith of God. In the conversation there I noticed the visitor was attempting the home owner to convert back to Hindu. In order to comfort every person there, I was care full of not using religious name for God. The visitor was going back to India in few weeks. After the prayer I said to the visitor that we may not see again and asked to tell me if she has any special wishes or desire to happen in her life. She replied: we are very poor people in India, villagers only. She has a son who has no job or education to obtain a good job. She asked me to bless the son to become very rich person. I again asked her how soon she wants her son to become rich of money. Her reply was in one year. Then I meditated for her son to become rich. Besides God with me, Rev. Babu Thomas of testimonial 18, the home owner sister, and the vistor sister were present at this conversation. On those days one US Dollar was about 45 Indian Rupees. The home owner had an insurance policy naming the sister son as the beneficiary has been matured to 65 Thousand United States Dollars, about 3 million Indian Rupees within the year and been sent to the son. This is really a big amount, plenty of money received miraculously.


A minister mother asked three healings and got all the three miraculously.

Knowing the miracle of 39 year sickness healed on Rev. Ann Stewart, a mother came to me for three healings.

Number One. Her daughter was going out with a much older person and the mother wants to break up that relationship being the man was too old for the daughter.

Number Two. Her son was a well trained street boy selling drugs and she was afraid he can be killed in a gang war. The monther wants this boy out from the streets immediately.

Number Three. The mother has a court case to collect some money, but the lawyer is not responding or returning her calls. She was counting on the the settlement to pay her debts. But seen no hopes soon. She wants blessing an early settlement of the case.

After meditation, God responded to me the follows:

( 1 ) Her daugher will break up that man in 2 weeks.

( 2 ) Her son is not going to change his street life voluntarily, the only way righteously to take him soon out from the street is police arrest him. I asked the mother what about that?. She replied that is better than got killed in the street. I meditated and reply came in my mind said 10 days.

(3) About her court case I answered, 3 months.

Case #1. On the 14th day at 12 mid night the daughter broke up the old man, he in the mid night packed up and gone, at that mid night morning 1:30 a.m the mother was so excited and called Rev. Ann Stewart and testified the healing I said 14 days ago.

Secondly, the son street boy got arrested by the police during the time of that 10 days and now serving jail term and learing job skills for release.

Thirdly, the court case settled in 3 months and the settlement received.

It is very easy for a person to believe these miracles as divined. All these testimonials are words of truth. You may contact Rev Ann Stewart Phone 1 804 721 0240 to listen these testimonials alive. These happened in 1999 when Rev.Stewart was residing in New York City. During the time July 2002 when this website being created Rev Stewart is packing to move to her home town Waverly, Virgenia, 23890 USA. Will update her new phone number there upon available. GOD HEALING IS THE HEALING OF GOD - GOD HEALING IS MIRACLE HEALING - GOD HEALING IS JESUS HEALING - GOD HEALING NO MEDICAL NEEDED - GOD HEALING IS BLESSING OF GOD - GOD HEALING EVEN IF MEDICAL HAS NO HEALING - MANY ARE HEALED OF NO MEDICINE COULD HEAL - GOD HEALING IS GOD IN ACTION - GOD HEALING IS CHARITY OF GOD - GOD HEALING IS SPIRITUAL HEALING IN HUMAN - JESUS IS THE HIGHEST SPIRITUAL GOD HEALING MIRACLE POWER AMAZING GRACE HEALING POWER GOD HEALING Heal Me Bless Me O Lord God CHARITY OF GOD IS GOD HEALING JESUS IS GOD HEALING TOUCH ME O GOD TO HEAL ME TOUCH ME GOD TO TOUCH AND HEAL OTHERS TOO GOD HEALING IS SPIRITUAL TOUCH OF THE LORD GOD">