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I am real estate broker, attended a public healing seminar of Dr. Abraham at Seminar Center, New York City. I felt I should have attended his healing session long ago to the problems I have had in life.

At the end of the seminar I asked him whether he can bless me to improve my real estate business. Before attending the seminar I was thinking healing means for body only.

He said yes, and further asked how many listings a month 30, I answered now 10 only 30 is great I want and blessed me for 30 a month. Afterwards my office got 30 lisings or more a month in 3 months time.


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To all those blessed people who prayed for Jamie. I got a brief phone call from Mari, his mother, last night.

He was scheduled for surgery yesterday.

The report is no cancer anywhere in his body. She said that his Dad and his Dad's brother had both died from this type of cancer. the fear must have been overwhelming.

She promised to send me some details that i can report back to you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart...God is merciful, Brenda

12. UTERUS - polyp/fibroid HEALED and DIABETIC CURE

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My name is Olivia (from Rockville, MD) and I would like to share with you my personal healing experience and hopefully you could post it on your web to share with others. I had in my uterus some polyp/fibroid of no small size (one doctor said it's polyp and another thought it a fibroid). It was diagnosed at the beginning of this year; while differnt doctors and sonographers gave me different measurements at different time and locations, based on the sonographs, there was indeed some growth in my belly. But you know what? mostly recently when I went to the scheduled surgery to remove that extra stuff, whatever it was, by a very, very reputable seventy-something years' old obgyn who used a hysteroscopy to accurately examine my uterus, I was told that there's absolutely nothing to remove as the uterus is, in his words, "beautiful" and "perfect." (He even took some pictures of it as part of my records). I have been meditating and praying, for about five months, for the healing, but when learning this wonderful, wonderful thing actually happened, I was still vaguely surprised (my mind was still foggy then since I was still under the influence of anesthesia). Praise God but is it real that this kind of miracle indeed happened to me? But surely it is real. Thank God for his healing and may He strengthen my belief so that I'd never doubt again! Praise God and may His blessings always be with you and all those who believe in Him.


12. GOD IS HEALING - WORLD IS MONEY - God heals World talks Money

In March 2014 a mother (her husband a doctor) in Canada contacted for healing prayer for her 3 year old son who had heart problem since birth, thus she used to take him to Cardiologist every month and three months several times a year since his birth. The mother was stressful of the son. Contacted me she volunteered (promised) half of her wealth which is big money if the son got healed after my prayer. I suggested not all but a reasonable donation? Several phone conversation made and all the time I enlightened her son will be healed and she was extremely happy. I prayed and little less than two months in May 2014 the doctor found miracle happened to normal heart rhythm and one year next appointment in May 2015. But the mother wants no more appointment. Everyone convincing her that is the doctor way, but she stands on no more appointment. I told her annual check up is the right way as the son had birth problem, doctor would not exempt annual check up. Healing prayer was easier than convening her the healing. In 2015 May the doctor has given him 2 year next appointment in May 2017. Yet the mother doubts the healing. The mother not happy because the cardiologist didn't say no more appointment needed. God indicates, got healed but the world in the lust of money forgets God. For healing she trusted God, and she got it. God - Love - Healing - Future, the Healing never ends.


I am diabetic - taking pills morning evening and insulin injection, and prayer all times, I came to know the Miracle Healing to anybody regardless of religion or faith. My condition was worsining only. I was frustrated every day on my diabetic. As a Christian I was in crises of faith, contacted the miracle healing advertisement, the Dr. Abraham. On the Fourth day of that mailing, probably on the same or the next day that letter in the hands of the healer, I felt a total difference in my health feeling, checked suger level and was 77. Usually was over 300. I stopped the medicines, as the suger level was continusly lower I stoped the insulin but keeping the diet.

I am Stanley Varkey, TN


Husband, unemployed and did not want to work, aged over 40, run away from home and the whereabout unknown - for at least two months leaving wife who is a Registered Nurse, and 2 school going teenaged sons. Upon his ran away wife was happy no more burden over the lazy husband. After two months wife received a monthly payment bill for the $50,000 home loan taken by husband against their residence before ran way. This was in addition to existing loan on the house. This extra bill created additional tension to wife and no one was help to her .

This wife knew me - Finally after about 2 months of the disappearence she came to me with lots of complaints and asked help. God is a God of forgiveness - after prayer I answered will find the husband in ten days. I said God will work on it now on, will bring that man in 10 days.

On the Third day, the husband took refuge at PARUMALA church, India, and on the Fifth day he phoned from there to his wife in the USA. He took refuge in the church where his wife had faith. Upon his phone call from India the wife borrowed about $400 promising will be returned and the husband returned from India. But did not return even though ask for it. One day I said he will run again if not redund and second time too and it happened - I asked forgiveness to the Almighty and he returned.

VISION OF GOD: One day in the year 1996 the wife has been admitted in a hospital and on informed me I visited her there - On the way back to my home about 9 PM night and rainey dark, a person jumped in front of my driven car, dragged that person at least 20 feet. I could not stop the car all the way right away that I did not see the person at that heavy rain before jumped. Stopped the car I removed the person to the side walk and on emergency police and Medical emergency ambulance took the person to the hospital. And hour later freed me to go home.



Children’s passport and visa was endorsed in father’s passport and the family arrived at a Caribbean airport for the USA. At the airport father said he forget the passport at home that the mother should travel alone with that scheduled flight for the USA, and the husband and children shall join her on the following day. This was in the 1980's, and wife alone arrived in the USA on that flight. The husband instead he and children gone elsewhere. And the wife had no whereabouts of her husband and children was praying 24 hours about 8 years.

After about 8 years in 1994 this mother first time in life rented a small apartment in Queens Village, New York. through a real estate agent known me and she got new telephone number too. She tells her story to people for help. She told the story to me too. I told her my healing power and can find the children She came to know I have God’s healing power. She wanted my prayer to find the children. She want a prayer by me right away. At the office itself I prayed. After prayer I said you will find your children in 90 days. Within this 90 days some one from New York visited a family in Canada, two teen aged girls in Canada asked if the visitor knew their mother upon return to New York the visitor found the phone number.

One evening the mother alone in the apartment, thinking of her daughters and the 90 days time by me, she receiving a call from a public phone booth in Canada, calling, crying and saying loud, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY. Now can you imagine what is going on in their miracle moment. I do not know how to explain this moment, you as the reader may imagine. When a church is burning the smoke is holy for Satan only, but at this situation when the tears are shed it is holy to all the righteous.

The mothers, the daughters eyes and even the listeners are all filled with holy joy the tears of heavenly joy.



A reader might think what it is but it is real.

Certain members and the committee of an Indian Orthodox Church in America rejected church entry of a bishop for favor of another bishop. Disregarding the rejection and to claim victory on a Sunday early morning, rejected bishop arrived and waited at the gate such that he could enter through a smart way but the congregation kept it locked to prevent his entry. If this bishop's group break the lock on property damage is punishable under law. After waited enough unable to enter the bishop and his supporters gone.

The angry bishop, after 3 months of failed attempts, invited me at his residence, two bishop chairs and we seated, at the meeting observing his psychic I asked him: "what can I do for him"?- The bishop replied, "I want to enter into that church". I further asked: how soon, 6 months 3 months or one month. The bishop replied: " As soon as possible ".

I replied: (although I have family roots and ties with the other bishop), I answered "YES" - "IN TWO WEEKS", And on the 12th Day this bishop got a chance to enter into that church and was celebrating the Holy Mass of the Malankara Indian Orthodox Service.

But while celebrating, this bishop violated the order of the Holy Mass, that in the middle of the service he stopped the service and yelled at alter boys in the service. It was total misconduct that he violated the order of Holy Mass. the bishop should have calmly waited until the service ended to train them - the boys didn't do any miscondent either but were just body language directing of the several functions who should do the next - been absent of Master of Ceremony - the bishop yelling was way out of the service

Afterwards one day without his invitation resprctfully I visited this bishop at his residence. But his head-weight insulted me as if I am Demon in his place. Upon that misconduct I made a Cross in the air before him for him, and I left the place silently God with me.

Then the bishop lost the entry in the church until the other bishop gone God the home - (Any way both of them gone home God, for moral study purpose - one of them through car accident very strange for a bishop and the other the angry one mentally of old age). We all will go home God - may be I am the next - everyone agelessly standing the same queue line God to happen anything and who is next - I am 79 now in 2019, all the 1000 persons I remember at my age 25 almost gone home God, soon me too, O God take me to place not this world.

Coming and going - one generation comes other goes - we are incarnation of God is the truth purity teaching above religious drama of salvation.


On a Holy Thursday late evening a husband wife and their two children came to see me at where I used to do real estate business. They were quite new in the USA from India. They did not have enough money or credit to purchase a house. They lived in an apartment, owned by their immediate family, the owner asked them to move out. So they came consult with me for an apartment elsewhere.

On their story I felt sympathy for them but they did not know I have God healing power. Being their faith very close to Eastern Orthodox tradition, at the end of the meeting I said tomorrow is Good Friday, I pray the blessings of tomorrow be upon you too, next day on the Good Friday I attended Good Friday about 7 hours long service fasting until 3pm. After the service at home about 5 p.m. I felt an energy to visit my office where they came to see me on the previous day, the office was about 5 miles away from my house. On faith I was fearful of God to go to the office, so while driving by only, I saw a man standing at the door of that office closed of the day. I stopped the car and offered help. He says: he has a house for fast sale, he can give paperwork received 25% down payment so that easy to qualify the balance as loan for the purchaser, and pay the 25% later. It was a God Miracle for the family who came to see me. Good Friday blessing the family purchased the home. Yet the husband later accused me of not been obtained a fixed rate mortgage loan on disqualified. I meditated asking God why the husband acting thankless strange on Grace of God upon them. A message came in me it was the same reason his own sister asked him to vacate the apartment.




My doctors told no cure to my loosing eye sight. Spent lots of money and time with medical treatment. As a Pastor of a Pentecostal church I deeply believed in Jesus Christ but did not know how I will be healed. I preached healing for years but now myself need the healing. I concluded to others it is God's will on me. But I was not accepting this preaching within. I tried with all the healing service available to me through the Pentecostal church. I saw an a healing announcement in an Indian, Malayalam language news paper. The offer was healing from God to all people. Previously I did not believe such advertisement by non-pentecostal people. Now is my time to seek the healing of God from anywhere, We Pentecostals believe have to say Savior Jesus for miracle healing. But the news paper announcement did not say about Jesus. But the name of the healer Abraham was a trust in the faith. I thought he might be a pentecostal but did not use the name. Usually Pentecostal people would not go for such service of non Pentecostals. Any way I contacted the healer Dr. Abraham through postal mail because I need healing urgent. I do not want to go blind. Others may talk but I am the person needed the healing now. After mailing in a week my sight started improving and I hot healed. No personal visit made. I spent lot of money and time for doctors and medicines, but the eye sight was worsening only. But through this soul the healing was so easy and simple. He is results if the invisible God. Pastor Joseph Floral Park, New York


Upon six months pregnancy the doctor told us the child will be born with defects. We knew Father Bishop Abraham long before and several miracles through his healing power. We contacted the Rev. Abraham and Rev. Ann Stewart, who was already been healed through the Father Bishop, for a special prayer service for the child will be born without defects. My wife and I was praying all the time for a normal and no defect child. There was some complication at the labor, so called the Reverend Abraham came at the hospital labor ward and prayed.

The baby born with no defects. Immediately after the delivery as normal - God blessed us - born baby boy now in 2020 a medical student at an American University.


Rev. Babu Thomas, New York


I am 48 years old. I work for the US Postal service loading and unloading packages in trucks. From Childhood I suffered acid influx, no cure, there are many suffering of this with out cure. As I am growing older it bothered me lot more than the past. There was no medical cure to it. One day I saw an announcement in a free magazine for instant healing seminar by Dr. Abraham. I said myself, what is the big deal, let me see if I can get an instant healing. I attented the healing session. But even after the seminar I did not feel any difference, so I complained that I did not heal. Dr. Abraham told me some times the memory of the past will remain in the mind for hours or few days.

I DID NOT WANT TO BUY THAT, I WANT THE HEALING RIGHT AWAY. After the class I again went and told him the I did not healed. But before I finish saying it Dr. Abraham hit me on my back with his hand cruely and he told me that the hard hit took the past memory out and replaced my mind with the hard hit, I got healed any way even before I made the complaint. Since then I never suffered on the infux, this felt I got healed right at that moment and I got healed. I told my mother, 72 years old Catholic Christian did not even believe me until my grocer complaint to her that I am no more buying the chewing from him. The grocer was complaing that I changed the grocer. It was unbelievable to my mother and the grocer.

Again, after a month I was almost in a severe accident, crushed between two postal trucks. I have had severe body and muscle pain from this crushing. The doctor gave me 3 weeks house rest to recoup my body. But I could not stay home doing nothing. I contacted Dr. Abraham to come and heal me and he came home and blessed me with oil. After that he left and I went to sleep, when woke up I felt no pain in the body. I called the employer to return to work right away and joined duty on the Second day cutting over 2 weeks rest permitted by the doctor.

I told the healing to few people but they do not want to believe. They want to laugh on me.

Mike, Middle Village, Queens




About Two and a Half years prior to July 2001, mostly every day I had bad dreams. Worse than that I was even unemployed over six months. Some how on July 17, 2001 it came into my attention that Dr. Abraham was conducting a miracle healing in the City on that evening itself. I wanted to make a try for my bad dream. I registered for the seminar right away at the last moment at 6pm through the phone and I was the last person arrived in the class room. When arrived in the room the class has already been started at 6:30pm. I did not even get a good place to be seated. The room was packed and crowded. I had to get a chair from another room. I got a space for seat all the way back at the corner of the room. I gave him in writing for the blessing I was seeking.

It is amazing that the bad dream is no more there and in seven days I got three job offers. At this time of July 2002 I have two jobs. Previously I did not have a job. Not only that the persons who were not well wisher of me prior to the seminar day are silent or quite commonly to me in these days.

Oreal, Valley Stream New York

Parumala Tirumeni Mor Gregorios miracle healing bishop was the first saint bishop of Malankara Orthodox Church in India America even before the American dioceas was created by Malankara Orthodox Church Kottayam, Parumala Kochu Tirumeni Miracle Healing is Holy God Power, priest is spiritual position but not necesarily a spiritual leader, Parumala Tirumeni was spiritual leader as well as held spiritual leadership bishop position.

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