God Spiritual Offer - Miracle Healing - Blood of Jesus on the Cross itself Christ the Blood of God healing ALIVE prayer you may seek with faith and healing request prayer. Every morning on the bed itself before get up in heart I pray God bless 79 billion persons including the past and present and the future, and will be 80 billions after next date of birth, so on as long as I live and able. I pray everyone to join me this prayer. In God a split second even eternal than waiting for the length of time for the diversities unaccounted in the Spirit. Contact me FOR PRAYER PERSONALLY ON REQUESt - Email address below:

Prayer is very important function in life, the most important is the life itself - Heart of purity filled prayer personally for you through Blood of Jesus on the Cross God Alive Sacrifice Served Heart of Prayers - Christ the Blood of God is so much sacrifices Wordless Purity Abraham Christ of God in faith will pray for you - many more and you too can be healed send the request to:


(Click atomatic removed on many scamers - In February 2019 Abraham Christ in travel - still pray on request but email reply after February )

Pains and Sufferings - Divine them in God for make you a saint than through a saint that all are not before God - "Divine Blood of God Christ" I am Abraham Christ - Abraham at Baptism and Christ in God

PRAYER IN SOUL HEART - Prayers are very important and are many - the most important is the purity in itself - even Jesus prayed alone - Pray God make you Saint than praying through a saint that all are not before God - attain the Divinity in the Blood of God Christ Jesus on the Cross - I attained and testify Abraham Christ in human life and divine it in prayers - if you can Email me your imprified BLOOD I shall divine it to PURIFIED BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS the HEALING FOR YOU - even longevity increases - Scientifically or medically many sickness and remadies and medicines and treatment BUT through BLOOD OF CHRIST one DOCTOR - one MEDICINE - one TREATMENT - that is GOD the BLOOD OF CHRIST. Wordless soundless speachless heart and soul: Mighty God Thy are PURITY of Cure-all - Thy Image in me heals me - place Thy Image in me Cure-all me - cure me - bless me - heal my Body and Mind and Soul - Spiritual healing - Place Thy Purity in me releasing the world of impurities (Heal cancer etc - world many name sicknesses) - God in heart nameless, health in heart nameless, prayer in heart wordless I pray: Help me - Bless me - Heal me - Listen me - Protect me - Guide me - Comfort me - Direct me - Give me Purity peace happiness - Stay with me - Walk with me - Mercy upon me - Hold me - Keep me in Thy Spirit - Save me from pains and sufferings - Holy the almighty enlighten me - Listen my cry - Forgive me - Purify me O Lord - invisibly kneel before God - IMAGE to PURE OF GOD IN YOU - Bless my human requests God Spiritual Offer from God - Free me from the enemy - BLESS MY HUMAN LIFE - HEAL ME - Grant me my prayer - Bless me with Eternal Existence - There was time believed differently about the Sun and the Moon and the Earth Etc, they didn't change only humans changed - God unlimited greater never the best answer truth available for humans yet in simple God is Purity - the Truth of Spiritual Offer. Enlighten in self in God unlimited infinity evermore of no religion needed. God beyond knowledge enlightenment I Am in Purity you may be enlightened to the healing.


Holy is the Word of God - Bible is record of Word of God - Every prayer in self the Word of God - Attain the Word you shall be an instrument of God healing with praise God, worship God, adore God, beseech God, thank God, live with God, minister the kingdom of God to come true. Practice God healing. The world is sick that every physical existence is sick - Blessed are healed of God.

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God's engine you shall LIVE GOD - speak God - the engine in you energizes to DONATE Question: What is the most thing in human life - Answer is God healing.