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SOUL of GOD miracles alive in the incarnation Heaven and Earth, O almighty God heal me/us/you at least in the SORROWS of life HEALING NEEDED - Lord God humble and simple life itself the highest prayer healing the body, mind and soul - Life itself God Incarnation our prayer overcomes created prayers.

Mighty God - Miracle God - Mighty DOCTOR - blessings PRAYER REQUEST send an Email to: GODHEALING@YAHOO.COM

Life itself the highest prayer and worship and God incarnation request always be - humble - honest - humility - perfect gift yourself a subordinate incarnation of God seek the Grace of God. Divine the pains and sufferings with God in service connected with God beyond traditional prayers - "at least in split second divinely/merge with Soul of God - Mighty enightenment Abraham Christ of God invisible free of name or fame or title - so seek Mighty Miracles online with God for yourself too.

PRAYER IN SOUL HEART (make yourself the life) - unselfish and innocent and honest humble humility wish for the healing - Prayers are very important and are many - the most important is life itself the prayer - at least for a split second breaking away from the earthly and connected with God heals - Divine selves soul of God the highest alive within - Divine in selves - commission in selves God humanly in Jesus Christ - Testify for selves at least experience God namelessly timelessly shapelessly helped protected and saved at situations. Do God do Charity from earthly owned possission in parable the Blood of Jesus on the Cross many ways in human life - with charity commission or select the blessing needed - increase health, heal sickness, solve problems, protection from evil, increases longevity, etc, all the needs. - Scientifically or medically failed many were healed through Soul of God charity. Soul of God wordless soundless speachless heart and soul: Mighty the Cure-all - attain in selves - or attain through Soul of God another human being - I am. Thy Image Cure-all God in me - cure me - bless me - heal my Body and Mind and Soul - Spiritual healing - Thy Purity in me cleaned world of impurities (Heal cancer etc sickness names are many for all God one healing) nameless, health in heart nameless, prayer in heart wordless: Help me - Bless me - Heal me - Listen me - Protect me - Guide me - Comfort me - Direct me - Give me Purity peace happiness - Stay with me - Walk with me - Mercy upon me - Hold me - Keep me in Thy Spirit - Save me from pains and sufferings - Holy the almighty enlighten me - Listen my cry - Forgive me - Purify me O Lord - invisibly kneel before God - IMAGE to PURE OF GOD IN YOU - Bless my human requests God Spiritual Offer from God - Free me from the enemy - BLESS MY HUMAN LIFE - HEAL ME - Grant me my prayer - Bless me with Eternal Existence - God Healing beginningless truth for us: there was time believed differently about the Sun, Moon, Earth Etc, they are still original other than humans changed - God Healing the best answer Original - would you wish to be - Truth of Spiritual Offer. Enlighten in self in God original evermore of no other needed. God beyond knowledge enlightenment I Am in Purity you may be enlightened to the healing.


God second to none - God Tradition human Purity - Honesty - Humble - Humility - Innocent - Truth - "God the highest No Religion" - Religious Books are messages not necessarily all true or God or the Word of God - yet for the righteous a drama of salvation helps to the Message - We hear the outer through outer of the body and assimilate in the ability of inner - You too can attain in self the Word of God messages - Not a creation - HEAVEN AND EARTH IS INCARNATION OF THE MIGHTY - Attain the Word you shall be an instrument healing of God with thanks and worship in truth of God, worship God, adore God, beseech God, thank God, alive with God, minister the Healing of God to come true above religious songs of worship. Practice God healing. The world is sick that every physical existence is sick - Blessed are healed of God.

Trend now a days - Go Paperless - even newspaper too - Religious too - it is progressive revelation God becomes free of traditional ways

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Question: What is the most highest in human life: God Healing - in short God - in practise PURITY.