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SOUL of GOD Christ Jesus pray for us above our words + we pray through Jesus Christ - heal our body, mind and soul Mighty Amen we healed.


God life itself the highest prayer in the name and through our Lord and Savior Jesus, we pray for Grace of God miracle healing for all of us.

Holy God fill us with Thy Knowledge and Blessing and Healing of our body mind and soul and as water covers the sea. I pray Protect me from evil, Help me - Bless me - Heal me - Listen me - Guide me - Comfort me - Direct me - Give me Purity peace happiness - Stay with me - Walk with me - Mercy upon me - Hold me - Keep me in Thy Spirit - Free me from pains and sufferings - Forgive my sins - Purify me O Lord - Lord God forgive all our sins of the world - grand the God Healing Peace and Joy. Holy God heal me that the medical doctor too feel Holy God Miracle Healing happened in me. Holy God is able healing in split second. God and God Healing above all religions.


God second to none - We hear the outer through outer of the body and assimilate in the ability of inner - fill God in prayer we submit through INCARNATION OF THE MIGHTY - Christ Jesus - God the pirity means adore God, beseech God, thank God, alive with God, minister God above religious songs of worship. Practice God healing. The world is sick that every physical existence is sick - Blessed are healed of God, I pray and want to live and serve Blessed of God - I am, would you be too, I pray for you and let us pray together too.

Through progressive revelation all people will attain one worship of no harm to anyone until then WELL IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE PRAY ONE GOD

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What is the highest human prayer - LIFE ITSELF THE PRAYER, infinite above human word of languages.