O God I am hiding you in me from the world of Your enemy.

O God I am hiding you in me from the world of evil.

O God I am holding you in me save me from the world.

Every human on earth is like a fish fallen on the land.

Every man on earth is a soul fallen from heaven.

Each year a grace period of God blessed new grace period started today.

Each year new grace period if awful good God will cut it short

God�s ways easy ways for those who in God�s ways

God�s ways easy ways not easy for those who not in God�s ways

The truth of God the truth of religion the truth of all yet to know.

Creation a punishment that no man is free from punishment

Human love seen in mother for God's truth seen in man.

Earning mother misconduct at work fights husband too.

Man righteous or not when heart is tired the breath has voice of God.

Christmas Season my healing prayer is the highest �Christmas Tree�.

Christmas Season I am the tallest �Christmas Tree� reaching the heaven.

Christmas Season my healing prayer God�s "Christmas Tree" for everyone.

Christmas Season my healing prayer God�s "Christmas Gift" who believes.

Purpose of every existence is healing of God otherwise exists not.

The truth between us is God and God between is the truth.

God first told within what became the enemy

My family my enemy because my family is corrupt

Cow is mother easy milk easy grass but the mother not just the easy milk.

No one is hardliner in God but for God is religion

The Satan already know God in truth and what you are that yo don't know.

God has many ways and one of them is human salvation.

O God O wonder years ago you told us what is today.

O God the world is crying not just man the world is crying for you.

O world I am not drunk but the world made me drunken.

The world the whole world is mine because I am drunk.

O world I am not drunk but the world made me so.

I wrote a small letter but was all millions of dreams.

O world my name written on that day is my birth date.

O men my name written on God is Christ.

O God this is my last night this night never again.

O God I feel someone sold your love for me.

O God if I forget you give me nothing you promised.

O God I witness my life with you I never forget.

O God where is your promise I am still for me

O God I know you 1000 years today and tomorrow

O God I know you ages today and tomorrow

O God where is heaven where is my sleep

O God I beg you I beg you I beg you touch me

O God the life giver where is your saving on this insane world

O God where is a flower on earth I can touch and smell

O God drop a drop of water on earth

O God the world is dreams and darkness

O God the opener of eye please open my eye

O God now open the eye the world is blind

O God wash the world the world is all misled wisdom

O saver of world hear my tears in crying sound

O God the world is rock where is mercy

O God give me your soul O saver of world

Love is the cause of everything what else is hate if no love

Christian elimination is a weakness in democracy.

Christian elimination is automatically others too.

This will be a sign to you that I have your own sufferings.

This will be a sign for me that you came to me in faith.

The truth of your sufferings God message in me.

Wherever I am God is the only one needed for God.

The world is more money needed than God needed.

The Life is God needed than money needed for the world.

See stars in the night only because angels serving in dark times too

Star is day and night where dark rules star appear.

Equal level makes easy to understand and unequal misunderstands

Monarchy or Democrat or other no one is all the government.

Every man is God�s island but most men doesn't know.

Heaven is the tallest Christmas tree on earth everywhere.

Faith is the highest Christmas tree on earth everyone.

If you learnt God from religion that is not the true God.

Ignorant slavery in religion is shameful mankind.

The highest of God is in you if not found around you.

Believe in me that there is God truth even in every sand.

Christmas is more than a celebration that Jesus was born already.

Help is the greatest service needed than the talking.

Little knowledge not dangerous for little people.

Heaven and earth that earth has soul different from heaven.

The world has sick soul that everyone on earth gets sickness.

God is relation too much everything prohibited.

God is healed when all are healed.

No enmity other than the enemy says enemy.

Holy God bless me in the creation for all the way heaven is.

More than one half population in sleep or wake is night and day.

Holy is soul of the heaven and evil the creation.

Those who love God shall live in faith and obedience.

God is so good that God believes the people who believe in God.

At times the victory is not on any commonsense

The best way to win presidential election is being powerful universally.

I told him for his trust me but it was my weakness.

Poor actions help to intellectual decisions

If you know me I shall not be accepted that unknown God is accepted.

My fight is not against religion � my fight is against demon worship.

If there is demon it is the department of God to take care of it.

If you are in God no demon will bother you.

God is life and life giver and life taker on all what we do.

Following a saint is great for culture.

In weakness and strength Saint is taste in food or in faith.

Words are love in God while lives in the world.

Serve soul of Christ thus I live crucified for one day I will be risen

Know how to love your enemy, cross the the limit will destroy you.

God did not kill Adam on end the world right then on disobedience.

God risen Jesus from death that Righteousness in every situation.

Every existence is in the Healing Mission of God.

Demon is in the Healing Mission of God, otherwise never exists.

Everyone serves and receives the Mission each other above belief.

Know how to love thy enemy.

Sanctify Christ the highest human love.

Spiritual quotes from the soul in the Almighty.

Every enemy is reflection of many surroundings.

One devil can beat two Christians yet all together can't Christ in me

Devil that beat all the angels is out from heaven

It is hard for people to believe in God than man

Wise is much weaker that better be humble and simple.

Worldly life everyone a Facebook in the creation

No one a true worshiper until the identity is the peace.

God personally revealed relation that no religion can fulfill true God.

Faith on any man is in weakness that Jesus was full God.

I don�t blame Christian belief Jesus was God on sinless human life.

No matter a saint truth reveled never agree to be saint,

The followers of love if God the love will do many more things

Flower of love everyone God the love flourishes heavenly on earth.

The world is God�s own property even if no religion.

God invisible and every man partially invisible.

Spirit is the heavenly home for mind on earth.

Blame else one an ancient way to free the self.

God the greatest warrior for those who understands.

All worship float away in purity

Jesus is eternity Christ is eternal and human is eternity

God of Abraham God of Issac God of Jacob and God of me

One God many people many opinions many religions

God Eternal Unman Another Substance human opinions and ways

Jesus on the cross to a thief you will be with me in heaven

Another Substance human lifeline communication Eternal Almighty God Great Father the Spirit

Saint Paul letters to certain area confusion ends Jesus Coming Again Eternal

God Trinity God Buddha God Christian God Hindu God Islam God Tribal human communication for the Unman

God Trinity Father Son Holy Spirit Three Revelatons together Another Revelation

Jesus Again Salvation of Souls Three more Revelations together Another Revelation

Jesus Again Unifying All Three more Revelation together Another Revelation

After Jesus Three Times twelve REVELATIONS all UNITED in ETERNAL


The highest safety own safety that one can save others too

Water God pure became wine not the moral for all that God dwells and do God even a thief

God bless me for I want blessing for myself and bless others on behalf of the Mighty.

It is sunny, cloudy, hot, cold, midday, midnight, birth, death, on earth depends where you are.

Enemy always search how much more can be blamed against you.

God above all patients a hospital is more than a hospital.