Priests can't legally be forced to reveal what's heard in confession - Priest NOT guilty saving the Sacrament. (This is not regarding priest violating public law) - Archbishop Ittycheria Abraham Mexican National Catholic Church. Eternal God - Eternal Communion - Holy worship - Purity own self Eternal Communion

Confession heard is not a word of record - A priest has no duty to report or represent confidential information heard during a sacramental confession and canít be forced to reveal what is heard in confession. No priest disclose the confession or confirm a confession even took place. Confession heard is not word of record. Duty of bishop warrant not a priest to report legal authorities confidentially counseled, while not counsel the protection under law. Sacramental confession in the Spirit of God the priest is word of the Sacrament of no witness or confirmation possible before temporal world. Life is heart of of God - Christ the Word of God - priest word of the Sacrament - confession before a priest is sacramental word.

Sanctity personal confession before God. Divine duty open service sacramental a public record. No priest shall be held legally responsible for the sanctity of the confessional ruling the church might force a priest to serve for the church.

A confession of severe penalty or partial truth or lied - the priest, for own sake, may seek sanctity innocent before God confirmed with the bishop.

The priest is not responsible to repetitions, the victim may seek legal of the coin.

No court shall impose mandatory duty priests to report confession of legal code.

Any communication made to a priest privately in the sacrament of confession for the purpose of confession, repentance, and absolution is a confidential communication that the priest is exempt of any or mandatory reporter status. No legislature shall impose any reporter status on priests administering the sacrament of confession.

Protecting religious freedom also to serve priests unbiased. Irrespective of religious claims report all endangered physical or mental or financial or welfare to the legal enforcement. No priest can disclose the confession or confirm that a confession even took place, if do so, would bring automatic excommunication from the church.

No priest guilty on regulation religion. Priest guilty if personal. Bible is record of the Word, Sacramental Confession not a record. The record fulfills the Word Jesus Christ.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God - Priest is dedication the Word record Beginningless, no record - At the benediction of confession the priest at least for split second meditate disappear himself in the beginningless of the Word.

Free by self if can't do the priest sincerely of the order, every person job righteously is invisible priesthood. As priest unrighteous of the order blinded by the Satan world - priest should be more than a media person, intolerably unfit must be removed to resettle accordingly - no human is fully fit to spiritual God - no head person is fully fit to the position - no one can find a fully fit human for any position. Holy Communion a drama of salvation is wordily fit but serve God of purity the humanity the eternity for the salvation above all religions. I am Abraham Christ for all people salvation God purity of no religion.

__________Priests are needed for devils rule in the name of God that honest a human will come out of priesthood to normal purity in life__________

Lead us not into temptation - in the essence is NOT leading us into temptation - but it is an expression or translation to protect us - free us - guide us - block us - help us - (from the Satan contamination) - Give us tolerance to live in the Salvation of God . -----------------------Thy Kingdom to Come - do we have to wait long time? what is it? The answer is very simple. God eternal in every split second - If hard to attain a righteous something - for example an Exam or Job or marriage or solving a problem, etc. if attained it is Thy Kingdom Came -