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We pray for things to happen - prayer is a wish - the least and the most every living prays - humans pray wishes eternal as well - Life passes through a media (world) of selfishness thus causes sufferings, sorrows and hardships - for a release we seek (worship) God, offer charity, practise righteous life, visit places we feel holy and looking forward for the Truth way beyond a visible life - in all these humans pray God religously too but as perfection attained the innermost becomes in God of no religion. Religion is a standard to community assembling to worship God: for example: to every one Jesus taught to pray - Thy will be done in me on earth as it is in the heaven but in the assembly we pray Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven - to avoid selfishness in the assembly of the Praying Partners although everyone maintains for the self in prayer. Religiously God created the world to restore certain sorrows and created man a prime source to restore the glory and peace on earth as well - thus God has obligaton to listen our prayers and our values are to pray God - God message us: "if you listen Me you are listening way beyond the world of sufferings and the created - listening Me you will listen the reason of the Creation and the sufferings and although every one is in Me the world wishes to defeat the creation - Infinite Am Is the uncreated Creator, Sustainer and Healer of All that In Me - the truth in every existance is the truth of Me". When a wish is gapless of God the miracle is supernatural can happen instantly within the split of a second - it is mystery which beyond words of prayer - A saint in every act an offering to God and God the only receiver of every act thus the saint in prayer in perfection live an angel and shall overcome difficulties through the Grace - Jesus being the Global Evangelization (action of God) God within Jesus taught +I am the Way the Truth and the Life+ the One Unity and Christ is unman spirit of the Evangelization. Do we need to pray every day or time and if yes, why? Yes we need to pray every day or moment because every moment our life passes through sinfull world and we are always into presence and touched by sins. Prayer is a therapy or healthy relationship with God, no one can break it, if we break it it is like if broken daily food or medicine. There is no need of a religion if all men realize the Parayer God. In mystery every baptized believer is hidden in the body and blood of Jesus Christ, as it is Jesus in the Last Supper, Holy Orders of the Catholic Apostlic church celebrates in rememberance of Christ and for the believer baptized Christans to share each other.

God of simple things, God of Simple Spirit every one can enjoy, God we pray the least or the most every one, a broken or joyful heart every one can pray perfectly. Prayers are many but the Holy God all prayers are one in the sameness. Old way of God - old way of thinking God - old way of knowing God - old way of teaching God - old way of practising God and religion is no more in greatness for we are in this age. I message in plain truth wisdom for every human - life's values are prayers in consciousness; a wish is a prayer - a thought is a prayer - a mind is a prayer - ( brain is not a prayer ) - every one is prayer of God beyond believed religiously. Other than God, you are your Highest prayer, feel these values for your prayer shall live in power with God. Pray beyond religion, religion is limited assembly of God, living or departed. Our forefathers believed and worshipped the Almighty even before religion begun, although religions taken over their practises still in the existance. Adam, Nova, Abraham, Moses, David, +++Jesus and so on are known as "man", the name is man but man is different - the body is named 'man' but the file changed. Man, all men, is the only creation in the image of God, the image is not the Salvation - the Salvation is fulflled in Christ Jesus heaven on earth in the Spirit greater than the image - that God could serve the spirit or protection through any thing God created, while the Person in Christ is the Salvation which beyond religious understanding has proven through Jesus Miracles - and many are healed through the healing gift the Person Christ in me - I pray: Holy Almighty the One and only God of all people, whom Jesus prayed "Our Father Who Art in Heaven......." - "Thy Will be done as it is in heaven in me - Thy Healing Jesus on earth be done in me that I shall See, Listen and Heal as Jesus did - Amen" - "My God and Lord"

Christ Jesus has given us the highest Heavenly Education on earth. Living a True Christian is highest prayer, living man for living God. The Christianity is heavenly property for every human. The Christianity is not a religion and Holy Church is not at all a religion - difference occured are religions, however, we are assembly of God religiously - in the Holy we are prayer of God. Religions on superiority contaminate the Heavenly Education, that innocent believers are holy sinners and it shall be forgiven. +Although One God, the One is understood religiously different. Count one is not God the One, the sameness is the One and we wish for all for God Healing. Gap occured of the earth forms religions, the sameness is one God. God one is gapless with every one, among all. Differences are not a part of the Holy, the Church - I am. The Creation is beyond human intellect, beyond even what we know religiously - the One is infinite perfection, the One is in whom Jesus prayed our Father Who Art in heaven. Religious behaviour broken the Law of God makes no God value. God is unbreakable thus is also one God. Prayer broken of own heart is the highest prayer, except God no one can value that prayer. Every person cried of broken heart attained the God Healing. God is inclusive every human - You are prayer of God, you must enlighten it for your prayers worth valuable - thus priesthood through Apostolic Succession. When Sacred Value is misplaced or unknown people go with earthly standards by word of mouth or mind. Three Major World Religions from the same place Holy Land, those religious prayers and theology would have been further different if originated of elsewhere - value of the One never fits in the difference - Thus many prayers are holy sins - null and void. A prayer of heart that fits God fits every one. Man can Pray or worship God with Broken Heart of no foreign language ( or holy sins ) - for you are a person of God pray on behalf of your neighbour for the Person in Christ you are - pray the blessing you wish to fit you are a prayer of God. I receive many prayer requests, although no two prayers are alike - I pray the One "Person of Christ", and wish separately on the requests for every one is a prayer of God more than any human can pray and I do pray on behalf of almighty Mighty God on the request - and many are healed and blessed.


Dear friends: I desire my heart gapless with God almighty, human limitations exclude me from certain heavenly propertes - I desire my prayer God praying for you that I am prayer in the person of God - I witness every one is prayer of God and it makes my prayers are well prayed. Holy God lift me from my human and place me in Thy Heart which beyond the understanding for you shall send me angel where ever I go.

Every living - animals, birds, fishes, plants, and everything that has breath prays the Lord from personal and confidential positions. Additionally, human beings pray deep in the position "the Life is the home - earthly life is only a house". All people - priests and high priests, rich and poor, presidents and kings, male and female, everyone that has the breath prays the same in the innermost--- the prayer is soul-mate of every one in life likewise the breath is sole-mate of the body, furthermore it's an important tradition besides the soul-mate and we are really proud to carry on that tradition through out the generations. Organized prayers we are one Family and healing in the family values of the Creation. Prayer changes life, we pray for God will change, we pray for nature will change, we pay for people and others will change, we pray and the prayer itself will be changed as enlightenment attained. We pray for me I will change. The highest we pray the God almighty. You pray God for you are prayer of God beyond what you pray God and religiously. Pray together will live together. Pray to shorten gap and distance, as shortend the blessings are higher. Every one is a prayer of God in the person of the Creation - every thing that has no breath also is prayer of God, otherwise it will not exists.

Almighty God is bigger than the Constitution which is the authority of nation. The Constitution is bigger than our religions, the Constitution protects life of the people. Our prayers change the Almighty on God listen the Prayer, that much is the value of prayer God has given us of the Himself. Every nation, every constitution, every religion and every human must recognize the forces of evil justice. Pray the standard of God for God is at hand, pray the Bigger for God is bigger, in the Truth every one should be treated on the truth of life, pray higherr for change is needded. One prayer together entire humanity to the almigty is God, from there we pray separately, yet we still can organize the True Religion.

Trillions or every human lived on earth all attained the cure from prayers. In the highest spiritual values of prayers all participants are equal and equally important although the society administer. True Prayer for results is not a religion although can be prayed religiously for a tradition formed. On behalf of God and Makind, I'm confident the persons who follow me and next to me will do pray the True Prayer. Satan has hidden conviction on people we are that we were fully and wholly undividedly one with the Almighty before this body and mind taken place - with that insight in us the people we are praying the Almighty from many different walks of life and faith with our spiritual invisible space beyond the space of cosmic universe

We believe that the Almighty hears our prayers from the place we are -- and answers those who seek Him in the Almighty. That is our innocent most honest purest belief; otherwise, why praying individually and together? Through miracles on witnessed the Almighty, we believe He listens our prayers - our prayers go up wards and His blessings come down to us who seek Him - if we listen to His voice and seek our presence -- His presence in our lives, our hearts will change, when heart changes body mind and the spirit will heal. In so doing, in seeking God, we grow in ways that we could never imagine. Values of prayer the Almighty raised the lowest to the highest, blessed the least over the most and healed the sick above natural intake medicines. I am a praying person, I believe in prayers and miracles happened for me and others through the prayers I suggested. Thus I suggest to the United Nations Organization for a Prayer Day every year like Children's Day or Mothers Day or Fathers Day. And on that day we people on earth together shall pray to eliminate poverty, terrorism, war and economic prosperity for all in one body mind and spirit and I am sure God will make it happen. For this the UNO shall offer the essence of the prayer and the people according to their faith order shall pray to their God of belief or just use Almighty God.

Every true believer should have a personal prayer all times in heart of the needs beyond a religious prayer. Someone who is not a believer is like a blind man who cannot see where to go, and in his enthusiasm wanders off in the wrong direction. Someone who practices only religion, on the other hand, is like a lame man who cannot see the distant destination but, because his knowledge remains only theoretical, makes no progress towards it. However, if the love, spirit and energy of God is combined with the wisdom and discrimination of the believer and sure to reach the destination.

In prayer, we grow in gratitude and thanksgiving. When someone prays not in belief of you - leave it in the hands of God. When we spend time with the Almighty - we realize how much He has bestowed upon us over a belief -- and our hearts are filled with joy. We give thanks for our families, we give thanks for the parents who raised us, we give thanks for the patient souls who married us, and the children who make us proud each day. We give thanks for our scriptures -- and the universal desire for freedom that He has written into every human heart. We give thanks for the God who made us in His image -- and redeemed us in His love.

In prayer, we grow in meekness and humility. By approaching our Maker on bended knee, we acknowledge our complete dependence on Him. We recognize that we have nothing to offer God that He does not already have -- except our love. So we offer Him that love, and ask for the grace to discern His will. We ask Him to remain near to us at all times. We ask Him the blesings. We ask Him to help us lead lives that are pleasing to Him. We discover that by surrendering our lives to the Almighty, we are strengthened, refreshed, and ready for all that may come.

In prayer, we also grow in boldness and courage. The more time we spend with God, the more we see that He is not a distant king, but a loving Father. Inspired by this confidence, we approach Him with bold requests: We ask Him to heal the sick, and comfort the dying, and sustain those who care for them. We ask Him to bring solace to the victims of tragedy, and help to those suffering from addiction and adversity. We ask him to strengthen our families, and to protect the innocent and vulnerable in our country. We ask Him to protect our nation from those who wish us harm -- and watch over all who stepped forward to defend us. We ask Him to bring about the day when His peace shall reign across the world -- and every tear shall be wiped away.

In prayer, we grow in mercy and compassion. We are reminded in prayer that we are all fallen creatures in need of mercy. And in seeking God's mercy, we grow in mercy ourselves. Experiencing the presence of God transforms our hearts -- and the more we seek His presence, the more we feel the tug at our souls to reach out to the poor, and the hungry, the elderly, and the infirm. When we answer God's call to love a neighbor as ourselves, we enter into a deeper friendship with our fellow man -- and a deeper relationship with our eternal Father.

WHAT IS THE HIGHEST COMMUNION BETWEEN God and man: God became man is the highest prayer of God for man, and - man became God is the highest prayer of man for God. The highest is not a word of prayer by mystery of God in Man. The Mystery is Godhealing I am gift of God healing person who belives in me. Invisible God and visible Man? This we find fullness in Jesus and through Jesus alone, no one else, Invisible body and blood in visible body of bread and wine through the Prayer. Unman body and blood in manly visible bread and wine. It is Mystery above human intellect, thus every believer has to accept it above human intellect.

True holiness loves devotion to God; it is divinity of unity life to God in the hope it is with God. When completely united, there will be no sorrows or trails and the prayers ended to angelic partners with the Almighty.

Prayer is a therapy or healthy relationship with God, no one can break it, if we break it it is like if broken daily food or medicine. There is no need of a religion if all men realize the Parayer God. Every one of us is the Body and Blood of Christ God as it is Jesus in the Last Supper but on not realized might practice the body and blood through bread and wine. I am in the power of prayer, beyond which the understanding, God lifted the human I am and hiding in His Heart, that I have felt so much in life. My prayer is one word "GOD" the wish "+GOD+. God strengthened me in times of challenge, "the Prayer God, which beyond all understanding - it has helped me meet the challenges of human life. I understand clearly the story of the calm in the rough seas. And so at this prayer as your prayer partner reaches to the heaven's for all the calm you can get as you seek his presence in your lives. I thank you for your prayers, and I thank all people all across the nations and the world for their prayers. And I ask you not to stop in the days and years ahead. We have so much Prayer Work to do for our society and the world, and with the help of the Almighty, we have to build a free prayer world and it will be soon one day -- and a safer, more hopeful, more noble world. VALUES OF PRAYER WE SEEK HIM IS IMPORTANT TRADITION - WE CAME FROM DIFFERENT WALKS OF FAITH YET WE SHARE ONE CLEAR CONVICTION WE BELIEVE THE ALMIGHTY HEARS OUR PRAYERS - LISTEN HIS VOICE AND SEEK OUR PRESENCE - HIS PRESENCE IS OUR LIVES - OUR HEART WILL CHANGE. ( )