God the Almighty the Creator is free of Creation - we are from the Creation of the Almighty - the awareness between the almighty Power and the Created in the parables of Jesus for we can do God through our ways - this enlightenment in me the healing gift many were healed of the Gift in me - pains/sufferings/sickness are side-effects from a created world that darkness wishes to the ruler and in such performs side-effects - enlighten the Sacred Space the self within free from creation story and salvation history - Jesus fed 5000 and more from one time meals of a boy or healed many and did miracles on earth freeing the Self to the Almighty - that above the created is full of God Blessing and under the created darkness blocking the blessings - at least one person amongest us is enough blessing for all - do God or do Jesus for you are blessed. Asked Jesus "Teacher: we saw someone driving out demons in your name but he does not follow us, can we stop him? - Jesus replied - Do not prevent him - there is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me" - Do God for you are in God: Abraham Christ - Almighty God Lord God - Jesus Christ in human ways Christ - Amen - Click here to healing request page

The Sun in the Sky gives us day and night but there is no Day and Night in the Sun - the day and night are the Sun on earth - it is the same God the Almighty is different of Earthly experience - I may explain of the world but the Gift is God of God experience - Blessed be you and I of God

The healing of God work I am: I did not enter into a gift made by hands - but heaven itself testifies Miracle Healing a copy of the True One I passed through and still - FOR those who might ask the suffered for Christ behalf in the almighty - the trees stand in the sky and we live in God but who can touch them - no one - the benefits are Divine Mercy - Birds, Animals, Plants, Fishes, Planets or Stars, humans and angels all in the mighty sameness we say one God - the almighty used all of them for His miracles - Jesus Christ in our ways - enter into gift not made of man God for you shall be miracle agent of God for blessed I am - back to Prayer Request - Healing Request

Brothers and sisters - Beware those who like to go around in long robes put greetings to accept them of the marketplaces - they will receive a very severe condemnation - If you feel done something unlawful of God, go and wash your body or at least the face of the body in repentance, then submit the request to the almighty - God became man for human situations is Jesus Christ for Heavenly Media in our ways for every human - remember we pray Thy Kingdom to Come that the antiChrist is active where Christ active

HEALING BELONGS TO GOD - PRAYER BELONGS TO US - Do God belongs to we too - ABRAHAM CHRIST - I compare to 5000 and more people came to Jesus and everyone attained blessings from the food of a boy is the same my GODHEALING this webpage blessings miracle healing for you too - Two Thirds world population today in divercities other than Christ Jesus - My heart holy and your heart holy in God Holy will bring what you in need - do nature holy of God - Holy is greater than long prayers - Seed small in sight has the biggest tree invisible Word of God in it - roots of trees travel through hard earth under to food and water to stand and grow the tree in the wide open sky - your healing waiting for you it is the same - God all living and nonliving (Angels - humans - animals - birds - fishes - plants - planets and stars - earth and unknown beings elewhere all what is GOD is the sameness) - yet eveyone praises God from own perspect - the sameness in diversities is beyond count one God - invisible is God that no one but God has everyone in the self - yet every one can praise God - truly life God in so called nonliving too otherwise it won't exists thus is 'let everyone praise the lord (God)' - and asks God healing - Those who came to Jesus for healing supported Jesus: the support reflected the healing request - the Trinity is perfect reflection of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit - the support recovers the gap of the human imperfections - Read all the 150 Psalms in a shortest time and will notice 95% is repeations used of words and less than 1% is unique prayers - find them for healing exercise - do it again and again - shall heal you - Abraham Christ

Request belongs to us and healing belongs to God - this is God is love, this not we love God but God love us - God heal us - No one has ever seen God but seen the healing in love - for we do God one another - God's Spirit - His love lives with us - for - we rebuke what is not of God - Always there is a time to happen anything - request God the time now from your Sacred Space - make Holy change or healing commitment - do the commitment for self and others also to receive God's commitment for you - Holy - do God to receive God - do healing to receive Healing - wish others the wish for self - do Sacred Space doing God - love the self first then can love others - mother first to take care the child - love healing is first in self in God - with Christ in God - with yours in God - can meditate in learning eating walking playing studying sleeping praying living in all with yours in God - the child produces the father - father in self the child - seed in self has the fruit, branch and the Tree - God - analyze self for Holy healing - prayer changes life - simplicity serves the highest nature - life in God with Christ in God with all in God - earth is so big but how much big to I see nothing big - Hear Psalms 23 and 91 in "The Lord's Prayer" and listen them from all up in the heaven of all seen and unseen then you shall hear or set to another of the Books - Psalm 23 - 91 and the Lords Prayer - "you are healed" - commit to the first message "let there be light" - "let there be myself" - "let there be the healing" - there was light before but let it be there too where it was darkness - darkness causes sickness - Light that came with the message is God in charity free from darkness or ills - attain the Light miracle healing beyond Sun light - the Sun light does earthly healing and God Light does Miracle Healing of God - the Sun shines on earth forms medicines but this is not we love God - God of simple things that every human can do one another - The Sun millions of miles away on its path to earth covered almost that many miles of darkness - that it is not by the light of man but the light of God "Let there be Light" - yet God the Light still was there and that light given path to the Sun to cover the distance - God come from beyond the Sun light we see - the heart catches the hearts - earth catches earth - heaven catches the heaven - those who catch my words of man can catch the Word of Healing in human ways. Do God to attain God miracle healing - Request by God in you for God worth in the self - I say these words to self healing in you - Cross (Suffering) signifies healing (the light) - "let there be light" the first message God for the world - darkness futures light - but no darkness futures light that after seen light you shall not go back - change to good habits only - God had no shame to state there was darkness in the Domain - Person of miracle healing will signify God - others wander darkness. The seed is the word of God and Christ the sower - the seed is very small but grow big tree in it - I am very small but has God in my word - Be in God your request for healing and in human I will do God on the request - this service is not competition to any religion, culture, faith, belief, mindset, science and technology medicine, nationality etc, what so ever may be. Healing is free from God - true human request bless Father Who Art in Heaven - Christ Who Art in Heaven - All the Angels Who Art in Heaven . Christ is the anointed word in Greek known universally - Christ is Word in Sacred Space doing GOD humanly.

I am person of God - God knows me - by name anointed Abraham Christ - If you belive me you got it - GOD RIGHT this Internet ministry since 1999 with inborn healing gift in me - as of December 2011 an average of 100 visits per day - 100 healing requests per month - unfortunately - "Enemy Against" - several prayer requests were virous attachment - recently even few Emails were virous inflicted - I am not a computer technition - the fixing is expensive, hardships - few times needed new tower - thus - Email address was scamed and hacked automatical ways - thus alter to send emails to me - godhealing@@@yahoo+++com - may contact me on the phone number " CHRIST ABRAHAM "

God heals everyone and every problem as the person deserve that not all the healings are everyone unless prayer changes - evil wishes pain or suffering - I pray from the end of earth for God to touch everyone with the Healing - God knows you by name, your character and personality and what you deserve on enemy spreads darkness in you. God healing is the Way Truth and Life - earthly life is a drama on the Truth while free from darkness or true relationship God never can be a drama - the self means you together with God, then no other help needed - this website you can do the self healing - Contact me if not divinly confident and willing to support this ministry financially for the world we live humanly.

Christ is anointed word in Greek for the Word and universally known - if problem in saying Greek what is the best for you - and is it anointed of the Holy to the best fit - Jesus is the human and Christ is the Person - both are CURRENT ALWAYS - regardless of known time - Holy Unique - humble - simple - pure - clean spirit - God's Spirit to be so your human living alive for risen from ills and death - for saves from perishing earthly thing

Millions of books on Jesus the healer spoke very little only that Jesus was doing God tan talk and a world of talks are books - Split Second God is greater than ages and books and ages old books - God healing stays only with those righteous of God in human ways - you will enjoy doing God and feel blessed doing charity - bless you want to be at healing place of God - God is above all human name and sound - "the Heavenly Heaven" nameless - "Spiritual Might" nameless - "Holy Light" nameless - in such many were healed and are being healed every day - if the soul willing the Healing heart will follow the Name-less path.

EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED - you are directed to the self healing - open page - Do God - this page - Not everyone can be healed on personal handicaps. The healing happens beyond religious - With Christ in God - meaning of Christ has to be known in God other than religiously. Trees stand in the sky but no trees touch the sky likewise we stand in God - God Healing we must live in God.

God is the Only perfect - not even the angels - thus keep God always in body mind and spirit - do not be hesistant to ask Healing - branch yourself "Heavenly Heaven" - pray God in self the heavenly heaven, for God of human ways - the Best and the Highest in me Jesus Christ - so I call myself Christ - anointed name Abraham Christ for Jesus Christ - you too can do anoint byself and call Christ for self - I am with the website is "Holy Unique - Holy Mass - Holy Communion - Holy Jesus Christ - Holy Abraham Christ - even Holy you too" - if not in Holy you may think I'm crazy but I am not - Always through Internet visible ministry - + - "the Lord upholds my Prayers - the Lord upholds my healing ministry -- the Lord upholds my Holy wishes above all religions - the Lord listens my prayer request for you on your willing sacrifice - I offer in praise and thanking in the spirit that existed before the creation and from there I message let there be light to remove darkness on your holy prayer request, O Lord, for its goodness". "Jesus Is Lord" - Yes I will do Christ - I am Christ Abraham - Abraham Christ - : I Call - Pray - Meditate - in Spirit feel "CHRIST" - Dear devotee: Likewise Jesus Christ - Abraham Christ - Say your name+Christ - in living with God - the heavenly Heaven

TO PREVENT SCAMS removed autolink - number and postal address but on request. Do God in human ways do to others as you wish for self - we live in strange nature and we are aliens from heaven and common in God