PARABLE OF BIRTH by Abraham Christ: The child did not cry so in panic the nurse made to cry - the child grew up great and married and his wife gave birth and the baby cried right away - afterwards his mother explained about his birth he din't cry so everybody was panic - so he answered didn't cry until he was not born

PARABLE OF DEATH by Abraham Christ: A man about 110 years old bedridden long time everything taken care by others near death at visit doctor asked any wish - than man said he wants to live 100 years - so the doctor further asked what about after 100 years - the man replied he can't remember he don't know

PARABLE OF SALVATION by Abraham Christ: Peace of a man was to own home - so he borrowed from friends and family and neighbour owned a house - but the payment obligations didn't give him the peace - so he changed his lide and well managed time and money and busy with work and saved money paid off the obligations in full and he is in peace

PARABLE OF GOD by Abraham Christ: God make all things new is the creation for salvation while God eternal neither old nor new or creation is the Salvation

PARABLE OF GOD INFINITY by Abraham Christ: The circle 360 degrees and infinity more circles can be within all 360 degrees and a point of full stop is also a circle of no spiritual offer within

PARABLE OF GOOD SOUL by Abraham Christ: Homeowner went away for a month heavy snow fall walkway to his house and car in the driveway were covered with 15 inches snow easily noticeable of robbers to break in the house. So a neighbor at goodwill cleaned to every other house in the area. The time two weeks the snow melt and homeowner returned but couln't believe

: God healing mission in every life and existence - Serve the mission never off the destination God - Destination God "Prayer One" in the human - Everyone in invisible the one queue God that each one of us is only one of us - Stand purely God origin - Instantly in person glorify God above religious declaration - Man is body mind and thought for God beyond the ken Love - Spirit - Peace - The gap solution "Prayer One" the wishes Creator for everyone - "Prayer One" Thy Kingdom - No one disobey God but life disorders thus sins forgiven if repented - Perform God Parables in praying "PRAYER ONE ".


Solar Eclipse is our prospects the Earth and the Moon and the Sun lined up BUT the Sun rays was originated years ago and the position of the Sun right then was not the line up and the current of the Sun might appear years later as current of that time - A simple PARABLE OF THE HORIZEN: can see the Sky touching the earth/ocean at far – two things touching in harmony - the scene is beautiful and wonderful and peaceful scene at far – but the same everywhere is the same near and far - from where seen and where far seen - Who can see the same at own position or everywhere - FAR OR NEAR human ways PARABLE FOR HUMAN LIVING - while the "PRAYER ONE" for GOD LIVING IN HUMAN - Parables are two ends in One - "PRAYER ONE" endless ONE is the Truth


Parable eternal God with creation - many parables "Prayer One".

A person the peace was to own a home - borrowed from family friends neighbours owned house, thought get the peace - but the obligations didn't give the peace - so made new himself - changed life - worked hard - busy in working and saving - budgeted expenses - saved and paid off every debit in full - all obligations fulfilled - got the Peace - Salvation is a man who paid off all the obligations in full says Abraham Christ. Biblical Parables are the same pay off obligations to own home. Salvation is perfecton from the creation.

Parable of Birth by Abraham Christ: The child didn't cry so the nurse made to cry - the boy grew up great and married and his wife gave birth the child cried right away - so his mother explained he didn't cry at birth - so he responded "Wouldn't cry until birth"

Parable of Death by Abraham Christ: A man very sick bedridden over 100 years, can't do anything by self, others needed for everything - at visit the doctor asked any wish - the man answered wants to live 100 years - so the doctor frther asked what about after 100 yers - the man responded don't know

Parable of God everywhere and everything by Abraham Christ: A perfect circle 360 degrees - countless perfect circles can be drawn within it yet all pefect 360 degrees. A point (full stop) is also a circle but no Spiritual Offer within

Parable of two souls by Abraham Christ from a true happening: During the time a man went away for a month his car in the driveway and walkway to house were covered with 15 inches snow while neighboring were cleaned. So to avoid look house unoccupied and robbery, a neighbour in good-will cleaned to look like all others in the area. The snow melt way the homeowner returned but didn't believe.

Parable of one God infinity by Abraham Christ: What is the highest number: INFINITY or unknown - How many numbers between 1 and 3 or any two numbers: INFINITY or unknown - How many numbers added together is 1 or any number: INFINITY or unknown - that one God always everywhere. The correct answer INFINITY or unknown takes time for a common person to understand above standarised common terminology of one God. A circle how many more circles within it - Parable God Infinity - Parable is similitude - knowledge to salvation - knowledge to one unity all in all Nameless

Parable of Salvation all obligations fulfilled life similituding the human life with God life - No two equals are equal so one God parable similituding life the world of man with World of God - the Sun a star among counless stars in the Sky but no star equal the Sun that no parable similitudes the Mighty, however parable possible positive says Abraham Christ.