OUR MISSION ( www.godhealing.org )

The Mission, the Highest Mission of every human is God, it is good angels in mission for bad angels to be good, it is the highest miracle healing in heaven and earth Heavenly Peace on Earth that our mission is the same God GODHEALING purity, through God of Holy Angels help the sick and suffering people on earth. We pray for sake of Holy God, the one Holy in existance before man created may Gods, that each religion has idol against the Holy One. The mission is a net of angelic by which the Spirit spread the Wings, the Mission wishes everyone to dwell under the Wings. You may attain and dwell under the Wings for miracle healing personally and individually besides public the Peace on Earth, the Global Kingdom we mission for God's Kingdom. A simple to explain the mystery is: the body and blood of our Mission are Holy Angels like bread and wine are in Christ Jesus the angelic. The mission stands for the authority of God against evil - minister God the One authority for all, evil or satan or demon deceiving humans as the Authority. Acknowledge the Mission and it shall produce miracle of God healing changes in your life. The Ministry through the Internet the divine essence one God humanity in Mankind, Inter-Faith Multi-Faith Culture God Healing Miracle Healing Spiritual Healing Faith Healing Prayer Healing Divine Healing is Global Mission in the Eternal Divinity. Peace on Earth Salvation is Divinity Eternity final destination to all in the Most High Being God Almighty. If uncomfortable in the language of a religion, for example Christian, your inmost may absorb the message with the highest Self of God is not human. At many places the Internet is a luxury, likewise Electric Telephone Television, Etc used to be but no more, however, God's invisible power-net online all times available, the print is Angels and Miracle that happen likewise Christ was not just at local when Jesus was a native human. The unbiased 'Anglelic Icommunity' of invisible inborn inmost inner inter-faith inter-net is natural divinity in every human, the Membership is automatic the Self, an example is: if born in Hindu religion is automatic a Hindu donot have to do a thing to become a Hindu or maintain the Hindu, however great men in Hinduism too God enlighted angelic. For humanity this site also provides certain angelic features . The mission serve e-mail to help meet the spiritual needs of individuals, communities, nations, houses of worships and faith-based organizations, to develop a better higher image on earth. Email: godhealing@yahoo.com (to maintain your inborn blessing please do not send fraud emails - kindly send Email of God's work only). Religion is a shadow on human position, a best message in divinity is: Angels are the Body and Blood of the Almighty God in Mankind, But for religion Christian purpose, the Word Jesus is the body and blood. Bread and wine product of the earth are blessed for the body and blood of Jesus Christian. ANGELS the blessed product of the Heaven are the Body and Blood in Jesus of the Invisible Heavenly Christ in Mankind. That Non-Christians are also in the very same Non-religious body and blood Christ in Mankind.

Satan or evil is too cunning tricks God and government, evil does not appear as evil, higher thief tricks higher, all righteous should be wiser than unrighteous for proverb says: be wiser than a snake and innocent like a dove....., be careful - evil spirit can be evil eye, evil look, evil tongue, evil mind, evil thinking, wealth on earth, etc and evil sweets in every thing - in medical too avoid added sweets. Anything stolen is fraud and will not prevail with unstolen and the final judgement, demon satan evil is always in the attempt of delaying the final judgement. HOW YOU CAN ATTAIN A MIRACLE OF GOD, "The authority of God stolen in the unrighteous from the Trust must be reunited with God to end evil on earth, your acknowledgement in the Mission shall Miracle in you", or email: godhealing@yahoo.com

All are Great of the Most Holy God. In spirit all the three Abrahamic religions believe existence of Satan. To save the world from hidden evil the Son of God and God from God, Jesus died on the cross resurrected Ascended into the heaven and sent Holy Ghost. But evil tricked out of Jesus majestic ministry. Not satisfied with Jesus Prophet Mohammed founded Islam. Satan the evil is still in existence. Now look at governments, own total land, spending huge sums on police and military, intellectual works, science and technology, power and authority yet could not find the strongholds of hidden of terrorism, it is same as God the Most High on evil and government the highest power on terrorism. That something somewhere is out of track on both visible and invisible. How cunning would it be that the landowner government did not detect the strongholds of terrorism or god on evil.

THERE IS SOME THING HEAVENLY AUTHORITY EVIL POWER ON EARTH. Poverty is a sign of evil authority. Poverty and cruelty are authority for evil, remove them terrorism shall disappear. Global political party for Global Kingdom is some sort of an answer, Communism was a global party but not at a global standard for modernization. Democracy is a beginning state for Global Kingdom but the Global Standard Political Party under one great umbrella needed.

Godhealing is not hiring, but your enlightenment can self-hire for the mission Self with. We receive emails from worldwide to join them, we appreciate the invitation. Our Mission is God in Mission beyond a church ministry for you shall join Us in the Invisible source you are!!!.

We are GODHEALING, Internet's premier Multi-Faith God Healing Miracle Healing Spiritual Healing Faith Healing Divine Healing Multi-Cultural destination mission in the Most High God almighty for the Mankind. There is authority stolen from heaven hidden evil on earth against God. Poverty is a sign of evil authority like the least spirituality is satan or evil. Poverty and cruelty are authority for evil, remove them terrorism shall disappear. Global Kingdom is some sort of answer, Communism was a global party but not at a global standard for modernization. Edayil Ittycheria Abraham founded in God almighty provides this service on his Spiritual Enlightenments.