+++God spoken and speaks to every human in human ways - Certain Persons are highly decorated in the incarnation of God following with the situations including a tradition and the faith religion - God speaks to certain persons at every generation for common purposes - In India many cultures and religions and faiths and gods and practices and diversitie inclusive of general incarnations - Almighty not less than religion or has no religion that God and is direct to everyone itself can serve God Incarnation at times - personally you too is enlightenment but the religion cannot recognize the Communication - in simple I am Abraham Christ of God - that Catholic - Orthodox - Protestant - Others that you too can attain the Incarnation God above religiously - attain the Enlightenment - DO GOD - +++

ALL OTHER CHURCHES NOT MENTIONED ABOVE ARE ALSO ORIGINATED FROM THE ORTHODOX - CATHOLIC -PROTESTANTS - IF A CHURCH CLAIMS TO BE THE ONLY TRUE CHRISTIAN ASK JESUS HOW MUCH UNHOLY IN IT - Reply to Pentacostals: child dies before the Baptism that death without membership in Christ, or you do not care, If you wish the child to mature and make up the decision would you teach all other faiths to the self decision, if not your faith is just an opinion - furthermore - aged baptism is a product of satanic workshop to many die outside Jesus Christ. Remember for many Hundred years of the Christan all were child baptised, you are born from child baptism.


Let it be known to you that every one is a prayer of almighty God beyond religious prayers and upon personally attained - your person is above every religion for your Salvation is God and never through a religion. Religions are gap between God and your person in God

Justification of many churches or Orthodox Churches? - God is clear perfection everywhere - If Jesus was born elsewhere the religion of Christianity would have been different religiously - so many churches in the Church are Jesus if born elesewhere. Furthermore: Three Major World Religious separations from the same region Holy Land - so many churches or Orthodox Churches - God of God the similarities are greater than differenes. Differences are Religions look from earth and worship earthly - but those who look and worship from heaven shall see things differently , WOULD YOU?

Orthodoxy is universal but the churches can be of national - very few orthodox churches are in sister with Catholic church - Orthodoxy is the key in man to 'Even before all these religions were founded by men' not as religion or tradition but relation between self and God - Orthodoxy in the Christan is visible man's invisible traditional linkage with God through Christ Jesus. ORTHODOXY THY WILL ANGELS: Thy Will be done in earth as it is in heaven, "Especially by Angels is God's Will done in earth", as is clear in our Lord's Prayer: "...Thy Will be done all men (Orthodoxy) in earth as it is in heaven..." Biblically Orthodoxy fall by Adam and restored in Jesus while Orthodoxy sustained divinely in earth that God worship did not end at the Fall of Adam.

(Mankind must advance from religion to God - God is infinite and we are undivided members in the Infinite God, in which copy write or breach of copy write shall be eliminated for God - for whatsoever from God is always original - there is no separate Christian or Jewish or Muslim God - God is Undividable Unknown Original - humans do not know origin of the holy spirit from the Unknown - for religion Jesus is known origin from the Unknown Original - the person in Angels and Jesus existed before known of Jesus - Christ ( Greek Word ) the Person in Jesus is Unknown Original - Jesus went to heaven and seated at the right hand of his Father, Jesus is the Son of God - Christ is not the Son - (that persons sitting together cannot be trinity by religious belief - that True God always is Undividable - unseparatable - seated at the right hand shall make difference from the Trinity - God is Infinite in which we are in the Infinity).

We are heavenly visitors and auditors of the incarnation in which we may insight with Original in God -for- The Orthodoxy should be Infinity in which we all are in the Infinity with Almighty God, Angels, Jesus Christ, all the souls and people of God, and I AM, for the True Orthodox Faith Jewish-Christian-Muslim are in the Orthodox Faith, while denominations of Orthodoxy in the Christian. The Trinity is theology of the Orthodoxy and the INFINITY is theology FULFILLED in me for all the people of God. God is keeping God in God - Keeping religion for God is a religion or theoligy.

One word is �GOD�. Original Christian is Orthodox - Orthodoxy is the principal - Orthodoxy holds that the eternal truths of God's saving revelation in Jesus Christ are preserved in the living Tradition of the Church under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Scriptures are at the heart of the Tradition and the touchstone of the faith. While the Bible is the written testimony of God's revelation, Holy Tradition is the all-encompassing experience of the Church under the abiding guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. Essentially, Orthodox Christians consider that their beliefs are very similar to those of other Christian traditions, but that the balance and integrity of the entire Apostolic faith once delivered to the Saints has been preserved inviolate.

Orthodoxy believes that God is One in substance and Triune in persons. We worship One God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, neither confusing the persons nor dividing the substance. Creation is the work in time of the Blessed Trinity. The world is not self-created, neither has it existed from eternity, but it is the product of the wisdom, the power, and the will of the One God in Trinity. God the Father is the prime cause of creation and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit took part in creation, God the Son perfecting creation and God the Holy Spirit vivifying creation. ( This belief is in change unreligiously by the people of God that God is undivided and unseparatable always - Biblical is Jesus seated at the right hand of his father - Not in the Trinity of one funtion as the Almighty - where was the Holy Spirit when seated at the Right Hand ).

Orthodoxy believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly God. He is Jesus, that is, the Savior and Christ, the Lord's Anointed, a Son not created of another substance, as is the case with us, but a Son begotten of the very substance of the Father before all time, and thus consubstantial with the Father. He is also truly man, like us in every respect, except sin. The denial either of His divinity or of His humanity constitutes a denial of His incarnation and of our salvation. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father. The faith of the Church about the procession of the Holy Spirit was confirmed by the Second Ecumenical Council, which added to the Creed the following clause: "And I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of life, who proceedeth from the Father." The Church is the holy institution founded by our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of men, bearing his holy sanction and authority, and composed of men having one and the same faith, and partaking of the same sacraments. It is divided into the clergy and laity. The clergy trace their descent by uninterrupted succession from the Apostles and through them from our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church is ONE because our Lord Jesus Christ founded not many, but only one Church; HOLY because her aim, the sanctification and salvation of her members through the sacraments, is holy; CATHOLIC because she is above local limitations; and APOSTOLIC because she was "built upon the foundation of the Apostles, Jesus Christ Himself being the cornerstone" (Eph. 2:20). The Head of the Church is our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Orthodoxy recognize seven sacraments: Baptism, Chrism or Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Confession, Ordination, Marriage and Holy Unction. Baptism is the door through which one enters into the Church. Confirmation is the completion of Baptism. In the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, with the bread and wine, we partake of the very Body and the very Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ for remission of sins and eternal life. Both the New Testament and Sacred Tradition bear witness to the real Presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. In the sacrament of Confession Jesus Christ, the founder of the sacrament, through the confessor, forgives the sins committed after Baptism by the person who confesses his sins and sincerely repents of them. In the sacrament of Ordination through prayer and the laying-on of hands by a bishop, divine grace comes down on the ordained enabling him to be a worthy minister of the Church. Apostolic succession is fundamental to the Church. Without it there can be no continuity of the Church. In the sacrament of Marriage, divine grace sanctifies the union of husband and wife. In the sacrament of Holy Unction the sick person is anointed with sanctified oil and divine grace heals his bodily and spiritual ills.

At death man's body goes to the earth from which it was taken, and the soul, being immortal, goes to God, who gave it. The souls of men, being conscious and exercising all their faculties immediately after death, are judged by God. This judgment following man's death we call the Particular Judgment. The final reward of men, however, we believe will take place at the time of the General Judgment. During the time between the Particular and the General Judgment, which is called the Intermediate State, the souls of men have foretaste of their blessing or punishment. Further, we venerate and honor the saints and we ask their intercession with God, but we adore and worship God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Of all saints, we honor exceedingly the Mother of our Lord because of the supreme grace and the call which she received from God. Though she was not exempt from original sin, from which she was cleansed at the time of the Annunciation, we believe that by the grace of God she did not commit any actual sin. We venerate the sacred icons and relics. Yet this veneration, according to the decisions and canons of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, relates not to the sacred images as such, but to their prototypes, or to the persons whom they represent.

Orthodox Churches are national churches while the Orthodoxy is universal - every nation may have its own orthodox church or Orthodox Churches from other nations too to the worshipping patterns and united universally through ecumenical forms - Catholic Church is one universal under one pope with cultural worshipping patterns through rites in the tradition of orthodoxy. Catholic Church send observators to the ecumenical forms. The highest Orthodox Faith in God is " God - My God - O my God " it is prayed automatic in every living being at the right time and need. The shortest Creed of all Christians is " Jesus is Lord" such as Jesus is: Christ - Peace - Son of God - Love - Salvation and so on as you name for God - I am Abraham Christ

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