I do not know how much of this meditation you can follow in the inner.

I was sitting in a huge church before Sunday Mass – the church bell was also ringing – worshippers were assembling and the time to start the procession.

What is God – a thinking came in me – I was in the Pakistani side of Kashmir and God in sameness with the Indian side of Kashmir. I was in Moscow sameness in God – in Israel – in France – in Germany - in Vienna – in London England – in a boat in the sea – in high range mountain top – in war – in in peace – in my childhood – in my future sorrows - in a tea estate – in slum area – in hurricane – in earth quake – an eagle flying very high in the heaven - so on – I passed so many places during that short time of meditation –and- all passed through in sameness – at the end my eyes saw the procession was over – everyone took he position in the alter – and in the church - but I did not knew where my body was during this few minutes.

Few days ago I got a mind-attack like of hear attack – at mid-night in the attack I was cooking a coffee and slept near boiling water – on sudden wake the boiling water fell on my left leg thigh and burnt about 3x3 inches and the mind attack almost cured – but the mind-attack or the burn which was my most concern of the time did not appear in the meditation.