Lucifer was created of diamond heavenly material

How What When Where Why Who is Satan? Why so Stronger and powerful - against mankind - An Answer

The entire system of God is limited to man - Beginning the Creation is the human - Holy Scripture gives us some knowledge about Lucifer who once served angel of God but as no more caused the Creation of this world - limited is knowledge the enemy existed prior to the Creation of human universe such that information about the Entire Creation is limited to man. :

God existed of no beginning in such God created his angels beyond human comprehension and God the Almighty given certain authorities to an angel Lucifer or group of angels, heavenly dwellers the angels were created with Material Heavenly Diamonds.

An angel or a group of angels the family of God in heaven who were made of heavenly diamonds rebelled against God in punishment God created another world earth, we know of the Creation and Lucifer was given the authority on the Earth universe God then made man with mud earth in the image of God and replaced the authority with man - as a result, according to the Bible, Lucifer in different shapes, sizes, appearances, ways became jealous on man and keep on bothering and attacking against mankind, and doing what so ever can be done against man - this is a short explanation - ( Earthly Mud material thus God guaranteed protection against heavenly diamond material )

Please understand brothers and sister the so called Satan - the Lucifer is family of God in origin and of unknown material heavenly diamond has the knowledge of God Power but still holding authority illegally against man is the difference - that is corruption the earth itself - if you are person of God the Lucifer angel in strength will go against you but through Christ or in Christ or God in human ways can protect you

So please do love the enemy as thyself Jesus said - is not just a man

Rebelled Angel Lucifer created of heavenly diamond

Image of God - Man - made of Mud

Dear friends: your enemy is not another human being - but the enemy working through man against you