On behalf of this world we are humans, Life and Love are heavenly properties of the almighty God. Jesus is life and love purified to God to remain original, the unman they can be duplicated or invented. True God - true Life - true Love, every man feels the same, duplications are different and God is the most misspoken. Among God, Life and Love, God is Life and God is Love - God and Life then is Love - God is Life - God is Love. God is love is more common in saying that the life cannot be duplicated and God of life and life never can be duplicated, but the world against God duplicate them. God is life includes God is love. God the Love cannot be duplicated - they echo they are cannot be recreated - reinvented, people usually misunderstood or confused between God is love and world of love. True love is God's character or echo and shadow on earth. Life and Love are Angelic unman in the heaven, they are purified through Jesus Christ on earth leads to Salvation - that Jesus is the Way the Truth the Life for the Love. Jesus on earth is a Turning Point from the world to the heaven or eternity. Believe in Jesus is heavenly privilage on earth. Life and Love perform continuaty God to fulfillment peace on earth. ( Demon or satan or evil is measur less than zero love - measured in minus ). We can talk great things like holiness, religion, theology, philosophy, science and so on, but as far they in limitation are of the world shall not procure Jesus Christ, the love of God. Whenever sarcifice is missing the Love is lacking, also missing what we say. Love is the simplest subject, God of simple things, while love can be the most controversial subject among some humans. Whenever love is controversial or doubtful the perfection is displaced. Love is the peace, healing and solution, lacking love adds up sickeness to body, mind and spirit, true love makes no problem - the love solve problems - if not solved problem think again why - where - when - what - who -and- how lacks love - ( then turn around to restore the love ).

God is not just of stories programmed by the books, God is the same but God himself wanted to hear from each one of us then proven we know God of the past present and the future - God is not just historical or geographical guidance - God is making history and geography but is neither of them - God is above all one understanding that every one unconditionall included - If you can bring a guidance making record of God then you are also called Jesus - thus Jesus I am not on your way, on your truth and on your life to find me but find me as soon for the Peace on earth.

How can we link the Love, the love of God, to every man’s ordinary life, the link is sacrifice – the sacrifice Jesus on the Cross – you are in your life suffering - Jesus so God why not 100%, why only 33% world population is the Christian – it might be 67% of the Love missing in the Christian - only 33% is practiced - Click here to open another page to get me.