Life is not human origin - human ways not in every conditions of life - God Way in the only solution for human issues - Band-Aid

The Mind (universal mind) is an echo of the Supreme Being (Principal of the heavenly property} and the echo reflected so of surfaces too is sense-perceived world of every mind on earth to individual lives. The Supreme (Spirit) is timeless and dominates all existence as the great law guiding all beings in their search for continuity. The continuity through forces of the Supreme changes every crude nature into the Echo, there is no being that can't be transformed into the Truth of continuity but misled earthly factors form issues on God. For Salvation eternal, the continuity must be through the timeless Echo (the Supreme Being known as God /Heavenly Father /Creator /Etc only on earthly standards) and every person with eyes of the Supreme Being can listen the Echo and God is visible. Humans on earthly issues put misled as God. Mighty Might Almighty never a human echo of God.

Three Major World Religions the same place Holy Land, if of elsewhere those would have been different - while God is the very same true perfection everywhere - thus issues on God are issues of the world. In the differences similarities are more than the issues but the world worship the issues more than the similirities. You may be healed but your sickness still on earth that no medicine or teaching is eternally fit on earth. Education, Health, Medicines, Religions, Territotials are earthly limitations and freedom to the extent who you are, thus talking God a blessing (peace) is a transilation of selfishness. God is visible to the extent how much you are in God, but say invisible as you are distant from God. Visible - invisible and "God of God" issues on almighty God. To see God have to have the eyes of God otherwise is invisible. God Education Health is the Trinity universal every human all people entertain success, Father Son HolySpirit one religion Trinity - Creator Sustainer Distroyer another religion - simplicity, patience, compassion another's - every one has arguments against others - Looking from God all the issues are null and void.

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Life is creation's existance - God is creation's ageless _Fill in_

Issues on God: Every issue on God is human terms of limitations by which evil attempts to take over - every human is born with the fundamental of God - foolishness is natural of man. Although God is spotless of no issues "Holy Land" the place of Three Major World Religions with prophetic variations on God - Why these issues?: people - prophets or God? Dear soul-mates: please identify your life is your home - the Life is Home - no wordily teaching match the Life is Home. Playing of evil are issues on God - although no one is eternally fit on earth - the life with no issue on God is the Kingdom on earth. All the issues are distance from God or evil limitations on earth - the gap extended is wars although hidden love in every one. On Christian I am, I say Christianity is after Jesus Christ: what he said and said of him - what he did - what he behaved - what happened him on earth ( not in the heaven ), remember!!! other than God no one is eternally fit on earth including the earth itself. On such not all population is the Christian, thus I pray God: we need the Christ not of the the prophets, not of the earthly born and lived, but the Heaven in the Sky for every human on earth shall see the Highest - hear and listen - and healed to the One undiscriminatedely for every place on earth - not born a territorial community. If Jesus was born elsewhere the religion would have been different but God the same. Thus to see God should possess the eyes of God otherwise say God in invisible as a best way to escape from own weakness and the issues. Among religions similarities are greater and more than differences but argue on differences ruled by evil. A man of God can see God, at times God will some how appear through mysteriously - and Jesus the Highest Mystery on earth, visible - invisible - God of God, while all the prophets are not the Man of God ....... Your soul-mate the eyes of God shall see God through the Angelic otherwise eyes shall see hide-outs of the dirt.

So dear friends and brothers sisters: Let me message Holy Baptism and Holy Communion: I was alone home on Sunday June 5, 2005. At Mid-Night 1AM to Monday I had severe chest pain, on pain I can't sit-stand-lay-walk - only pain existed in me - I did not feel body or mind - only pain - so much pain - no other human around to take care of the emergency - Then I didn't know what happened to my body mind and the pain - until opened eyes on the Monday 10Am - in this unman position - I saw countless like stars in the Sky "departed, living, will born" souls including the few of them I knew in human life. The Sun - the stars - the light - the sound - the spirit of knowledge - all unman - no earthly language can explain while I can vision as I want - the entire infinite vision together is the One and is unbeakable or undividable - the Sky was not just above but all over everywhere - the Sky the Sun the stars are in rejoice Unman different of earthly vision - every human in the hands of God a huge tree greater than in the entire Sky - The TRUE VISION is in me but disappear if I try to find a language to explain it - some kind of Power comforted me to a Huge GLASS Door which was as big as the Infinite Big - the Life (power-energy-strength) of the Sky-Sun-Stars-Universe Is send from inside the Door which shall be opened for me - and heard - if the door disappears WILL EVER STAY WITH ( !!! a forcefull silence but the messaging is !!! the Highest King who sends the Life in sending again the Life ) - and the Door did not open for me but message of the High within the split of a second - I comfortably heard or seen or felt "MY---YOU HAVE SEEN YOU--- go in peace to return another day - the infinite lightening wide in the Sky - the lightening was not like the light as seen from earth - then I found I was on a couch and the time was Monday 10AM after about 9 hours of the pain started. While in the vision I asked the Power comforted to the Door why Jesus is a name and founded Baptism and Communion for it makes no sense of the Heavens in me? - ? - the Power replied to me: "Those are limitations needed in the standards on earth and as needed on earth for the earth can understand through limitations only - the earth is not Infinity in the Essense you are and we are in here - in the Almighty both the Baptism and Communion -and- ManyOthers are the One and the Same Infinity but through earthly limitations are the issues they worship - that no one of them in the True Worship". Even though the midnight pain was too much horrible I believe I attained the Eternal Ininity - So I add: Every one is free within limits, beyond is an unseen wing a guiding force that somehow drives us further on - Religion is community service and limitations in the fellowship of many different names and meanings to many different cultures – by God, religion is art of community service, the Highest is the one who do not defeat any one but will work with all limitations. All the pains and sufferings melts into the joyous comfort of the Life.

TRUE RELIGION: God promises a safe landing but traditional religions are not a calm passage - On much evil by (religious-gods) or (human-gods) traditional of police - army - defense - leadership - legal systems will be changed born of a new child. My vision of the heaven is unexplainable however some are good human in religions.

Issues on God: God is spotless of no subject of issues, but all the issues are religious gaps between God and traditional religions. To see the invisible God one should possess the eyes of God otherwise only shall say God in invisible. Your soul-mate God shall see the angels otherwise you shall see only those creatures hide in the dirt. Issues on God every issue on God is limitations not revealed to every human - God is spotless of no subject of issues - but all the issues are evil to gap God and man - To see the invisible God man should possess the eyes of God otherwise say God is invisible - Your soul-mate with God shall see the angels otherwise you shall see only those creatures hide in the dirt.