I am anointed of the Holy - please do not account it with religions - Holy has no religion but says in human ways - the Holy is Unman Heavenly Singleness the highest - Holy the Highest in God - Trinity is three highest holy functions for the human - Infinity all inclusive same as in the Trinity - one God is one highest understanding same as Jesus is the Way and Truth and Life - Jesus earthly ways for Christ the heavenly - Christ is presense of Jesus before the Creation - Jesus can be religion but Christ is Holy of no religion - ONLY in Christ and through Christ all people in the heavenly singleness the HOLY -

Belive in Christ - behave in Christ - do not give up truth - do not listen anyone asking to give up truth - do God in Christ - do Holy - Miracle will happen - attain Jesus is Holy Unique for you shall be too - attain Christ is Holy Heavenly - Holy Unique that at times your human life is to do God, do Christ, do Holy beyond mindset of limited in God

Holy is above what men believe the Creation - Holy God "the Word" above the Creation in human ways is Christ - Holy in human ways is Christ Jesus "the Word" that Word existed in the Creation - Holy unique you will attain and do God the Almighty of no religion - religions are drama on God - Every one can do God by righteous help to the self and each other. Creation - God - Angels - Jesus - Chrisst - Father - Son - Holy - Spirit and so on are different functions in human ways of saying the Mighty - your too and I am too

In Holy Unique I am enlightened the signings: Jesus Christ, Holy Virgin Mary mother of Jesus, Archangels Uriel Gabriel Ralph Michael, Peter and Paul, St George and St Augustine that for blessings make a cross then you touch on it in Faith - then pray - again make a cross to submit prayers then again at the end for miracle to happen.

Person bishop stands in line saintly of God Jesus Christ Holy - the Cross singnifies the Light for all what you pray


In Holy: Original of this signature photo is at St Augustine Catholic Church, 270 Byron Street, Forth Worth, Texas, 76114 USA, Ph: 001-817-569-7543 Email: ltcolparnell@aol.com - May obtain copy from: His Grace Archbishop John Parnell, at the same address - include a donation for handling and mailing. Anointed of the Holy it is Christ Power blessed to sign them - In clean spirit you may touch with prayer request

Sin is a thought, a word, an action contrary to the law of God - Pride is an untrue opinion or idea of what is not - Avarice is an inordinate love of the goods of this world - Lust is the love of the pleasures that are contrary to purity - Envy is a sadness which we feel on account of the good that happens to our neighbor - Gluttony is an inordinate love of eating and drinking - Anger is an emotion of the soul, which leads violently to repel whatever hurts or displeasures - Sloth is a kind of cowardice and disgust, which makes neglect and omit duties, - Grace is supernatural assistance which leads to do good - prayer is natural instinct to attain grace - If you love God you will keep the Commandments - Blessed and healed are those who dwell in Thy house by words, deeds and praises.