Stress is a condition of the heaven and earth existence in both living and non-living. Even air, water, light, heat, sound and time, solid and liquid undergo stress. In this page we talk about the human. "Give it to God" - "Knowledge is Power" - "Pairing with God" is a best way stress free, however, at stressful seem nothing of those works, people in cancer pains no answer fulfills - however, life itself the highest being good, meditating the good, thinking of the good things did, remembering the miracles in life, thinking the childhood life, forgining those who caused you stress, and say sorry in heart for them, feel sorry and learn more in life and learn if they would not learn, think about the morals, your knowledge is your stress free, give it to God and void revenging mind and serve righteous manner - produce comfort in self instead of anger - Think about if you are Jesus or Buddha or angel or others of such personalities.. (Twelve methods to reduce stress (1) Get a good shower/ bath/Epson Salt water bath (2) Get Enough Sleep - (3) Exercise regularly - (4) Eat Balance Diet - (5) Balance Work, Play and Rest - (6) Allow to Receive and Give - (7) Mind that Your Identity is Broader - (8) Righteously Connect with Others - (9) Use Spiritual Resources and Love (10) Answer Short and to the point asked (11) Answer in the purity of mind, no attitude. (12) Open more space in body mind and soul by what should not have done instead done.

Merge sorrows into positive (God Love and Future that never dies, ends). Get direction from elder who experienced "Life is a meaningless drama". God the one Power can do more than all the countless books on earth and you are an office and Officer of God above any story of creation - Do strength more than power - Feel God driving in self purifies soul. If unexpected happens take it as happened of a common life on earth. Be enemy friendly to learn reconciliation. Welcome stress to know how much you are far from good. Feel stress not a problem if being good. Feel stress is life style of the living nature, for the nature be honest, trustworthy, sincere, helpful, in general in keeping all in all nameless, timeless, spaceless, soundless, unman, unscientific; high peace mentality, personality, heart and soul; be friendly with the high nature, take personality of a great peace maker, communicate between the self and the soul, make comfortable yourself in the holy breeze. It heals within, take a break from what you are doing, go to a place you never went, talk to a child, buy a gift and give to someone. Talk to someone whom you didn't want to talk and offer help. Be a student of the high power. Are you a student of heaven or earth, life or death, good or bad, think about it and call me back. We all are students of one Master, God. And students of various masters, the world. If accepts God the master all anger gone with wind. Everyone of us listens noise in silence or noise of silence - When shall I enter into the silence, O Lord??? Person has problem but no medical sickness, however medical has treatment after 100 or more years. Jesus said Thy Kingdome Come is not a lie. An Email to, a husbands says he never wants to hipper at his wife but happened many times. But after read this message he never did. A husband with professional employment use to hit or physically abused his wife, take it no longer the wife reported to police and police counseled both and no more hit her but the revenge and anger through verbal or ends with divorce. Everyone has expectations - our expectation is God of health of no stress or tension - Children cry on expectations - that if not fulfilled anger stress sadness depression anxiety and behavior changes happens - may become sick but no permanent cure by medicine - Behavior changes to unfilled expectations rules. Mostly anger or stress are suffered by honest or trustworthy life. A husband (or wife) lived holy matrimonial life but the other spouse was not, the holy one gets tension on issues, prayer answered with a praying person for the holy spouse thus ends the anger. Remedy is to glorify God for God will glorify you, good-will to others for good-will God upon you. Serve that those who see you to feel God - people should feel each other for peace of the Lord - calm and cool be not a rush that slow and steady wins the race - Do right side drive in right side countries although learned driving in a left side country. Take it easy for exercising between warm and cold places - save at least little bit everything for next time - inborn stays life long while make sure the driving side - the world any place becoming more ethnic society than the past - say sorry and learn if made a mistake - Light is Creator force making free of the darkness - light to enlighten - the Light opens heart mind and soul makes us new even in its every smallest that even in split second moment the eternity is present - eternity is present in every split second is God the Almighty in me. One day or split second is greater than many 1000 years in darkness - God is not like religion or visa verse that in Good-Will people will know you - Religion will be the most dangerous thing in the up coming years or the next Age. Your Good-Will your body your mind your spirit your life the Almighty will know you. Know that the SPACE - space of earth is darkness - space of heaven Good-Will is light so the light passes through darkness in the space - the light from the Sun is forces for God - everyone stands the destination Light or Good-Will of God - after passed darkness the Destination is free of darkness - intimated with darkness can be earthly joy but suffer later - dangers are hidden in darkness unaware of it so makes attractive - discover yourself a saint in God on what you did rather a religious saint - Stand the line God heals back dated - (the following bible verses I repeat for a reason) the Word was with God, and the Word was God - God life is the Word and the spirit of Life - the Spirit of the Life is perfection - the same was in the beginning - the Life is "salvation of man" - the Light humanly is Jesus Christ for all things: on land, in the Sky and Waters and the Angels one God same for all but differently in service. See if you can recognize yourself outside your religion Prayer One in your life and WhyChrist that there is healing beyond stress free and anger free already alive in yourself. Abraham Christ

You are light to enlighten you - You are your partner participant with your highest person "the Sacred Space" - free yourself from the heaven of no darkness - Sacred Person is free of the Creation and the Existance ordered the Creation and is the Soverign Order - Sacred Space is free of darkness - darkness is earthly superiority - Darkness formed side-effects we are suffering - body and mind are so called of creation - in the Sacred Space no body or mind rules - (in a human way the creation is a technology of the Supernatual that man of God or the Man is greater than technology, technology can't buy man but man can buy or make technology) - God is the highest human value above the Creaton or God is the Highest Man. Sacred Space perfects. Religions are side-effect of so called creation -true creation no one under creation can comprehend - although many religions sameness by every person of God - however produces different side-effects - God the Holy is invisible committment of the Sacred Space - Sacred Space does holy and nothing but holy - sacred space shows anger on behalf of God - Holy is the true incident cimmittment - true meditation helps free of mindset to sacred space - free of side-effect enemy (enemy we may also say evil or bad spirit - etc - free of enemy also means no evil revenge or evil protection). You may how much evil bothered you but not its side-effects - thus is unsoled stress and anger and psychic - Since you may not know happy is enemy taken away pece from you and stressed out one day will behave the enemy and suffering - it is trick of the evil side-effect - No enemy in the sacred space - God is love and enemy of anger - When enemy friend above sacred space you lost share and control on own highest person - attain blessed of God rejected the enemy - I write sacred space to eliminate anger around you - it is God Healing - God persons have same nature whilr belief - culture - shape - size appearenc can be different - they are different of earthly existance - regardless the differences STRESS - ANGER can damage brain, heart, kidney, liver, etc. to sick the life. God love your healthy, wealthy, happy and peaceful life and the family, so am I - but not evil. Stress and anger is the man who talks negative others and perfect the self.

Acknowledging Sacred Space is self respect - then do same for others - Sacred Space is nameless of God - if you can meditate it and repulse enemy styles in youself and others - from there is elimination evil around you - Your well-wisher always love you in God - People of God have same nature even though beliefs are different - One God is all angels, humans, animals, birds, fishes, trees, planets, stars known and unknown, living and nonliving, more in purpose than the humans - truth is truth regardless belief or knowledge - God is love because God loves us - not because we love or know God

Relaxation is great seeking of the Master - master is inner soul or sacred space and is product of invisible Master God - God of the sacred space (self) can reduce stress and anger. In meditation the Master can command to the mindset of self and others - ask the mind Can change natural or manmade anger habits (there is no anger in the sacred space) - get good at dealing with them - Design, develop, plan, prepare, protect, recover, response and mitigate mind to positive dreams of life - remove unwanted stress, anger, attitudes - control body and mind and thoughts, how it can be done:- calm and cool register, store, place, program protective measures in mind - develop perfect mindset - meditate - Great educated psychologists or councilers seek the Master for self rather than their published articles.

There are 150 Psalms in the Bible - saving all together as one Psalm 95% are the same and in the rest 1% is unique - yet all are timely prayers - do God through your timely and in unique than a prayer world - instaul Prevention within and all around you - (a throne in the flesh was given to me - an angel of satan to beat me - to keep me from being elated - 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9) - It will be every body die but do not let world down you.

Imagine a war time situation - enemy firing missiles to attack your country � in split second the missile fired � your antimissile automatically fired upon the enemy and kills the enemy missile right in their air space not giving a chance to enter in your territory and victorious. It is exact you can defeat anger from any source

Call God to touch touch the anger - Meditate to end anger � Anger is the missile � antimissile techniques are this letter. While reading or meditating imagine anger ends within mind before comes out through the antimissile technique

Practice the "Relaxation Response" and Similar Techniques Recognize people who practice meditation are capable of reducing their heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen consumption � holy honest direct mind. Set several decades ago - developed a simple practice that focuses on holy mind meditation that create relaxation and reduce stress and anger.

Stress is wear and tear of daily life activities - Every day, plan to spend some time at relax. Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and relax your muscles. Focus on breathing regularly. Continuously repeat word �relax� or �easy�. Repeat it aloud or in your mind. It is simple word, or religious word or phrase, "om" �holy� etc. in meditation. Continue regular breathing.

Learn Progressive Muscle Relaxation This technique allows you to relax your entire body. Start at your head. Tense your facial muscles by clenching your teeth and furrowing your brow. Hold the tension for five to 10 seconds, and then release it. Next, tense your shoulder muscles by shrugging them and tucking in your chin. Hold the tension for five to 10 seconds, then release. Next, tense your arm muscles by making fists. Hold the tension for five to 10 seconds, then release. Continue to tighten and release each group of muscles in your body until you have worked all the way down to your toes. Picture the tension evaporating � water evaporating or ice melting or thunder gone for ever � breeze came in - as you release each muscle and mind. Focus on cool breeze smile comfort of the body parts as they relax.

Do Visualization Visualizing is a good way to remove yourself mentally from a stressful situation. Sit or lie somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes. Practice the progressive muscle relaxation exercise outlined above. Allow thoughts to pass through your mind without actually "thinking" about them. Imagine you are somewhere that makes you feel good, such as the beach or the woods, a spot where you have spent a restful vacation or a beautiful place you can picture even if you have never visited. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed. Focus on all five senses. Imagine what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Continue to visualize yourself in this place for five to 10 minutes. Then gradually return your focus to the room you are in and end the visualization exercise.

Practice Relaxed Breathing Exercises Take a deep breath in and out. Did you feel your chest expand and contract? Did your shoulders go up as you drew air into your lungs? This is how many adults breathe. But to breathe more efficiently � and to promote relaxation � we need to look to the way we breathe while asleep.

When in a relaxed sleeping state, we usually breathe from our diaphragm, which is the muscle between the abdomen and the chest. When breathing through the abdomen, the chest and shoulders remain relatively still while the abdomen rises and lowers with each breath. The type of breathing we do while sleeping takes less effort and is typically more efficient than the breathing we do while awake. As a result, abdomen breathing is more relaxing.

How can you practice relaxed breathing? Lie flat on your back. Place your feet slightly apart. Lightly rest one hand on your abdomen, just near your navel. Rest your other hand on your chest. Inhale through your nose and calmly exhale through your mouth until you've emptied most of the air from your lungs. Focus on your breathing and watch which hand is moving.

As you slowly count to four, gently inhale, slightly distending your abdomen to make it rise. Imagine warmth flowing into your lungs and to all parts of your body. Pause for one second. Then as you slowly count to four, gently exhale, letting your abdomen slowly fall and your diaphragm relax. Pause for another second. Repeat this process five to 10 times. When you become familiar with the process, you can practice relaxed breathing while seated and, then, while standing.

Write About Your Stress Writing about stressful experiences may help reduce the symptoms of common diseases, such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Write alternative behavior should have used in the past stressful situations. Write own quotations in experience. Write what would you do if has no anger. Write something how to make it beautiful. Take something and clean it.

Lower the Danger of Your Fears The next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, look closely right away at your thoughts and past experience whether the situation do any good. Ask yourself these questions: 1. What is the worst that can happen? 2. Is it likely that the worst outcome can occur? 3. What is the best that can happen? 4. How the best will occur? 5. If so, how likely is it? 6. How would such an outcome change life? 7. Is there anything else can do to influence bad result, or have you done all that is possible for good? 8. Asking the self these questions can help reduce stress to a more manageable size and probably no stress to total healing. 9. Fingers are not equal likewise people (10) Do calm and cool now, postpone anger for tomorrow, the weaker becomes the strongest.

Remove Stressors Do you already have more responsibilities than you can comfortably handle? If so, you may need to set some limits. If cannot limit on responsibilities think what is the best ways to handle responsibilities, you need to develop a relaxing mindset to handle any situation calm and cool � this meditation techniques.

Hope in the unman Creator more than mindset, do God in human ways. Be polite always every where to everyone � even to God just say, "No. With the current responsibilities I cannot take on more at this time." Be open to the observations other people make about your workload. If they see that your workload is over-burdensome, try to accept their view without getting angry or self-critical. Try to figure out what their feedback means. If workload is not much and stress controlling take a break of meditation � drink some cool water � make a joke - even urinate little bit.

Manage Your Time Think a head of stress - think ahead to reduce stress. Or, as one expert puts it, "Knowing what is happening is better than being in the dark, having a strategy or defense ready is better than being unprepared, and being able to avoid or eliminate stress is better than sitting there suffering."

One way to manage your time is to set priorities. Write a to-do list and schedule time to work on top priorities first. This can help you get the most important tasks done, while controlling the stress you feel about them. You should also commit that stress or anger is the last thing I do today

Maintain a Healthy Diet Like many people, you may have a favorite comfort food and drink habits when stressed. Comfort food is bad for your health. Plan daily and weekly food menu, that may reduce stress. Less comfort food may actually result in you feeling more comfortable. Analyze which food is stressful.

Exercise Exercise can reduce stress, try at least 10 minutes or more walk at least every day. Yoga and stretching can reduce stress. Exercise has calming effort � your attention can move to childhood life - decreasing emotional suffering and enhancing concentration, feel proud about doing it, so it improves self-esteem.

Socialize and best friend Discussing difficulties with someone you trust helps relieve tension and may help you solve problems. A best friend is friend indeed. Great friendship is God value - May also prefer a larger community, such as a religious group or an interest group. Prepare wisely to stay away from uncomfortable or unhealthy styles, because those may increase your stress. Play role movie star when must deal with uncomfortable in job.

Therapy Intellectuals counsel by self, if tried stress-reduction techniques yet not solved could talk to a therapist: How to improve ability to cope with stress - how to handle conflicts � how to approach unforeseen and foreseen stress situation - manage anger and communicate calmly with others

If chief source of stress can be at home, job, or public life � at family one member problem can develop emotional problems on other members. At home members must be at God�s home father mother brother sister and children.

In conclusion: Meditate calm and cool on past anger results and what should have been done rather than anger � Be good 0 doing good is doing God value � doing anger is evil in influence � so prevent and stop anger by self preparation � planning � protection � response and recovery.

man in the heaven did not learn much there � so God sent to have a look at the hell � One look at the hell learnt more than 1000 years in heaven. World has over 3 billion people � the stress and cry of you lacking one look what in in the hell � There are more sufferings than you are � God bless them � heal them � protect them � direct them � stay with them � guide them � walk with them that they shall be risen from the cry to your infinite glory.

Father Abraham

Entire earth and the universe is filled with the Blessings and you may take share by faith and the Spirit.

In the Most Highest there is no creation, no earth or universe, no name God the Almighty - No sort of things that needed salvation so the creation is a pathway for salvation to ending in the Eternity - Created pathways on earth has natural imperfections on darkness against the light - the sun and stars all are if was created is sick in world that for healing enter into the Most High of uncreated - says "Abraham Christ"