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PSALM 91 FOR ANGELIC( www.godhealing.org )

God does more than send angels = He grants them for the insight and strength for we need to feel God protects us.


The wonders of the world are covered in rain; the wonders of the world are covered in shine. Rain or shine appears angel tears to clean the rust, how long must they cry? Call me from the heart, instead of a mind.

For God so love and acknowledge the human earth over and above the created, every human is born with an appointed angel of the Holy God for protection, by which every human always stays with God and at times shall vision the angel.

Angels are also 'flying squards' of the Holy Almighty, they serve on emergency mission, for Miracle of the Almighty call upon the flying squard through your apponted angel.

+++ ... ... ... let the scriptures be your angelic guide, angels are heavenly homes for the wise, in what to do and what not to do, understand your angel the mystery; act in accordance with for miracle healing.

Angel in man - Angel in woman - Angel boy - Angel of God: A tribal father asked God to send a prophet to the tribal, but tribal father imprisoned the prophet in a dark room at his house, a maid kind on him offered help, the prophet asked a knife to shave, the innocent maid not thinking of the sacrifice of position scared to go byself sent her small boy with knife, the prophet said to the maid - in God all are Holy of pure heart, that if not Holy what a fool you are sending your small son and a knife to an enemy, for Holy heart what a sacrifice you have done.

Angels serve a great function in carrying out God's purpose for humanity. They are His invisible agents in us often ministering in ways few understand.

Your angel is your steadfast companion--she lingers through dream-filled nights and busy days, and touches your actions with gentleness and warmth.

I'm the one who has the body, Angel're the one who holds my breath. Angel knows the secret of my body, angel knows the secret of my breath, that is why God's body is in mine. God and angel know the miracle of my breath in my body. I do the breath but it is not mine.

Unrewardingly I help others but rewards were pains and sufferings, I asked the Angel why I do this again, how long should I do this, I should not have born. The Angel says “this birth is only a break time to share heaven on earth added with an appointed angel”.

Angels help us understand why we are here on earth and to remember what our purpose is. They know our life purpose and remember what we want to accomplish. We humans can only see the smaller picture.

Angels, always present and aware of our needs, are most humble. They do not interfere in our lives unless we invite them to do so. They usually communicate with us in the silence of our interior understanding: we "hear" angels with our hearts.

Imperishable is the Lord of Love. As from a blazing fire thousands of sparks Leap forth, so millions of angels arise from the Lord of Love.

Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your angel, trouble no one about their psychic of religion; respect others in mutual view, and demand others respect yours.

Love your angel in perfect your life, beautify all angel things in your life.

You can address your prayer directly to God or to your angels, either way; heaven instantly responds accordingly to your angelic to guide, love, and heal you.

The sky changes like the angel, changes together with, but the Master never changes. What does the world matter then or its reflection?

Many were present, many major role humans were present, my body was also expected there but I did not go, for so my Angel blocked going there.

My Angel shall open the doors, my Angel shall break the walls, my Angel shall demolish the minds then you shall know who am I.

Angels are our the best friends, angels know each other, angel is our the highest responsibility and increasing but is not by a number.

You shall leave dead angel, only a dead follow paths of the dead, but the living work for dead to live again.

Religions or the world kill their own wounded but the angel gives life to the wounded.

Man says he wanted to be God means like God for his angel that Angel is perfect in God.

Seek to claim your life long eternal angel and its purpose in the service of human angels.

Sometimes the angel appears in the form of a friend who says exactly the words we need to hear or what will happen, sometimes will unwillingly act as an angel to someone else, tossing off a message so casually that, though it saves another person's life, you hardly remember the moment at all.

Nothing in angel life is to be feared, if understood that only to be understood.

The angels encourage all of us to share how they help us, for it is in the sharing the angels become more and more real in our lives.

My imperfections and failures are as much I am lacking angel God for my earthly successes and my talents, and in my angel I lay all of them to His eyes.

Never to suffer would also means never would like to take the angel blessing of been blessed.

Angels do all their duties righteously keeping the spirit on God. Serve your wife, children, father, mother, neighbour and even enemy treat them as if they are angel gift of God to you, but know in your human heart that they do not belong to you.

The angels encourage all of us to share how they help us, for it is in the sharing the angels become more and more real in our lives.

After the least tests the wise seek refuge in God seeing gift of God everywhere and in everything is an angel, even after many tests the unwise still unwise.

Our human weakness is protected by the assistance of the angels is God’s protection for every human image and in all our perils, provided deeper faith remain with us, we are defended by the aid of spiritual powers.

Knowing yourself and others more as that the world rise and fall like waves in the ocean, why men run about so wretchedly, while angels not?

Leave gentle fingerprints for the angels to serve for God.

Among a man's many good possessions, good command of speech has angels.

Prosperity and ruin issue from the power of the angel tongue. Therefore, guard yourself against thoughtless speech.

If the chimney is blocked with smoke dust, how can smoke from the fire to get out for light is visible of the seen? If the mind is full of dirt, how can the soul shine the angel?

Meditate on the transcendental glory of the Deity Supreme, who is as hidden angel in the self on earth, the Universe, the life and inside the soul of the heavenly Father. May He stimulate and illuminate our minds with angels.

It is precisely not known where the angels dwell, whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure or the self that we should be informed of their abode

To bring the energy of angels more powerfully into your home you might consider putting pictures of angels up on the wall, or having statues of angels or even hanging angels

Angels are Free from desire. He neither is nor is not. He looks busy but he does nothing. Striving or still, He is never troubled. He does whatever comes his way, and he is happy.

Every manifestation of God the Father is an angel. Apparently they are formless, but when visiting human beings they often assume physical bodies in order not to cause unwarranted fear or disquiet.

Angels are neither male nor female, but appears as female for familiar a natural attraction of earthly vision.

Females appear as the best agents of the nature; they so form the continuity of life on earth, Angels forms continuity God in the Creation.

The Angel is like the sky, never changes but What does the world matter or its reflection? What does the angel care about seeking, or the end of seeking?.

We all want to live the good life and die a good death, but most of us are so uncomfortable with the mention of the word "death", that we do not allow ourselves to relate it to angel. So instead, we gloss over it or pretend that it will not happen for a very long time.

God of Wisdom, God of Religions, God of Spirit and God of Angels begun with female.

Angels for men are human wisdom, men are happy with wisdom and they speak human languages.

How you have toiled, again after again, pressing into painful labor your body and your mind and your words, there shall be a time to stop at the angel, after the toil is over your toil is your words, and our words became no more to never toiled at the angel, a living man of 100 years toiled a lot even at ferocious deadly war yet like never toiled at the angel and shall see no more the many lived and died, no more death or death and no more the acquired wisdom is worthwhile, and gently laughing at all the psychic.

Even when he is still, the selfish man is busy. Even when he is busy, the selfless is still is the angel man.

Call on the Angel of Divine Peace to come into your life today and stay for evermore.

As an angel man's shadow follows his footsteps wherever he goes, even so will destruction pursue those who commit sinful deeds?. Like a grandmother like a grandchild both are angels each other life long.

Lost inside this angeltown, lost like I could not be found any connections of the heart. Love was glass that broke apart and now there are no secrets no angels at my door

God is Love, and any real angelic encounter will be filled with love, because angels, since they come from God, are filled with love, too.

One man believes in angels, another says, "There is nothing!". Rare is the man who believes in neither, but is not free from that confusion.

The man who believes in angels has great things to do and did, the man who says nothing is dependent on the angel man

Angels are boundless ocean. This way and that, the wind, blowing where it will, drives the ship of the world. But angels are not shaken. I am the unbounded deep in whom the waves of all the worlds Naturally rise and fall. But I do not rise or fall. If I fall I am no more the Angel then a world is formed and a trouble is started.

Many are love, angel Love never deceiving, known the spirit is divine but lacking strength is lacking the angel

We all see angels; if we never recognize them, it's because they come in ways we don't expect.

Our godmother always told us that we have wonderful friends in high places, of course she was referring to God and His angels. You too in the high places.

The world calls me mad. I am mad. You are mad. The world is mad. Who is not mad? Still these madmen call me mad. Some are mad after name and fame. Some are mad after money. Some are mad after flesh. Blessed is he who is mad after God BUT angel is he who mad at no one - such a madman we should be.

In language religions believe Incarnations, it is actually not important what one believes of an Incarnation, but what is important is to do what the Angel in Jesus asks us to do, "Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect". This plea of Angel in Jesus is the core message for every angel. What one thinks or believes is of very little importance on the core ignored. It is only through moral excellence that one can be free to the core.

Angel intelligence of the heavenly residence - demon foolishness on heavenly.

The greatest wealth of you is your angel, not the money, not the health, not the knowledge or wisdom, not the faith religion, not the fame, and the angel wealth you the greatest. That eaven at poverty or death you can be wealthy. Health is not wealth without the angel.

MICHAEL (He who like God): Along with Gabriel, he's one of two angels named in the Hebrew Bible, the Protestant and Catholic Bible, and the Qur'an. He is the only angel mentioned as an archangel in the Protestant and Catholic Bible. Strong, ambitious, authoritative, protective, and fearless. Also believed to be the protector of Israel. Muslim Faith: Mika'il, Mikha'il. Color – Blue, Feast day September 29, Patron Saint of police officers, soldiers, paratroopers, sailors, mariners, security forces, ambulance drivers, bankers, boatmen, paramedics, secuirty guards. Helps with protection against danger, temptations, removing fear and doubt, changing careers.

GABRIEL ( God is my strength): Along with Michael, he's one of two angels named in the Hebrew Bible, the Protestant and Catholic Bible, and the Qur'an. Charming, communicative, artistic, diplomatic, and helpful with interpersonal relationships. Muslim Faith - Gibra'il, Jabra'il. Color – White, Feast day September 29. Patron Saint of ambassadors, clergy, diplomats, broadcasters, writers, teachers, journalists, telecommunications workers, broadcasters, postal workers. Helps with public relations, childbirth, adoption, raising children, purification of thoughts.

RAPHAEL ( Healer of God): Even though Raphael is not mentioned in most major religious texts, he is found in the Book of Tobit, a non-canonical book (apocryphal) included in the Catholic Bible. Gentle, compassionate, skillful, knowledgable, and conscious of health issues. Muslim Faith - Israfil. Color – Green, Feast day September 29. Patron Saint of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, counselors, health inspectors, travelers, blind people, the mentally ill, shepherds. Helps with addiction, protection against nightmares, safety during traveling .

URIEL ( God is my light): The only archangel not found in any main religious texts. Instead, he plays a large role in the Book of Enoch, a non-canonical text (apocryphal) not found in the Protestant or the Catholic Bible. Soothing, wise, generous, and nurturing of the earth's natural resources. Color – Red, Feast day July 28. Patron Saint of artists, poets, musicians, literature, lovers, prophets, cologists, nature lovers, farmers scientists. Helps with protection during natural disasters, solving problems, studying habits.

JOIN THE HIGHEST FELLOWSHIP WITH THE MOST HIGH = JOIN THE ANGEL MINISTRY, then you are messenger - agent of God, of God, Intelligence of heavenly residence, A pure spirit created by God, employed by God as the ministers of His will - no indication of the precise time of the creation, their existance is taken for granted from the earliest times. Angels are mystery - testified through Words of Holy: Gn 3: 24, Gn 18: 1-33, Gn 19: 1-22, Gn 22: 11-18, Gn 28: 12, Ex 23: 20, Nm 20: 16, Is 6: 2-7, Ez: 4-28, Dn 7: 9-10, Zec 1: 9-19, Mt 1: 20, Lk 1: -26-38, Acts 27: 23, Acts 12: 7-11, Acts 10: 3-6, Acts 23: 8, Mt 26: 53, Tb 12: 15, Dn 10: 13, Rv 12: 7, Dn 8: 16, Lk 1:19, and fall of angels at: Dt 32: 17, 2Pt 2: 4, Jude 1: 6, Rv 12: 7-9. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph. The Angel of the Lord appeared to the provider of this ministry website Iswaria Edayil Ittycheria Abraham. Uriel Archangel of the North - Michael Archangel of the South - Gabriel Archangel of the West - Raphael Archangel of the East - seraph cherup and archangel. Which angel you belong. Health is not wealth without the angel in you. JOIN THE MIRACLE ANGEL MINISTRY THE INVISIBLE PROTECTION OF THE MOST HIGH FOR EVERY PERSON AND NATION FROM TERROR AND TERRORISM BIBLE PSALM 91.