This website in my deep innocent of God. My deep childhood wish was to serve God. It is well in the name of Jesus. But the circumsances didn't allow to serve a priest. From the childhood I have vision or presence of God with me that enlighten me God beyond religion. Even in deep religious prayers I feel God wordless entire universal non-Self. I feel the universe physical spread of the Spiritual God no creator, righteousness is God everthing, no word or ability to express God. My writing is not the perfect in me. ne God and truth it is Heaven and Earth Master Incarnation physical presence of the Mighty, creation is people level of wisdom. Incarnation is God health for the sibling we all are and creation is world of sickness. Mighty Soul God above all we know that live in the functions of Incarnation will heal sickness. That heaven and earth physical and Soul the spiritual incarnation of the Almighty God. All people eaten the wisdom creation same as to one man Adam eaten the applel. This message to the Peace, Mighty God. God the mighty all in all always in perfection everywhere is free of creation, Incarnation is righteous functional ways. Sooner the world eastablishes the Master Incarnation the Peace is established. Trinity is three functions of one God human life. God language unman my English is not in pefect. We born in God with our ancistors we inborn and we obey them God above the creation. Incarnation lead us to Salvation. Let us pray God from ourselves Incarnation of God for all our problems and God will do miracle healing on us.

Trinity is Sibiling with God, Trinity is God sibling unity function with God and neighbor and in selves. Trinity River Prayer means the three balancing functions God in life of all things known and unknown second to none. River means God is the sameness equal blessing countless with us. Trinity wording for God infinity of blessings above all human level undestanding. Human the highest in serving God Trinity River life in humility. Trinity River we all are serving each other wherever above creation. Attain God Incarnation the perfect healthy life will heal from sickness of the world regardless young or old.

There are many ways to point prior to destination while only one way to the Destination - many religions while only one way the Salvation - that is the Lord of the Salvation - Creed is a word of man changes time to time and Healing is function of God never changes - Holy is Unique in Healing - Creed is a word of man and Healing is function of God - Holy is Unique in Healing - God - Healing Creed - Essence is the balancing power Mighty God Himself Is - Heaven in Heaven - attain the mission living with God - Someone who does not follow his disciples was driving out demons in Jesus name and Jesus replied "Do not prevent them - there is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who speak ill of me" - Our Father Who Art in Heaven - Christ Who Art God in Heaven - All the Angels Who Art in Heaven - Christ the word God Jesus - Go beyond heaven and earth - Go creed beyond religion - the early creed had only three words "Lord is Lord" +++ "Jesus is Lord" - Jesus Christ, Creation, Holy, Angel all are human ways God - be a creed ownself in God - anyone can do God - don't have to be Christian to do Christ - become the Healing Creed (the Spirit)- lengthy creed has bumbs - go in peace and gloryfy the Lord for ever - meditate Living with Lord - so that the Lord shall touch you - bless you - heal you - protect you - guide you - save you that you are made to God + revoke darkness from Body Mind thought and Spirit - attain the Creed in Spirit "Lord is Lord" - "God is Shepherd" - "Jesus is Lord" - "Heavenly Heaven Holy" + "Call the Creed" + :: Our Father Who Art in Heaven + Jesus Christ Who Art In Heaven + All Angels Who Art In heaven

( What is Holy Unique: the evants which transpired seven million or more years ago or seven thousand years ago or seven years ago or seven seconds ago have truth what will happen now or seven seconds from now or seven years from now or seven million or beyond years from now - All in current event in God - is the same: Word was God - Jesus the Word - the spirit I am too - we all are - Your righteous life or prayer so powerful to change millions of years of changes in God - There come a time gold you know no more wanted of the past )

BE A CREED BY SELF than a prayer: On Jan 23, 2012 I was with Pro-Life march with a church - about half a million people thus we lost each other in the march and a person from my church found me and while we walk to bus for return trip, two election workers met us at a street corner and the person with me lost Pro-Life

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Holy is the Commitment of the Mighty and persons of God as well - Creed is language in the Mystery for people of God in glory - Christ died on the cross for us, died visibly on wooden cross but is heavenly or invisibly He Who Am I killed the death that existed from the beginning of earth. Visible cross represents the earth but the Cross in Holy is invisible Christ in mystery suffered for all. Brothers and sister

God's spirit is irreproachable thus is holy spirit in human, man and woman can do at times. Yet split second God can be greater than ages of mankind - God of simple things greater than greatest of man - Right or wrong, many beliefs are transilations (on God)? Man tries own ways for God but fails to all people God's spirit. In the words of cosecration over the chalice the priest referes to Jesus' blood shed, literally "for many" bacause its origin languages (Eg Aramaic, Latin, Syria, etc) do not have the articles 'a' and/or 'the' to transilate the value - thus the transilations have to supply them "for (THE) many" but Jesus died "for all" - then amended to "for all men". But is it the exact used (by the Lord) in Aramaic? (we know not other than written later from memory) - "for many" in two of the recorded versions (Matthew and Mark but not Luke and First Corinthians) - But Christ came to save all (those who would hear and kept it) - hopefully woman and men for all will be fulfilled. (for many - for the many - for all - for all men - for all men and women, a person of God transilates ownself in God's spirit) - Nevertheless God's will to save us all and Christ died for all - if says "God's spirit" accepted by all than "Holy Spirit" by many - the Principal of the NOUN is invisible - the Almighty of all - Holy unique in personal and individual relationship with the Holy. Brothers and sisters, Be in simple of God that is so much greater than human expertise of language or theology -