Everyone whosoever may be not taken the membership in the Eternal Salvation still living in the Prodigal Son. Join Eternal Salvation of God pure above religiocity and the community. No human moral upto the eternal level yet on joined in heart willingness itself is above visible and invisible, leads to the Salvation. Salvation through Progressive Revelation the Prodigal Son shall take membership in advance. The millennium every human an incarnation of God changed from the prodigal son. Thus in the human life Mighty presence the Incarnation (not creation) of God. Creation itself is the Satan creation insted the heaven and earth incarnation of God. Creation is prodigal son. No prodigal son in the return of the son that as not returned are prodigal sons. Take decision the millenium join the eternal salvation that you are no more in the prodigal level. Thy Kingdome Come to you the millenium Kingdome. Mighty Purity indivisible inseparable indisputable second to none. Prodigal son is the son of the earth. Be a son of Thy Kingdom an Incarnation of God. Join Thy Kingdome take membership in the eternal salvation the eternal son.


ETERNAL UNBREAKABLE that all broken shall return to the INHERITANCE - parable of the PRODOGAL SON RETURNED - believing God created itself prodigal - creation is prodigal - INCARNATION is righteous son - RIGHTEOUS SON is incarnation and unrighteous is creation - God is full in full perfect in perfect all in all of no creation - yet the enemy to create problems blame heaven and earth created, instead mighty incarnation Heaven and Earth for the Peace. Salvation the Peace is the purest purity the non-Self clean existence sameness all the souls. Creation the false on God will replace with the truth of God INCARNATION is Thy Kingdome to come. Living under creation is life Prodigal Son. Christian Creed in shortest is JESUS IS LORD - Abraham Creed in shortest CREATION IS PRODIGAL.

Prodigal the selfish son is the world itself the prodigal of heaven and earth created INSTEAD INCARNATION. So the faith itself prodigal and until attained God direct INCARNATION. Incarnation is PEACE on Earth. Every human is inborn with Incarnation of God but the world teaches otherwise in favor of the enemy. At pregnant the mother must enrol the child in the woumb Heaven and Earth Incarnation of God and guide the Peace after birth. Heaven and Earth Incarnaion of God the righteous non-Self the Peace will happen the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Currently the world is Prodigal life and it creates selfish prophasies and beliefs and nationalities and all kinds diversities and persecutions. The world itself alive with unreturned prodigal son and people are living with the prodigal, yet not realizing it the religious sermons the blind leading the blind. Living in belief heaven and earth created is prodigal instead Incarnation of God s the righteous son. So the worse is happening until people live in the Heaven and Earth Incarnation of God. In the beginning of the enemy world the enemy made to believe heaven and earth God created. Religious persecutions are originated from the religious creations. No one a prodigal if no enemy wisdom infused. Never a prodigal is the wisdom God. The enemy is worse above the parable of the Prodigal Son that Nations and Religions and Gods and Individuals and Families all are independently and together and each other Prodigal. For the world there is more to understand about the Prodigal son than the selves itself living in the prdigal son. Living prodigal created own world away from incarnation and called it creation. Living with the father was incarnation of the father - separated still inseparable of the father but the son by self seperated the name creaton. Alive with the father there was no separation or creation. Father means humanly for fatherly otherwise the Mighty is Unman.

Jesus is called Son of God and Son of Man as well for being righteous son of the Father while unrighteous was called Prodigal Son that everyone of us can choose to be in unbroken eternity the Righteous free of Creation rather than returned from broken eternity Prodigal Son

The parable is one of the the best known found in Luke 15:11-32. The chapter begins with the Pharisees complaining that Jesus was receiving tax collectors and sinners. Jesus responds by telling the three parables. The third, the parable of the prodigal son tells the story of a man who has two sons. (Two sons Heaven and Earth). The younger demands his share of his inheritance while his father is still well alive, and goes off to a distant country where he wastes his substance by bad living. "A famine strikes the land, and in order to survive he has to take work as a swine herder and is even envious of the swine's feed, since "no one gave him anything." (Swine reference is a sign of the depth of his degradation, as swine are not kosher under Jewish law.) There he comes to his senses, and decides to return home and throw himself on his father's mercy because, he reasoned, even his father's servants had food to eat and he was starving. But when he returns home, his father greets him with open arms, and hardly gives him a chance to express his repentance; he instructs his servants to bring the best robe, a ring for his finger and shoes for his feet, and to kill a fatted calf to celebrate his return.

Brothers and sisters all people free yourself from the Prodigal Son believe God incarnated Heaven and Earth of no creation for the problens will be solved. Abraham Christ of God

Mighty presence for the beginning of human life heaven and earth God incarnation (not creation), Thy Kingdome to Come is not a created Kingdome, instead non-Self the uncreated purity, indivisible inseparable indisputable the mighty of all people that the world itself Prodgal Son until Thy Kingdom come. Until the Heaven and earth Incarnation of the mighty in belief the world created itself Prodigal Son and Incarnation of God is the life Righteous Son Peace of God jesus Coming Second time God healing mission in every life and every moment in life the destination God - Purity the non-Self take over for God all people and purity is the salvation or God among all people the same Spirit is Peace on earth, one God sameness all people tribal and modern lte Salvation inseparable indivisible infinite purity Gospel of Abraham Christ - CHRIST IS SPIRIT OF GOD HUMAN WAYSParable God we all invisibly stand available Unbroken Eternity God Healing while Creation broken eternity drama for return of the Broken Son

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