Eternal salvation for all of us in the Progressive Revelation begun prior to heaven and earth our stage. Return to Eternal join God Eternal New Age God Spiritual Offer, it is holy inborn free of malingancy trends religiocity. Join now even at this moment by REGISTERING pesonally yourself in GOD with God pure wish, otherwise still you a Prodigal Person living. The millinnium offer almighty God messanger Abraham Christ of God

Moreover, taken membership joined God member proactive the heaven and earth shall be blessed for unman holy God Miracle Healing in human life.

People of God community through the messangers were begun in the intent God pure life for evermore, but as the time passed by and non-messangers taken over, lost the salvation values, so God offer in the millennium everyone at will activate eternal membeship in person life God pure. God made man, the enemy against God made gods and religions among men and they fighting each other on us. So the Millinnium God Spiritual Offer join the eternal salvation by self of no pre-requisite other than the willingness. Return to God proactive of the heaven and earth, RETURN TO ETERNAL God pure inborn in yourself. Original God pure no malingnancy ever.

Religion community service and spiritual enlightenment, while salvation eternal is individually in person on God pure yourself with God only God you take the membership.

God no harm or ruin the membership but through religion one against the other is not in the holy God purity Eternal. So join the eternal salvation God pure no religiocity.

Religion victory for the enemy of God rule on people blocks your eternal salvaton. In God purity everyone goes beyond religion to the obligation timely of love and care. God no religion and no moral the Eternal level. Another Substance God eternal, while manmade lacking the salvation is religion. God pure life the Salvation life God proactive the heaven and earth, anyone at any time can join.

God has no religion is PURITY - God purity - God pure - itself already in you and it is nameless and wordless the highest in you too

PURITY God identity above all religions - PURITY God identity.

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Abraham Christ---Eternal