Eternal salvation for all of us in the Progressive Revelation begun prior to heaven and earth our stage. The progressive revelation on earth of the ancient times substance locally of the human life grown regional and now global New Age in simple one God the purity all people no religiosity that God pure obligation in person and each other in truth spread peace on earth and falsewood correction the life itself the highest prayer worship and Salvation above the practices of the community. Return to proactive the heaven and earth that New Age Salvation Uplift one God all people no religiosity, it is God pure holy inborn free of malignancy tends separation. Join now even at this moment in person yourself God pure wish, the willingness God pure obligation falsewood correction in truth. The millennium uplift in every God pure persons no harm or ruin or scholastic I am Abraham Christ of God.

Taken holy God invisible membership joined God member proactive the heaven and earth blesses for God Miracle Healing in human life.

God community begun in the intent God pure life for evermore, but as the time passes lacking the uplift that non-messengers takes over against salvation values, so God offer in the millennium everyone at will activate eternal membership in person life God pure. God made man, the enemy against God made gods and religions and they fighting each other using innocent us. So the new age God Spiritual Offer join the eternal salvation of no pre-requisite other than the willingness. Return to God proactive of the heaven and earth, RETURN TO ETERNAL evermore. God pure no malignancy ever.

Religion moral obligation justice community service, while Salvation individually in person God life.

God no harm or ruin no religiosity scholastic, join the eternal salvation God pure no religiocity.

God pure human free of religion, religion put restrictions on eternal salvation. In God purity every person even in religion goes beyond religion that the inborn God obligation timely of love and care. No religion Eternal level that Christ or equal of Christ in you has no religion. Salvation to Eternal God proactive the heaven and earth the New Age offer join now and continue.

God has no religion, until God nothing is God. God all is PURITY - God purity - God pure - already in you ACTIVATE IT nameless wordless the highest you