HUMAN LIFELINE COMMUNICATION PURPOSE WORDS::: GOD, ALMIGHTY, MOST HIGH, ETERNAL, SO ON.......the wordless identity Another Substance Coming Again of proactive any heaven and earth for salvation of all the souls . First Jesus active in brocken salvation drama against innocent souls Adam eaten the apple. Apple word the scholastic good and bad cunning in it. Severity of the enemy on the Second Coming not only on Jesus but also on all world and good souls that shall happen sudden changes in human life. Before the Second Coming God will generate newer generation people of God. God life on earth Another Substance unman inborn in every human free of the heaven and earth communication, Holy the Most High upgrade with us in proactive Heaven and Earth to tolerate higher sufferings an example first Jesus and IS without name or time or shape or scholastic communication words. Another Substance Timeless Ages to Ages never limited with written that the Unwritten Coming Again. Jesus coming again is not the seen person instead the Unseen wordless the Most High. The Most High Verb now Christ again with Global universal not of a local born Jesus. WHY JESUS COMING AGAIN THIS PARAGRAPH)First Jesus human Salvation and Second Jesus for salvation of the proactive Souls that the wiser of us may understand. Christ is the Soul proactive for God humanly in Jesus. Eternal the Most High human ways impossible. ETERNAL our final destination is unknown from human substance. In simple the birth life cross resurrection and ascention the same Another Substance seen different from the human, or from the Beginning countless of Ages births deaths times peoples needs prayers beliefs all in one word God. Humanly we do God and communicate with our best ways, Another Substance no diversity or scholastic every one of us can do unman. The Spirit in human the Soul choice name Christ the Soul. Scan the world of everything God, Great Father Lord Almighty Eternal the Most High all the same Another Substance the holy Unman. ETERNAL appearing or Jesus Again Coming above our communication words. Likewise this Age human life was unman of the ancient, that the future makes all things possible from impossible, Jesus Coming Again Global Universal is the Fulfilling. Humanly pair with Eternal wisdom free of diversity, best being good Soul, greater good Samaritan coming, the unlimited Word, neither Christian nor any religion or word of a local, ANOTHER SUBSTANCE messaged me is already in we all. From the Beginning every human life ends with Unman Jesus Came Again free of any belief. Do God, serve God for the heaven and earth salvation above the first Jesus died for you. So enlightned help others God did by you, give it to God if anyone thankless enemy. Pair with God nameless timeless all people: No harm or ruin God evermore the Message for all the souls and humans: Archbishop Ittychria Abraham superseded by Abraham Christ of God the one Word righteously you may scan the long time many writings with God pure experince


Eternal Holy Unman Another Substance Human Lifeline Communication God Eternal Great Father so on..... supersedes heaven and earth. Be innocent like a child in belief itself superseds heaven and earth. Life the heaven and earth in God pure still unman Another Substance. Christ the Soul Jesus Coming Again the Prayer Our Father Who Art Eternal replaces who art in heaven. Eternal the Wordless replaces tears heaven and earth, Eternal the Peace and Love and Joy and Etc Another Substance Jesus Eternal Prayer Our Father Who Art Eternal, inseparable indivisible unbreakable almighty God the Spirit universal alive you may join even now, if don't prefer the name Jesus be God pure in choice silence. Holy Unman Eternal Another Substance no human word or vision or knowledge fulfills the Communication. Jesus birth, Miracles, on the Cross, the Resurrection, the Ascention etc are human ways Communication for Another Substance Unman. Attain Eternal Prayer in mind in heart in soul in life the Eternal will do the miracle. God pure advance yourself Jesus, free from religious drama of salvation. Communicate with Eternal Online Wordless Nameless Worldless Eternal Our Father Who Art Eternal, any doubts learn original the Bible - the Communication proactive the heaven and earth. God pure not be influenced of the world. GOD COMMUNICATION: human purpose the Bible, so on ... whereas Eternal Unman is Another Substance.

HUMANLY NOW CHRIST THE SOUL UPON NEW JESUS IN ANOTHER SUBSTANCE::: Soul of Christ Timeless Christmas Wish for the entire Heaven and Earth. It shall come among all, and as came in person attains Our Father Who Art Eternal the highest power God Weapon prayer Christ the Soul fill in for ever replacing the heaven. Jesus coming again is Eternal replacing the prayer heaven. Soul Life happiness the highest above the heaven and earth. God in human ways JESUS proved guide us the Soul Life we can do God, serve the neighbor do God for them. On done shall be eternal weapon against the evil. Eternal God bless good and bad that in good ends bad. Blessed is the righteous Judge and righteous among us. Divine in selves the highest weapon all purposes of human life. Life itself inherited from God and our great fathers prayer the only weapon after done God, prayer the weapon proved in all the battles and warriors in millions, +++even on the evil doers when the gates of prayer are closed in heaven those tears are open for righteous saved of the Eternal+++. Alive in the Great Father Eternal no evil can prevail against them. No evil can bit the person and people and souls of our Great Father Eternal. Eternal salvation granted if died before the wicked. Sacrificed a whole offering shall be rewarded matchless the Eternal. Father Eternal to us:::Where I shall permit my name to be mentioned I will come Bless them and whom have bestowed my greatness I will perform them :::Permitted me to pray for all proactive Heaven and Earth and wherever prayer missed, the Last Rites deaths on Wars, Epidemic, Disasters, unexpected and others. Messaged on my prayer for COVID – 19 deaths, signify Jesus Coming Again for all Eternal above heaven, all the Rites God namelessly served.

Eternal Holy Unman Human Purpose Communication the Spirit Christ the Soul. Great Father Eternal, humanly Jesus Coming Again, the prayer Our Father Who Art Eternal, of the heavens, no harm or ruin or scholasic or religiosity or local origin, universal of all people. God, Another Substance Unman; the Abraham BELIEVED in God, Jesus Blood the Cross, Eternal Human Ways Unman Comin Again, Instant Eternal Substance, No measure of any past or present or future. Invisibly Abraham Christ of God SUPERSEDES Archbishop Abraham MNCC.

Eternal is the Person all we are, we all are. It supersedes the Heaven and Earth we are limited. Heaven is the moral for our earthly life human ways. Jesus God human ways, and Jesus Coming Again in Another Substance, Eternal above Our Father Who Art in Heaven. Eternal is above heaven so is in Eternal no religion or God no religion. An innocent no hurt no harm no argument example of Eternal is the Sun, the Sun we see in the Sky is only a reflection of the Sun, and without it no survival on earth, the spread of the power on earth we survive. Eternal is the Person, Almighty God Holy Great Father Invisible Nameless Timeless Shapeless Spaceless Soundless Wordless the Spirit Another Substance, beyond the Heaven and Earth life. I like God and my Subject is God who the Eternal. Religions or belief can be a small lesson in God. Religions can be against God. Religions influenced by people or without knowing God or pleasing people against God. I am in God pure no religiosity. Please understand me.

Jesus Coming Again, New Jesus the prayer: OUR FATHER WHO ART ETERNAL. Heaven and earth is troubles and tears and divisions and separations and harm and ruin and religions and no peace and ends. Our Father Who Art ETERNAL is Peace Unity indivisible inseparable the sameness unending.Abraham Christ of God

ETERNAL, ALMIGHTY, OUR GREAT FATHER GOD, ANOTHER SUBSTANCE, God function many that Jesus human ways, God function in plants and animals and birds, fishes, planets, Angels Etc. signify one body has many functions. Christ the Soul eternal for human ways; Human ways the Communication is Christ, human ways physical presence is Jesus.

If you don't like or prefer the names or words or sound Jesus or Christ or Eternal what is your choice that Eternal in the Eternal is Nameless, Wordless, Soundless, Shapeless, Etc. proactive Heaven and Earth.

If any question or doubt learn original the Bible, no religiosity. Stain added is religion not God. The Bible is human ways Communication that until Eternal we have to go by the Communication.

Humanly Prayer, Eternal Prayer Wordless God Pure all for situations, God pure heart Wish itself Prayer. Do God after done the highest weapon prayer. Merry Christmas words Christ the Soul until Jesus Come Again, afterwards Our Great Father Who Art Eternal, Another Substance, the highest alive Eternal.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven represents moral standards God intented heaven and earth human life. It may also represent the sense of truth. Beyond the morals Thy Kingdome has to Come from beyond the heaven and earth. So is Jesus Coming Again Our Father Who Art Eternal.

Our Father Who Art Eternal the prayer agents God pure in human life above the heaven and earth morals. The attainment wordless in heart on difficult situations strengthen above the morals heaven on earth. The destination in eternal victory peace comfort stand with God defeated all evils. The prayer has all the answers need when something difficult happens. This prayer is the highest weapon God. Words for human purpose God Another Substance the Communications Holy Unman. Our Father Who Art Eternal Christ the Soul agents yourself uplift with New Age spiritual Jesus Coming Again God intended.

Beginningless, Timeless Ages to Ages, Endless Eternal, Communication Salvation, Another Substance, Wordless the Most High righteousness alive proactive Heaven and Earth a communication above its visible existence in human ways. Proactive, alive before the human never fulfills with any human substance. Begun with the heaven and earth unman Ages to Ages to this 5000 to 7000 human years good and bad, righteous and unrighteous, truth and lie. God the Righteous only, Another Substance, human purpose communications God the Most High Almighty Lord God Eternal Great Father Peace and Love -------. Beginningless is inborn in very human to live Righteous God all people. God Unman how is God humanly to live in righteousness. Jesus is God in human ways and Christ is God unman human ways Proactive Heaven and Earth. God, Another Substance, unman the same humanly been seen differently the birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus. Jesus Coming Again, how it will be no one else knows until happens. God human ways belief in Jesus, God alive proactive Heaven and Earth is Christ, human salvation in Jesus Christ until Jesus Come Again. Human salvation itself in Another Substance unman. Attained the Message in myself blessed with name Abraham Christ.

In the highest Heaven and Earth and everything in it also communication of God above humanly written and seen. God communication the Most High purpose fulfilling the salvation of all the existence prior to Heaven and Earth. Invisible not only God but also any existence prior to the heaven and earth that innocent Adam and Eve eaten the apple by the drama of salvation. God Communication for us victory over apple wisdom and diversity awareness salvation.