Religion victory for the enemy to rule the world - in purity everyone goes beyond religion to the obligation God no religion - in purity no religion is God - if you believe God made religion God make all thing new - let us be beyond to "God make new all things - God new all things" - God new is beyond physical body.

Live in purity all in all shall be above all religions

better be good of Good Samaritan - for the Samaritan becomes namelessly Good for we all are - Namelessly Good is all Good says Abraham Christ of MNCC

Namelessly Good an example: I man one month away from home town in February and while away heavy snowfall at home - his walkway to home and car in the driveway covered with snow and no light in home - owner absent easily noticeable - so to avoid home break-in by robbers - a neighbor cleared and cleaned the snow - like every other home - upon returned the home owner didn't believe the service.

Hospital a patient care mission - one healing care all people - every patient and love one and caring persons wants the healing and go home healthy alive - chaplain volunteers visit at the bedside to comfort and support the patients and the family. Email to the volunteers spread the word "how to cope with love one dies" a seminar by the chaplain, while the word is healing for the patients - all volunteers kept quite on this - but only one volunteer objected it on the mission is patient care - so the chaplain upset terminated the volunteer -

Good Samaritan is truly of Nameless Good but for human communication purposes the parable with name Samaritan while to wisdom the consciousness God of all people no diversities we all can do. Eternal is Almighty God - Eternity is parable of Nameless Good. Eternal is the intelligent and Eternity is the intelligence in parable Good Samaritan - A Samaritan good is diversities of the world and Good Samaritan is parable God above all the diversities. Eternity is parable of Eternal every human to serve. Good Samaritan Nameless, the homeowner or the hospital etc. in Good value understands but the world smart is why.

Abraham Christ.God.