Another Substance - Proactive Eternal - Proactive the heaven and earth - God is one the same for all but many names and beliefs and practices are the human. Eternal is Another Substance not associated with our time. God and associaed Words ate human expressions for the God is above all of them. Another Substance God above eternal. God above visible and invisible and eternal. Another Substance above the heaven and earth no human ways fulfils. God Another Substance humanly in our substance attributes of God are many of non-Self - God pure - the Another Substance to us through angels of God - Holy Spirit of God - humanly even Jesus or Christ or you and me works of the Angels - every human God experience the highest is own experience in own life that the Salvation eternal is in person for every human. I am human not Angel or Jesus or Christ or God whereas my attainment with my birth name all in me Iam Abraham Christ. Another Existence free of the heaven and earth - Another Substance of no human substance including the heaven and earth - Another Substance unman humanly claim the highest best Peace - Love - Truth - Righteousness - Etc. - while the Substance God is unman all the way even above visible and invisible - Another Substance God Proactive of the heaven and earth - Another Substance God no suffering but our substance human substance heaven and earth substance all people all birds all plants all creatures all fishes - all life our substance this subsance suffering for the existence in person and the community as well. Salvation the eternal in person from the Another Substance that the Salvation the Eternal the Peace Etc. in person that all the persons although learn through the community the Salvation is in person the Life itself the highest in God that God has no religion that the rich and poor and king and the subject, that all regardless the rank belief and title stand the same one line God proactive of the heaven and earth for the eternal. A person in God layperson is greater than religious scholar, that God above invisible is own life experience and God just invisible is saying or teachng of the evil in matching as God. Praise God before the evil than praising before God only. Say to the Satan for God is good and worship God before the Satan rather than worshipping God is good only before God. God proactive eternal of creation wordless of unman above invisible unman timelessly instant experience from the Might everyman man is one man likewise all things all people all angels one God says Archbishop Abraham Christ - - SALVATION + ETERNITY. + PURITY. + - PRAYER. God the highest existence in the simplest is Purity nothing under the creation can comprehend, God is wordless instant above and beyond the creation is the almighty Word of God in life - Pray from God of wordless purity no religion or second to none - humanly God is what we know so change good sense what we know. Word of God prophetically or religiously or historically Jesus is own experience wordless. God is not in one religion alone - or one creation alone or mankind alone - or not just the creator we are - humanly is God but the almighty is above and beyond the creation is nameless of us. God is truth God is love God is peace etc are good but not in terms of human level truth or love or peace. Human level between peoples or individuals the truth and love and peace etc are different. Religions are many and each truth is different but the Truth is the same. So what is God you tell me because yo may not agree to my saying. Then I shall reconcile through you with you in you. then no problem between you and I. The world is a Diverse nation. Many people - The People are many peoples of God. Everyone has own culture on earth besides people of God. Culture is valuable grasping various ways of life on earth how related one another. Each people and person naturally develops and serves life relating to the community reality that should be careful of joining an association. The Supreme Truth enriches the Spirit of God that people of God worldwide reflect through good-will diversities each other in serving the Supreme Truth. Diversity filled one earth itself is imitation of the Supreme Truth one God undivided heaven and earth and hell. No single culture on earth fulfills the entire mystery of human salvation.


God is the Comfortable word in most human beings and the Kingdom of God is the Nation of comfort for all, but not as humanized in religions. Every detail of our life is about one of the two kingdoms, God and world. God is the most liked and highest wonderful all in all name for millions of men and women and children and mostly everyone in the human society and link God in every day with either of the kingdoms. God is the only Supreme Truth in both Kingdoms yet the world disobeying the Supreme Truth is the second kingdom. In such in disobedience God is the most misspoken and misunderstood and misbehaved many humans.The God the highest comfortable, but who is God. How God reveal himself. God in English, other languages sound accordingly but not different for the Supreme Truth. Most Humble "God Speak" is not on a language speak word but is the God grace; all in all, all people, all creation, all beyond creation the one God; my the God, your the God and our the God.

Origin of three religions Judaism Christianity Islam believe in one God in similarity but each of them has its own rules, rituals, prayers and feasts. Greatest value God has taught us is love. God is love. Jews and Christians and Muslims same origin the one God but each of them as developed not always mean the same thing in religious even for love, relation that the true Love missing and failing is religion. Love that fulfills or missing relation is God within? No word can define God in the truth my position I am, that the God who is "I Am Who I Am" is in the human to present in human ways while the Supreme Truth is unman Holy. God is One. God is unique, the Unique greater than One, in God the Unique is greater than infinity. In certain ancient people languages still the one sound pronounce the same (Onu - one - Uni, Dravidian South India ONU is the same Spanish Europe and Latin America). Nothing can divide God, cultural or belief difference never division in the God. One thing any item can be divided/split into many but God the God never can be divided/split that God the one is greater and higher than one. God is beginningless eternal. God is ageless. God always existed the same, ageless. God share life/existence with human beings/souls. In the sharing God even became human life in man. God can do all things at same time in Timeless. God is Omnipresent and Omnipotent not created. God the spirit like mother gave birth the creation and taking the care. The Spirit is breath of life everyone under creation.

God is Trinity in the significance is beyond religious the Father Son and Holy-Spirit. Christians say Father the creator, Son the mediator and Holy Spirit that works. God is Holy and the Holy Spirit is the breath for the creation. People can say many things about God that I say God is humble and simple friendly a smile of the Sky that holds the entire stars and cosmic universe and celestial heavenly bodies that a human how I say it? In our ordinary very common life a smile has God Power above all the definitions and explanations on God. God is love ask every person share God the love to love each other that God is in everyone. God not created thus no physical body. God connects us between heaven and earth. Angels are threads that connects heaven and earth. God as king. God as father. God source of life. God is love. God is kindness. God is lord of universe. God is beauty. God is majesty. God is wonder. God is miracle. God is healing. God is creator. God is healer. God is grace. God is light. God is breeze. God is sweet. God made man and woman. God image is man. God is savior. God became man. God is all power. God smiling the heaven and earth smiling. Christian God is Father Son and Holy Spirit. Christian is God became man is Jesus Christ and one who believes Jesus Christ. Muslim is an Arabic word that means "one who surrenders to God". In English is God and in Arabic is Allah and in Jewish is Indefinable the Almighty, God is God unique no beginning no end no name possible of man, God word connects heaven and earth. God has many names in man but the Name that no one can say is the Name I see and feel and Call God, that I am in the healing mission of God. The creation itself is healing mission of God. Jews Christians Muslims do not address God in the same way. Same God but Jews do not name out loud. Others yes say loud religiously but all in the most sacred and depth call in silence. If a religion not same as others implies other gods or God of others does not exists which is lack of respect for other believer. That when Jew and Christian and Muslim speak of God they do not necessarily mean the same thing. But the difference is religion looks at God with its own glasses even though knows and says God is one. Beyond names, differences in religious traditions and attributes and prayers make to think do people worship same God. Some differences are minor and some are major and some are same among all. Another major world religion Hindu addresses one God within their own differences. All people and all religions in one accord one God and one spirit and one mind together look at the God and submit the one smile to GOD and each other we together SAVE GOD.

Abraham is the father of all the believers, it is true that when we compare the three great religions God is the one God they have common in Abraham, that Abraham is father of all believers. For Muslims from Arabic origin Abraham is the one responsible for belief in one God or monotheism. For Jews and Christians Abraham obeyed God, he surrendered himself to God, even agreed sacrifice his only son Isaac as God asked. For Muslims it was not Isaac but Ishmael who was the first born son of Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic) with Hagar his Egyptian Servant. A Hebrew is a descendant of Abraham, Israelite is a member of the people of Israel, Jew is a believer follows the law of Moses, and Christian means disciple of Christ, in Greek Christ means "messiah", the one who sent by God through whom humanity will be saved. Many people of Jesus time including Jews believed Jesus was the messiah, often "Jesus Christ" and "Christ" that the title Christ to Jesus because God sent him or God anointed birth or God in human ways human life. People called followers of Christ "Christians". (For Hindus the spread from Babylon settled at Afghan mountain region under a tribal king Hindus to a regional religion Hinduism).

Muslim is an Arabic word that "someone who surrenders themselves to God". The word "Islam" comes from Arabic root SLM means PEACE or HEALTH refers to the religion of those who surrenders themselves to God. The prophet Muhammad the founder of Islam told Christians and Jews "I came to perfect your religion" and according to the prophet Muhammad he asked God that Islam became the religion of everyone and before his death he seal the prophets that he was the last of the prophets. A prophet is someone who spreads the Word of God to humankind. There were Jewish prophets when the people were not living as God asked, the prophets remind God done wonders for them and gave them new land. For Christians too the prophets spoke the Word of God and announced the coming of the Son of God, and afterwards God no longer needed prophets that Jesus the Son of God about 600 years before Muhammad, that Jesus is Living Word, the Word that became flesh. For Muslims Moses and Jesus are two of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran. For Muslims these men of God received messages that were authentic but incomplete or not always understood.

At first when started as Jesus wanted at the local all Christians were one family, since Jesus asked his disciples to spread the good news message Gospel (in Greek) this means "good news" to all nations so that all people would believe him. Among the first Christians some were Jews, and others were pagans who did not believe in the God of Israel. They together in the rural areas and cities formed groups called churches. Each group was led by elder (Greek presbyters) which gave us the word priest but these churches soon grown large cities, and as grown worldwide tension arose on cultural traditions, how can Jesus Christ be human and divine at the same time, how should Christian live, when their answers were different the churches began to argue with each other. political rivalries made things more complicated, some groups began to leave that show how different Christian churches came into being.

Religion is a take place thing in human heart. Among all many things in the creation everyone with life loves life in one way or other like wise every human in religion one way or other. For Jews the Bible is the Word of God, it tells how the forefathers, the first is Abraham who believed in one God and Abraham entered into surprising friendship with God and God is part of human life, promising to be faithful and the Bible calls this the Covenant. The second person is Moses that God gave Ten Commandments to Moses at Mount Sinai and Torah the Law, it contains laws about worship and other things that help Jews to lead lives that keep them close to God. In the 5th Century Before Christ a priest Ezra reorganized religious life and that worship now took place in the Jewish temples (synagogue) and followed certain rules. Jews were no longer allowed to marry non-Jews. This the Judaism that was born known Jews today.

God the Almighty is Lord God beyond Shepherd. Between sheep and the shepherds the relation is the Shepherd and between the sheep and the shepherds the environment is the religion. Shepherd is relation not the religion - God the Almighty Life or shepherd - God is life giver to shepherd too - God the Almighty is my life - calling God shepherd is not right - God eternal the Almighty but not as shepherd and I cannot be sheep in the Spirit - God as shepherd is religious where every message not in entirety of eternal holy honest God - the sheep sold to strange is evil spirit which I don't want to be - God is my God nothing else and no one else - In the Sun no day or night everything is the Sun - in God nothing of the Sun everything is God - God is word integrity known and unknown +++CHRIST IS THIS GENERATION OF GOD/AGE of the Ageless Almighty - Man doesn't know the Language or name of God in the next generation/age of Ageless God


(Healing Creed - God Heals all your sickness - removes unclean spirit from you - Healing Cross)

God Healing Mission in Every Existence and everything is life in God regardless man says living or nonliving Everything lives in God thus is someway the Destination God the Almighty Archbishop Abraham Christ Edayil Ittycheria - In the Sun there is no day or night likewise God beyond earthly experienced - God the highest moral one God on the Almighty � God is moral and the Almighty is the Person - lessening the moral are religions and Gods. The Almighty speaks to man in human way - God is invisible that we all standing invisibly on the line that are in invisible positions - different life and morals are other planets - the Almighty the Same

God is sameness in all existence but many are through mindset religions against the truth - the Almighty the world does not know, eternal God is not a religion - The Christ can be activated in every human, in human Jesus is Jesus Christ - Be action of the Almighty - the Christ than Christian - Good Samatitan was not a Christian but was in Christ - regardless of religion any one can be in Christ but world misunderstands only a Christian - Morals less than on the Almighty are many Gods and tends to evil � evil rules trick the innocent as the Almighty � evil produces its morals are sins against the Almighty - Strengthen the Almighty to call my God � Strengthen you the Almighty to call your name with Christ like Jesus Christ - the Almighty God is personal and individual to every one - strengthen you "Sacred Srciptures must be interpreted in the light of the same Spirit otherwise would not attain God speaking/spocken" - I am grateful to the Almighty who has strengthened me � because the Almighty considered me trustworthy in appointing me in Him for this Message, my Almighty one God all people. There was time every one ignorant in belief but the wish was the Almighty � attained the Almighty never a blasphemer. Bring all and generations in to the Almighty, otherwise ahead is intolerance and ignorance then lost religious freedom on the Almighty to severe calamities and innocent sufferings favours evil. Prayer changes - minister the Almighty - Christ in word the Action of the Almighty and Jesus in word the human person of the action and you should be another person on behalf of the Almighty, the Christ in Jesus. Attain the strength God Almighty of your name. Attain enough strength personal and individual I say Abraham Christ for Jesus Christ the Almighty God in me - and would you be too? - Will attain the entire universe is the Holy Communion beyond a drama of Salvation on earth (Entire Universe = The Sun is one universe plus many Suns of many universes then the Sum total is the Entire Universe, in the Almighty - Take share and takepart the Almighty than of a social media for God

GOD QUOTES LIFE EXPERIENCE TESTIFIED WITH FAITH OR NOT - Right is right and remains right regardless no one follows or believes

O God I did this not against you but of frustrations.

God is Spirit and Love and Peace for man of body and min and flusht.

Now a days God a great Social Media rather than God we wish .

At this time getting help there is God than counting the number (God is not a number - About Oklahoma disaster 2013 )

No man ever figures out all about his life for it matters his faith.

Jesus is nothing less than miracle and faithful are nothing shorter than miracle.

If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun.

Religion can faith a lake bathtub of God

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.

Don�t forget to pray today for God didn�t forget to wake up you this morning

Every night confess over to God for all night anyway is the evil

Every night confess over to God for all right is the righteous

Young arm's too short to reach God of the Ten Commandments.

God understands the prayers even when can't find the words.

We are God's gift to us for we are our gift to God.

A man of God may not be but with God is always in the majority.

When soul kneels the body stands on its knees.

The size of God is the size of worry list, the longer the list, the nearer is God.

The atheist is to God is the same thief to himself.

If God a big secret, no escape from God.

God so powerful can split the Sun in two for the Day and Night.

God is big secret and escape from him is bigger than a miracle.

The feeling of God man is partial earth for full life God.

Mongoose does not know its service for God.

Exceptionally pure in God are inevitably that much lonely.

Pure in God does not think of own burial place.

Pure in God I don�t need a religion.

God has no religion but works with religious people.

God is friend to all for I want to be the best.

��Doitright�� is God surname every one is one of us.

Once seen God, no one can invisible it?

Once seen God religion tries to take it away.

God is one hat religion is many hats.

Only God makes its bark on a tree.

God in a tree are many shapes and sizes but the juice is the same.

�By the people and from the people� God is not a Democrat.

God popularly scan of our sins and virtues as well.

But I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.

How much I suffered I cannot quite believe God; I hope God Unswervingly believes in me.

People see God every day, they just don't recognize him.

If not tired of guilt God will be tired you will be caught.

God's will is not an itinerary, but an attitude.

God's promise on your problem is your shining on faith.

How one can believe in God when typing a homily the finger stuck in the typewriter?

Only demon can say I just hope God does not get bored of dreaming me.

By evening half, by midnight full, by morning zero, an atheist believes in God.

Deep or little is the same philosophy both are the same in God.

You found God by selves, nobody found as you are, it is yours for ever.

He was talking aloud on God that I misunderstood he has more than me.

God's promises man�s best faith and gifts man's best dreams.

I trust God so much for I am eternal and God trust me so much.

On earth Church is body of Christ and God is peace and Man is dust.

None is much in understanding of God that is good for one can skip the argument.

God the master force the planets revolving in their orbits and my pedal cycle on earth.

Prayer is requesting God; meditation is having God

Weave to the people for God will find the people.

God is everywhere now here somewhat nowhere.

God is not a noun but an opinion everyone, cow, snake, elephant, eagle, and all.

Do not speak too much deep God for it is inborn in the enemy.

God cures no one dies so we are eternal.

Easy to understand God if there is no explanation ever.

God�s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

Easy to say God send, if God sent it is not easy to spend.

God has a private door in each house.

The best opinion is God and the worst is demon.

If you understand God you have failed.

God is not the name of God, but an opinion about Him.

God promises the night stars for the brighter day they shine.

Most ministers heard voice of God have heard too much world.

God planted in the depths of the soul water in deserts.

Born in the hottest desert needs the least water what a miracle God with them

Easy is God, hard is man and nothing is demon.

You got money eat well, you got God what you do with.

God is the perfect world.

Not just you, I am also a case for people withdraw from God.

Why attack God? He may be as miserable as Mother in Law.

Wrinkled face on burden? Righteous God face lift.

God�s people are �Thy will be done,� and �Have it your way.�

Disaster strikes everywhere on earth � God strikes good and peace.

People straying away back to God is religion.

Each human life is God�s novel and endless.

Be not obliged to put on evening clothes to meet God.

Knock the door and ask the owner � not the servants.

Without attained God is passion, uncertainty, belief in the God idea not of God himself.

Most people truly wish to serve God but know not the advisory capacity.

Some stand tall trying to reach God to talk to him but not down to knees and listen.

Most people not only hiding from bad man but being bad also hiding from God.

Difficulty to hide from God so I went to hell then I found impossible to hide God.

Lots are willing to give God credit, but no credit card that demon may take the credit.

Don�t take a chance in God but put the trust.

God shaped is heart in every God-shaped heart.

God is not there you think; you bring Him there for you think He isn�t there.

God waits for his own fruits as gifts from man�s hands.

God can never be a bible for He is in the entirety above all known.

There is no father or mother or brother or neighbor in God fully is one in all

Better be man for a sinner than God for better be God than man.

God does not shine few branches of the tree, yet they grow for the tree.

Taken granted? Imagine how God feels.

Most sky is below your level invisible for look at God invisible.

Seems all the sky above you for God visible from the sky.

Mountains there we climb, worship God for we are not.

Mountains we suffer in heart, worship God we are not

God is good what about you

? Pillow so soft yet not softer than a Rock Pillow in the Army life with God.

The young do not need God, and the old cannot find God, yet all got Him.

Light directly God the source of light, not the sun any of the reflections.

We seek God for God seek us.

God is the answer but evil prefer you think God is drunk.

In God crying is uncomfortable comfort.

We are birth to death guests at a table God.

We can never escape God�s lovely essence.

I talk to God but the sky is empty for I am sinner.

See God an effort of man � see God an effort of the will - God decides who shall see Him.

Is man one of God�s blunders, or is God one of man�s blunders? Either case confused man.

God built an immense fire for us to keep each other happy and warm.

I believe in God; I just don�t trust anyone who works for him.

How great God clock works in universe with the clockmaker.

God intervention in things is the normal course of miracles.

I trust God for all I have not seen but breaks after seen.

He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

Outer fire we need to cook. Inner fire we need to liberate. God's Fire we need to love.

God outside comes from knowing God on the inside.

God often visits us, but most of the time we are not at home.

God is with you always, simply turn face to God.

Hunting God is a great adventure if not hunting with God.

God in theology briefly is the universe dictated not God signed.

God is action verb for a noun proper or improper.

Turn to God for comfort but do not think will find God.

God is the circle centre is everywhere but circumference nowhere.

Thanking God some people �Do God� - some people sigh in thanking God.

On lost God is dumping ground of dreams.

If no God who can count the sand on the seashore.

God � who is who the philosophy and religion.

When lose God, it is not God who is lost.

If God did not exist who invented God.

I wear glosses with His love.

I had many questions to ask God; but when met him they all fled and didn't seem to matter.

Don't question God, for He may reply: so anxious for answers, come up here.

Rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.

Availability is better than ability for God.

Poverty everywhere makes me God is not rich.

Who has more money than God has.

God is in a child who amuses himself, going from laughing to crying for no reason.

Peace is not the absence of affliction, but the presence of God.

If not as close to God as you used to be, who moved you?

Put cares in God hands, God puts His peace in our hearts.

Want to find God, hang out in the space between thoughts.

Before me God same as behind me God, God with my enemy better for me.

What is it that we all believe in that we cannot see or hear or feel or taste or smell - this invisible thing that heals all sorrows, reveals all lies and renews all hope? What is it that has always been and always will be, from whose bosom we all came and to which we will all return? Most call it Time. A few realize that it is God.

Exercise daily, walk with the Lord is sleep with too.

Be God or let God or do God.

How I can say I believe. I know! I have had the experience of being gripped by something that is stronger than myself, something that people call God.

We strive to be God's worthy audience.

All the fingerprints God left at the scene of Creation that you wonder � He confused man with many so says God invisible

I found God between two separate infinity numbers but others know one only infinity.

Mornings are good to spend filling my mind full of God.

The Sun is there even if not shining seen and in love if alone and in God even if unseen.

Darkness cannot put out the Light but make God brighter.

Diplomacy is unique skill but never succeed in God we trust.

No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.

One God covers many meanings

Many meanings covers one God

Three essential functions of God is one God

Cow eats grass God eats love and people eat belief

God a good theory, religion bad practice, Holy Spirit neutral unknown.

I make more money than that amount yet don't feel rich - making money is not to feel rich - the poorest man on earth has more money than God, yet God is the richest

God made man and known it Satan made Serpent � didn�t know it Adam got caught in it � No one disobeys God but on frustrations Satan deceive the innocent for God forgives all the sins

Human preferences to God is Affected by culture. The man who understands God not inclusive of a particular geographical region can travel in God above religion - Practice God for the anxiety will be common - Practice it until you are common comfortable with it. If understand nonverbal of God you can use them to reinforce your verbal message to communicating successfully � God situations of teaching use tools of the past and present � God functions of public information seek cooperation, instilling public confidence, and help to reunite � At oral presentation minimizing barriers - Create empathic listening as a part of active listening - Create interpersonal communication even in public communication � Personal language accounts for most of the message send to others � In God too cultural traditions are different and affect how we think, act, and communicate. Actively engage the public making contact with many different people. Walking is exercise demonstrating enthusiasm, voice, facial expressions, health and positive gestures. Practice Immerse yourself in all represented - present knowledge in logical sequence - control of emergency response be planned, unified, while expecting the unknown � In God communicate not affected by geographic area culture faith or traditions - project your voice in lower the pitch of your voice - be able to listen accurately - demonstrate listening by asking relevant open-ended questions to gather additional information. All answers and communication of man walks with God and in God and ends at God.