The milleniun Spiritual Uplift make Eternal Decision join Eternal Salvation. Be an Eternal Soldier the life God pure. Soldier on duty life itself the highest duty. Life not done if the duty failed. Human life opens for Eternal, Another Substance, join the eternal in person the willingness itself joined. Join eternal in person the highest life free of any religiosity. Joined from the earthy life served God pure wish attain God salvation. Join love and care and peace the weapon the registered living holy God pure wish no harm or ruin inborn home everyone the almighty God. Eternal soldier inborn soldier never creation. Parents commission the children eternal soldier. Joined the membership the highest life proactive the heaven and earth, invisibly free yourself from the falsewood when time comes for judgement, registered already in the Blessing. It is New Age Salvation Offer in the Progressive Revelation for the Eternal Salvation for all in one God all people or souls the millennium gloval universal uniformity above all traditional practices and religions and gods. Almighty God the highest presence and life before the existence of heaven and earth still the same for all, God proactive the heaven and earth holy unman is inborn in every man above the creation that the life itself the highest worship God pure existence. Religion drama of salvation helps to learn heaven the morals. Heaven the salvation morals so we say God dwells in heaven. No moral matches the level eternal, God above heaven and earth.

God holy unman above our subsance however register the Salvation is salvation moral in the human life. It is similar to an ambitious student at the early days of a study could register for the higher level and the registration encourages higher performance.

Be a soul soldier in God eternal without delay take the membership from the human that the life on earth is predictable. Even happen no symptom virus other than at the last moment death no chance even a traditional prayer. Again virus spread person to person and super spread to many people and the worse by air Community Spread whereby all servces affected, all services lockdown. Take membership salvation individually in person by almighty God.

COVID -19 cause change in everything, some of the direct effects are the people sicken, dies, lives are overturned, livelihood has disappeared and the future uncertain. Indirect effects as revealing themselves in life. Mostly everyone has scourge opinions about origin of the pandemic as the Holy Spirit truth yet to come out or never. Also the pandemic forms a new generation of people in similituding the predictions during the beginning 2000 of this millenium.

The pandemic also created great pressure on religious belief from the past to present situation. Eternal Salvation individually in person in God pure life, Holy Spirit God proactive heaven and earth and own heart Temple of God heaven and earth. Human salvation life is in the soul uniformity among all people free of religiosity.

Millenium OfferEternal SoldierTake MembershipEternal Soul God Spiritual OfferEternal SoldierWhy Wait Eternal SoulGod HealingEternal Soldier KEY TO MIRACLES. One person two thousand years ago over two billion persons the millenium - eternal salvation through progressive revelation in person join eternal soldier at will and live in the enlightenment in born God pure life - no hurt or ruin no name or fame or title or scholastic. God pure is free from spiritual virus of any kind. Abraham Christ Eternal Soldier we pray.