Truth of the Faith you can serve incarnation of God that you too can do God - and - at times you do too - let the world say God (help) came from you through Christ - it is nothing new or surprise if I say you too can do God - the Parables- and you can be healed of doing God - it is you enter in the gift Christ not hand made - it is not just words of prayer but true God action in you - Free yourself from natural or man made mind to instant Almighty - In the Most Highest there is no creation - Almighty is no name God - no created salvation - God created heaven and earth is a believer level - Gain beyond salvation history and creation story - if can you hold you hold Psalm 23 and 91 and more otherwise you still pray them: "Abraham Christ"

Anybody can help anybody includng the selves in doing God - Do God is the highest and best thin in life which will reward for life after this physical life - Do good on behalf of God - be in instant rather a mindset - Wish and behave God for selves and others - THEN MAKE A PRAYER REQUEST - you can do God in human ways - Jesus was called a carpenter, Son of God and Prophet, doesn't matter the call other than God loved - Jesus did God for we too can for will be rewarded in God ways - no religion is greater than you and no holy is greater than Christ and no one is greater than God and you too can do God - God in human ways is Christ - Jesus Christ - the Good Samaritan human ways - we too God Good in human ways - Jesus is given name to anointed doing God is Christ - Jesus Christ - you are Chrisy and I am Abraham Christ - How you feel: If call you own name + Christ? this website too I am human ways - everyone can do God - anyone - to remove darkness - until the Good Samaritan the wounded bleeding in street was in darkness. Everyone invisibly line God to everything happens - there from function closer God to no more stand but live in God - Christ the highest. Religion has much talk - no one is less than the other but some are great to much talk. The living happens beyond religious. With Christ in God - Christ has to be known in God other than talks - Trees stand in the sky but no trees touch the sky - must live in God - bishop voice of Christ but Saintly for everyone in faith - God can be done by anyone - Holy the highest commitment of the Mighty and everyone as well - in simple humble love care and helping of the Mighty and can be done by anyone. YES - the Mighty expects God from you to reward with Miracles - the Creator, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, God's Spirit, Father, so on many are ways saying the Holy of God and you can attain Holy in Unique - do in performance for God is action and simple humbele follower is religion - do the Action above religion - Jesus in function presented the Way the Truth and the Life to free the world from darkness - presence of Jesus in the Creation anointed name is Christ - full of God that Trees stand in the sky but no trees touch the Sky - so as no man touches God. Story of Creation the first heavenly message was Light - let there be light - to remove darkness - Light signifies God and the Cross signifies light - If no darkness everyone shall do God - THY KINGDOM - where God will ANSWER your prayers personally. Even don't have to be human to do God - THY KINGDOM TO COME means darkness to disappear - My heartst is God Miracle Healing - Psychological crises is religion without God - God in service in the Spirit of no mindset. Misuse of traditional wealth gold and petreolium come a time no more on arrival God done elesewhere - there shall be only one ruler will control everything by heavenly justice Christ Abraham

(What is Holy Unique: the evants which transpired seven million or more years ago or seven thousand or seven years or seven seconds ago or now have determined what will happen now or seven seconds from now or seven or seven million or beyond years from now - All current in God - Same is: Word was God and Jesus is the Word - in the spirit I am and you are too - Your righteous life prayer is so powerful can change millions of years past or future in split second current to God miracle healing you request) In the Most beyond - there is no creation - no universe and earth - no name God the Almighty - and you shall meet me there if not here - Abraham Christ

Everyone seeks God miracle healing and the demand is growing each other always - This world is a dangerous place if no prayer each other - Do God is the highest good and evangalisation as well to live alive with healing risen from sickness, although trees in the sky no tree touches the Sky, no man touches God but stands the invisible line God for everything - Do God standing the line for God will stand with you, touch you, bless you, heal you, protect you, guide you, save you, listen your prayers as well +++Christ Abraham of God Healing

God's spirit can do God, it is heavenly glory of no religious mindsetfree from darkness - Christ Begotten Son Jesus is God in human ways and Almighty is everyone everything everywhere in heavenly alive free from darkness - Do God nuetral and equal all people and everyone - God is the Highest Common Factor all existance not just the mankind

INTRODUCING DO GOD and THE HEALING CREED: Everyone prays, prayer must be through done God for the healing happens - doing God is the best prayer - that evil tricks with impressive language but no healing - Do God willingly - God of simple, humble and helping things - it is very easy to do God and once did will joy in life and behave further will do, the highest goodness will do more than mindset - or religion. +++Given ownself the Son on the Cross - God sends messages Do God above prayers+++ Join me with whole Heart-Soul-Mind to partake in doing God - Thy Kingdom - not of a hypocrit religion - Attain living with God the Nameless - Our heavenly Heaven Who Art in Heaven -

Every one of us is HEALING CREED indivisually and personally in Holy unique - Do God to receive the Healing and message from God - Can receive the message instant directly from God of no religion - Even demon against God healing too can preach religion better - Evil laughs and fools the world when you are not doing God - Seen the Sun but seen only an image in earth’s setting, so as God we see through religion - God of simple things are greater than the greatest of man. Do God examples are - God sends someone, the Good Samaritan or comes in self, the Prodigal Son - for God Healing in every life individual and the world as a whole, Christ, but evil tricks the world against the Holy.

Mindset for God is child but on grown up the Heavenly is unman Holy unique and will be instant experience of the Spirit. God is invisible matchless to any colour or shape or size earthly - God angels too are matchless other than signifying art of man - Upon attained heavenly Heaven who art in Heaven humans will eliminate differences on God and at that position shall be one voice of Heaven instead.

At times everyone calls upon the Unman. Upgrade to self serving ownselves in the Holy: Rise from wordily of birth, life and death in Holy alive in self - Jesus has proven God Healing Miracle above a preaching -+- Trinity is three functions of the Holy - Eternity is we all functions of the Holy as good as a member in the Trinity through Jesus the only Way the Truth and Life. Holy is Commitment of the nameless Noun in Principal for we say Invisible God - Holy for our commitment in God that we too can be holy in human ways

Early man is man for the terms of future man is Trinity - past present or future is timelessness in God and all in the Infinity of Eternity. Be Holy and Holy unique for personal life for your prayers of doing God is heard in the Holy for miracle will happen - eg, countless are we yet everyone is Uniquely identified through size and shape and sound - every phone is uniquely identified - Holy unique in personal life is miracles - each person is Holy unique - "How much of the Image you are doing that much you can do God than words of prayer" - Do God - live with God - then ask God - then God himself will heal you, for living with God - None with God is sick or evil possessed - Do God for healing at hand - go beyond mindset name and title for God Holy through the meaning Christ - stand line God, stand saintly on the Healing line in the urgency. Do God then ask for God will give it to you.

Do Christ performing the Holy - the Almighty - God - Trinity - Christ - Jesus - - Holy Almighty Lord God - Name so unspeakable but speakable is Jesus Christ, "God" means putting everyone in the same living - while "Christ" is bringing everyone in the same Living of the Holy Almighty Lord God - attained the Truth attains Christ. Do Christ and ask anything the Holy God WILL GIVE TO YOU but not necessarily the way asked or expect - restore and rejuvenate the Sacred through Jesus Christ. God before the Creation Christ existed - God formed after creation is tribal and rebels - Weed shall grow on earth the byself, though existing corps must be cultivated - cultivate the highest "Christ" brings everyone into the Spirit of God, the Spirit - Nameless - Soundless - Sizeless - Timeless - the Peace on earth God Almighty - above all mindsets. Righteousness is God the spirit in Christ action, angelic in human for instrument of God - God will bless those who blesses God in action and will live in the Holy Mountain above the community - God strengthen you to bear all the seven hardships until then behold to see manifested glory God - Miracle Healing is sign and wonder by manifested the power of God - Christ -

DO RIGHT for it will reduce problems on earth - DONE RIGHT is the highest life and weapon against evil - blesses own self and others as well - the highest of the Angels too - Every human can do Holy and humanly is can do Christ - unifys all people in the essence heaven on earth. Everyone prays help from person of God - Salvation is Unman is Christ - life after earth is Christ Holy - Attained this level life you around countless angels with joyous Oneness beyond knowledge and understanding - that you are in infinite colorful joy everything in everliving life - the Infinite Colorful Joy attained my Heart is unwritable or Invisible - Prayer requestthat reaches my Heart is blessed of God.

God is all everything - stay living with God - if disagree this link stay on rule#1 God is all - Time is soon all will Do God in truth and spirit the Creator seeks, without service is dead preaching - true worship does God the Spirit

Miracle is God happening - Visible we stand Invisibly the line for everything timelessly would happen - from there prayer that ends both in "God and own heart" attains God Miracle Healing +Prayer changes life+ - +even forms new Generation people of God - Amazing you too can Do God - do God Good Samaritan – let not left knows what right does (if satan knows what you do it will break it) - Do God and meditate mind purified thru the Invisible (nameless and soundless mind both you and God) on God ABOVE stereotype titles Almighty, Creator, -so on- meditate Home is God and meditate from the Home - "Meditate visible you passes thru the Invisible God Home and purified to perfect image God you are" - meditate you own purified body and mind thru the healing place invisible Home" - "self mine Am invisible Home" - Attain "you can Do God that helps own self and others above comfort and sufferings" - Upon realized Done God you will feel healed - "the Image own self Dwells among every human and every living that their healing is in you too and Done Home cleans evil on earth" -(beyond image: some are born or coded with God healing power) - General of the army in house is Home for every one. God fulfills my Home Living - "My Lord my God fulfills my home living" - As attained shall enjoy countless colorful joy in life:

Every human can Do (Perform) the Highest in human ways proven Jesus Salvation Christ - Volunteer the Almighty (Good Samaritan)- Do God/Do Christ (Jesus Christ) - God in Greek is Christ - done God is Jesus Christ in you - You done God is your name + Christ - if not prefer the Greek attain the Home in the understanding, the Almighty. Nature the self the Almighty in human ways - The Almighty lives among all people that every human lives among all people and every human lives among all universes and the Master Universe and beyond in the Creator Almighty God has appeared in me - To testify Do Almighty - Do Christ - Do God. Between two words: Jesus Christ - YourName Christ - Abraham Christ - there is mystery in Silence attain the mystery in UNMAN CHRIST - Christ is your salvation name - that you gained value Christ regardless Greek or own language on Done God - you gone above earth to save the earth in God your Home

UNIFY ALL CHRISTIANS: Since all Christans tesify in Christ on Doing Christ forget the differences in theology and arrive the Destination of all DO CHRIST = DO GOD - restore and rejuvenate in Christ unified by proclaiming the "Name + Christ" at Baptism and Praying the Sick - as grown Divine ownself too when Done God/Christ - that I am "Abraham Christ" - Doesn't matter human churches - Worth is Christ the Lord that every Christian is "Name + Christ" with the Name Jesus Chrit.

UNIFY ALL PEOPLE UNDER ONE GOD - ALL RELIGIONS: HOLY SCRIPTURES OF ALL RELIGIONS CLEARLY WRITTEN ONE GOD ALL PEOPLE - THAT ALL PEOPLE MUST ORGANIZE AMONG THEM ABOVE RELIGIOUS ADMINISTRATION - ALL RELIGIONS TOGETHER FORM THE NEW GENERATION DO GOD AMONG THEM - People overthrown governments but why not religions because in every human life God is personal and individual and the highest than religious community while government is the highest public life every citizen. I am God of all people new generation in the Almighty - Every human can DO GOD and DOES GOD in human ways regardless the religion - Every human enjoys the real glory of Doing God the Almighty above religious performance - you live in the Home God on done the Almighty infinite above than religion - Every human of the past, present, future shall be humanly unified in the Almighty regardless the belief system of man - DO GOD and when DONE GOD testify in the Almighty for others and ownself "own name + Christ" - Christ is Greek, proclaim the best fit your's. I am Unified in the Almighty all people regardless a religion name. What you have Done God is important above how you call it - Done God we all are incarnation of God - if you would not believe me, ask the one whom you Done God - if you can introduce Do God and the Incarnation there shall be generation the Kingdom

On done promise of God is Miracle - You can do God Miracle - then your neighbor say received miracle of God - Every human in the Almighty plus shall absorb each other the Almighty unify all people on Done God and recognized - The new Order Do God unifies all people and people unified in the Almighty in human ways - Jesus risen from death to risen all people from death - Every human regardless religious shall attain the Order Do God - Do Christ by ownself to risen into the Order of Salvation - God spoken me for the entire mankind on early morning August 20, 2010 - that I am Invisibly: Abraham Christ that every human own on Done God invisibly name+Christ - My heart clear - Would you be at times name+Christ? Join now and register - attain Amazing Grace own name+Christ. It is God Sense above sacrametal or ritual life.

CHRIST - GOD'S GOD FROM GOD - GOD'S HEALING and SALVATION FROM GOD - DO CHRIST AND CALL THE SELF own name+Christ GET HEALED FOR EVER - DO GOD is every human the latest Incarnation of God - One human or few humans are only the incarnation of God is not exact right thus every one getting the opportunity to Do God and be an incarnation of the Almighty - Volunteer the Almighty and DO GOD

Please do not shrink yourself Christ is Christian - Christ is not Christian - Christ is you by what you do - Christ is the Almighty in human ways all people - Jesus fully performed God in human ways thus derived word Christ from Greek language became Jesus Christ - you can be your "name+Christ" on did Christ - Every human byself shall qualify to be called name+Christ which is above all religions, drama of salvation and sacramental life. Do God - Good Samaritan - Prodigal son returned - volunteered the Almighty and removed bad habits. If not like the Greek: Allah - Christ - Iswar - Messiah - Savior - Tribals - so on. Holy Bible book Esther message God without using word God - accordigly every human at times Does and can Do God - Christ - Done Christ proven you are seed from the Almighty - seed doesn't know the Tree and are many shapes and sizes yet known by the tree and gives fruit of the tree - Done Christ voice name+Christ for Jesus Christ Perfection - above all religion the perfection Done on God above the Sacramental life and taking Episcopal Name At Baptism and Anointing the sick proclaim the person's "name+Christ"

Do Christ in personal life - Leaders/Rulers/Everyone - Attain God Healing on every problem/sickness/ills/enemy/terrorism/evil spirit - Do Christ first in personal life for Political/Social/National/Global agenda

(Christ is action of the Almighty - nature of the Almighty - Person of the Almighty - in human ways for every human can do - In religion Christ is the Invisible heavenly energy spread for the right social life all people together one Global Community - Christ is mystery God's own invisible all purpose medicine on earth)

DO or PERFORM CHRIST - QUALIFY and SAY YOUR NAME TOGETHER WITH CHRIST = (YOUR NAME + CHRIST) - humanly on performed the Almighty - do the invisible in you "Good Samaritan - Samaritan Christ" - Christ I did "Invisible" -Am- "Abraham Christ" - God Miracle happens - would you be too Christ? - the Almighty love if you qualify "your name+Christ" - this is above image of God - making impossible becomes possible - on done Christ you are heavenly community:-


Humanly 3 ways - do any of the three in the simple of the Almighty -(1) Volunteer the Almighty (Eassiest) - (2) Help needy (As affordable) - (3) Correct own habits (Hardest) - if done one will do all all the three - in the essense all are the same - multipurpose healing solutions

Divine yourself in the Almighty above sacramental Christian and religion – divine yourself Christ above Episcopal name on done Christ. How it can be done:

Listen in heart the prayer of a needy - on behalf of God do serve the needy - Good Samaritan was God Almighty served - the Christ – do the Almighty and meditate yourself "Your-Name Christ" – a Jew, Jesus is Christ by the action of the Almighty (the word Christ was developed from Greek on the action Almighty - in the Almighty there is no competition thus as established Greek word is OK to say - or what is the easiest word on your convenient language for action of the Almighty that is Christ) -

Truly it is high above belief or nationality or human rights - priest or bishop or holiness or religion – Invisible you 'name + Christ' the invisible high priest or religion in you – it is for the entire human family the one religion of the mankind - do the Almighty beyond a drama or service of salvation – that the Invisible body and blood in you are celebrated, and given out on you too truly Christ served the Almighty - but the world does not know you because the world doesn't know the Truth – For your departed souls do it and (say that name + Christ)


(The word Christ means the action Almighty but does not means Christian - there are some ancient languages and in the human ways the Almighty God knwn through them - please reconcile with the meaning) Jesus is human for the action the Almighty in human ways - Christ is the action of the Almighty to be expresed via a language - we all invisibly standing on line for things to happen is the Almighty - the line is action the Almighty - line is Christ - The Almighty spoke to man in human ways - God is the highest moral on the Almighty, lessening the moral is competitions, beliefs and Gods. Repeat: The Almighty - the action Christ - Jesus in the entirety the Action.

In Christ there is no competition – the Almighty of simple things for action Christ as affordable by every human – Act for the Almighty, on behalf of the Almighty listen the prayer of others and on behalf of the Almighty help them – you shall be Christ - (your name + Christ) – Good Samaritan Christ – my name Abraham = Abraham Christ – if your name Thomas = Thomas Christ, Jesus name = Jesus Christ - it is high above religion or title holiness - Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit thus he was always Christ – you may perform Christ at any time as permits.

Enlightened and begun in me pass it on to every man on earth – The Word Christ although is Christian its meaning is performing the Almighty in human ways – this message by the Almighty for the entire mankind – It is invisible in you performed the body - blood - life and eternity for True God you serve and enemy shall be defeated - For departed souls do it and (say the name + Christ) – You be the Christ when you can be the Christ.

(Terrorism threats God life on earth - on God serves man through humans Satan uses man against work of God is terrorism - terrorists live in darkness - their leaders live hide in darkness - they love to destroy the Good World - Terrorism speak impossible is possible to attract people of God - Terrorism is action against Christ - (Please do not shrink yourself thinking Christ is Christian - Christ is action of the Almighty said in a human language for it is - Allah - Christ - Iswar - Messiah - Savior - so on - a great example is the book of Esther in the Bible, this book did not say the word God but the action is the Almighty - that is Christ in my language)- Terrorism is action against Christ God Almighty and wants to rule the earth - Terrorism is earthly game of the evil - There shall be a direct war between the action of God Christ and terrorism - terrorists win momentarily only - they know they have no long survival - thus they terror the world - they victory is paniking humans.

To protect you from terrorisms : DO CHRIST - Then no terror will win on you or attack or destroy or damage you - the word 'you" I say for all people on the earth or nations or religions or groups or an individual, etc