Almighty God was the only spread / presence / life before the existence of heaven and earth, in the same enforcement now a days on earth general communication is the scourge about the coronavirus.

GLOBAL VIRUS: Magnitude of the earth an invisible bacteria. Even a small seed carry the huge tree and a small child could perform miracle of God. Temple of God every heart proven by the virus. Of all just one person one prayer God pure end the virus, as we don't know who is that one person, we request we urge all of us to pray for it will be done. Mud itself seed both the weed and herbal, God Miracle herbal could be hidden in the mud.

Men realized fallen apart from the spiritual also realized all are sailing in the same boat, important and needed for all of us is to unite in one accord. Every person and place on earth is affected this pandemic. By the time this is over, countless losses predicted but God can save us as easy as water became wine or Jesus fed 5000 or Jesus resurrected from the dead and so on.

The pandemic cause change in everything, some of the direct effects are the people sicken, dies, lives are overturned, livelihood has disappeared and the future uncertain. Indirect effects as revealing themselves in life. Mostly everyone has scourge opinions about origin of the pandemic as the truth yet to come out. Also the pandemic forms a new generation of people in similituding the predictions during the beginning 2000 of this millenium.

The pandemic also created great pressure on religious belief changes from the present situation. Some of that change was already underway and may accelerate. The worse can happen is shortage of worshipers and surplus of services and priests, no answer of God on those ways and the sacrifices been to no. God pure life God pure temple own heart and life of no religiosity can be accelerated among good people.

Home of God in heart, temple of God the life, the pandemic much of the world blocked access in to manmade temple, is that God answer? It is Jesus answered obey God and government, two sides of a coin. It is timely precausious meassuers of the life under conditions of the heaven and earth.

Believers begun ways to celebrate the faith without being together in a building, forced to that creativity by the pandemic. The least creative response has been to either livestream or videotape worship, the word itself means activity of the people.

Christians the believers in the Son of God same the Father God are beginning to find new ways to share faith with each other, inspired by the Holy Spirit who will gather all in the presence of the Mighty. The longer the present situation lasts, it remains to be seen what forms the Spirit will take. The future will happen whether we like it or not. But it is unlikely to be completed before this pandemic ends and things return to normal. Jesus will come again and Jesus is coming namelessly of Jesus and all people to stay home in worship is namelessl of any religion.

Anyhow, changes in our attitudes, expectations and experiences, would have taken long time may do so in less. It is in my innocent of God understanding and enlightenment of God proacive of the heaven and earth. God the Doctor of all the countless doctors on earth God the one prayer shall end the invisible caronavirus bacteria in the magnitude of the earth

Coronavirus Pandemic Healing Prayer: Think about good things others did for you and also you did for others, in the thanksgiving meditate the Almighty. Pray the end of the virus rightaway - Pray healng of all the affected - Pray for all Health Care Workers - Pray for the Support Workers - Pray the healing and the end of the virus rightaway all over the world. Meditate the Almighty Healing anytime even within split second miracle will happen soon, at this fasting time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Easter Day - that God your home in heart the temple of God - staying in home of this time too life itself the highest prayer from heart of God pure prayers made the Resurrection, made the end of the virus God in every human One Prayer all people the "Prayer One" at least by one person among us shall heal the virus. We all of us individually try the "Prayer One". The virus unpredicted and stronger than ever before delying the mecical cure.

GLOBAL VIRUS: Magnitude of the earth is an invisible bacteria. Global crises makes everyman God temple in heart, of all the prayers just one person prayer heals the virus, as we don't know who that one person, we request we urge all the people on earth to pray for it will be done. Mud itself seed both the weed and herbal but herbal very rare is precious in God Miracle Healing. Holy Almighty Eternal, Eternal of Eternal, Holy the pure Beginningless of Endless Eternal, Another Substance, Pure the Eternal. Mighty the unman in liturgy God the Spirit, God the Father of all things, Kingdom of God, miracles and mysteries, visible and invisible, known and unknown. On rebel and unwilling to obey of certain angels the Eternal still available to them known as Salvation through offer Grace of God concession. As they refused the Grace, God decision the salvation for them through the Grace guided Progressive Revelation of incarnations, the very first known to man heaven and earth miracle of God, and the highest God himself came down on earth in human ways the Son of God in the name Jesus with the message of eternal salvation for all. The offers prior to the heaven and earth in Unman of another substance. The rebal established heaven and earth harm and ruin as creation instead incarnation of God, and even made false messanger against the Son of God. The salvation, predetermined as in our case the heaven and earth, bestowed in Jesus the Son of God incarnation. God do on Jesus prayer, that God pure Jesus in you. Jesus the purity Kingdom of God Christ the another substance inseparable and indivisible of all the planets and universes. Trinity the highest three identities God the Father the head of all things and the Son the continuity in human ways and the Holy Spirit our eternal purity. Salvation in person enlights everyone in God. Many Christian Denominations on one Christ or many gods on one God or contradicting messages in the holy book, etc. are inflection of the disobedience. It is not worth even to mention the things done by them in secret but everything will exposed by God visible in many ways, and finally everyone will be obedient upon the Son again come the Father himself. Salvation language in mystery as lacking God pure life yet is the light FREE of the earthly, belief in gods, religion, harm or ruin as God. God made man, the enemy in man made gods and religions to work against God and man. Many beliefs are the enemy creation for man lacking the Ultimate Truth. So the Son of God came to save the blind man from blind again. Jesus for all people the incarnation Son of God. Where is God the enemy say "I don't know - how I know" but you would say "In my life". Salvation the obedience to the Mighty is life in humility every human child of God, we all are. Holy mystery reveals the first miracle of the father God heaven and earth, God made male and female, and Jesus the son pure water became wine, and belief in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in similitude. God the beginningless Pure begun a beginning the heaven and earth concession offer the Grace of God Salvation as necessary through the Son. But the enemy made visible and invisible virus on earth. Jesus is the Grace proven between the very first known miracle of God the Father and Jesus the Son through water became wine. God pure colorless tasteless odorless before our time made the first known miracle heaven and earth, and the first known miracle of Jesus water colorless tasteless odorless became wine another substance tasty and odor and color and short time energy signify earthly life the Grace as needed, similitudes the very first both miracles. Grace of God as necessary not all of them needed wine. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit or any word for human messaging purpose otherwise the Substance is unman. God pure life on earth visible is Jesus and invisible is Christ. No man is perfect yet God pure wish the highest may add Christ with name at least testify the innocent wish . Beginningless eternal endless eternal the eternal to eternal salvation for all humanly serve beyond the human is in Christ, serves the mystery of God beyond the heaven and earth. The enemy makes assembly in the name Christ thus Jesus the Son of God taught in person do God pure life the highest. God salvation another Substance no harm or ruin but the Satan creates harm and ruin and selfish many gods and beliefs and nations one against the other, on too much happens 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000, 10000 year plagues on earth. A person age 90 years see God and the world different of 10 and 900 while God pure always the same. God pure no harm or ruin the humility heart pray of no enemy namelessly for all including all planets and universes. God non-Self the life itself the highest prayer and truth and worship overcomes all the factions. Trust in God eternal existing from before our time of the heaven and earth, non-comprehensible to us. Glorify God the entirety in worship. God pure life beyond belief and the heaven and earth serve Miracles wordless timeless split second and timely of the world and beyond. Eternal salvation the life itself the highest performance wordless pure. God incarnations other universes or planets as in our case Jesus, the Entirety all planets and universes one salvation God for all the spirits human language Christ in myself Abraham Christ, God pure your prayer too, this service since 2000AD, in oneness of all people and more, Peace of no harm or ruin, life itself the highest everyone at times involuntarily too do God, many more will be healed worldwide. The salvation or miracle inseparably one accord all souls and people THROUGH non-Self humility everyone has Fulfilling in the name Jesus. One person two thousand years ago today over two billion persons Glory to God healing and peace and salvation for everyone Jesus no hurt or ruin anyone. God pure is free from virus of any kind we pray.