ETERNITY. Another name for life is problem and another name for solution is cross - Abraham Cross is mystery revealed to a human being, it is not a material cross but is: Abraham Cross is the Bleeding of God is the Creation - Creation is Blood of God - in the least Abraham Cross is bleeding of mind - Everything all in all creation is Blood of God - Mystery in Creation is blood of God and the Word Blood is in Mystery not a physical blood - Bleeding of God the blood of Jesus on the Cross you may be too is mystery of God on earth in your life and life on earth is mystery in blood. God is Love is timeless beginningless bloodless eternity heals beyond the creation - Abraham Creed is mystery in Abraham Cross and Abraham Cross is mystery creation is bleeding of God. Abraham Cross is one of greatest of the most powerful mystery revealed to a human being. Abraham Cross humanly revealed in Abraham Christ. It is not a physical cross of the material world but is: God is bleeding - Bleeding of God is the Cross - Creation is bleeding of God - that - Blood of Jesus on the Cross is Mystery - Mystery of God - Mystery above Blood of Jesus and Religious Faith and Creation Bleeding and Jesus Cross - God Invisible the Blood Invisible the Eternal invisible the Abraham Cross is another human wording of the Bleeding of God is the Creation. Abraham Blood above Abraham Cross - Jesus Blood above Cross of Jesus - Human salvation above the Creation - Eternal above Blood that in the Eternal no Creation - that Abraham Cross of God on earth and life on earth is mystery in blood and God Love Future beginningless bloodless eternity heals beyond the creation - Abraham Creed is mystery in Abraham Cross and Abraham Cross is mystery creation is bleeding of God. (Why Abraham - Cross - Blood - Jesus Etc Because those are humanly trained to communicative - you may in Purity be comfortable with Faith). Healing mission of God in every existence


Holy Cross signifies light of the Word free from darkness - "Abraham Cross" is world's most powerful cross on earth and Abraham Creed Most Powerful Creed on earth "God is Life" for you shall meditate "God is my Life" - Abraham Cross together with Abraham Creed the most power victory against any enemy - founded by Archbishop in God Abraham Christ

"Be a Healing Cross" - own self - “Incarnated Cross” - ownself an Infinite Healing Cross - Cross signifies light and the light is the simplest message of God - Life is Cross in every section of life - Life and light are Infinite of Birth - The Cross is infinite in Glory - The result is "Psalm 91 - Holy Cross Psalm 91", "Abraham Cross" in life for protection - do God the salvation - the Cross is infinite spirituality - be Holy Unique the Spirit of God in glory - be in Christ than religion is Holy unique the Glory that own work and prayer picture through Christ - make a cross of your own - instaul prayers of ownself and choice saints or family members and Thanksgiving as well instauled even hidden in the cross - hidden for greater sacred in nature - Right away think of this Cross at times of good and bad - This Cross is spiritual center at home or church or office - Dedicate your choice angels - saints - on the cross - Seven to Seventy dedicated blessing points and even Cathedrals and Basilica may dedicate all the Apostles, Saints and the Bishops in Unity in the Cross with Seventy Blessing Points. Brain is where memory or secrets hept, God is where prayers kept, Holy Almighty is where the living kept and Abraham Cross I made at home enlighten Holy God Blessings upon me

Faith buys cross from where selling - Greater is make or order the Cross of own choice of size, color, shape, material, prayers and even foot the cross on the Holy Bible - attach Holy Bible with the Cross - The Scriptures speak so much more than the message of religion - The Scripture is infinite

Matching size you may the cross is of Seven, Ten, Twelve, Thirty, Thirty Three, Forty One and Seventy blessing positions instauled inside the Cross or visible outside by pictures or words. Hidden are these positions are not seen from the front and are in the hollow inside or visible as you like. The blessing points are built in or clipped or welded inside the hollow for prayers and pictures are placed. Prayers are placed on the cross hands both sides, pictures and prayers of Saints are placed at any blessing postions even together with those of the believer. The believer has the choice of selecting the Saints, angels, prayers and pictures. May change them from time to time and season to season, keep confidentiality, even the blessing positions may be kept with door locked.

Made of choice materials metal or wood or other material the Cross is placed in homes, churches and in buildings, never at open field - always under a roof. Select choice of the Saints, pictures and prayers, even Jesus and the Trinity. Cross can be available or purchased through commercial marketing but the instaulation of saints, prayer, etc should be by choice and with prayers. This Cross is priceless blessings

Example how to make this cross: Choice material - Metal pipe - hollow inside - cut material for choice size Cross - For hidden blessing positions remove a slice open a side taking out a segment and make the cross. A cross has four sections: both hands, head and below the cross section. In the hollow inside create blessing positions 7-10-12-30-33-41-70 built in by welding or clipping depends how you want and the size and where to be placed, the smallest has seven blessing dedication points and the large has upto seventy points, where prayers and pictures are dedicated.

In Churches if also build a frame on the foot of the Cross the faithfull can dedicate their pictures and prayers at the foot of the Cross - If the dedication for example the saints exeeds the blessing positions in the Cross more than one saint or prayers can be instaulled at ane blessing position. Eg: Cathedrals and Basilica may dedicate all the Saints and the Bishops etc in one Cross. The Cross is the symbol of the Christian that all the Apostles, Saints and the Key Bishops in the Unity may be dedicated in the Cross

For personolized the cross may be made with own prayers and choice saint or family members printed

Creed of the Healing and Incarnared Cross are "anointed" in Scripts

Jesus risen and ascended into the heaven but left the Cross with us to carry and follow, for people of God life on earth is CROSS - the earth is CROSS - in the Spirit be in the Cross with prayers and saints - Massaya will come back in Glory to remove the Cross. Christ is the true Spirit of Holy God and all others are world - Abraham Cross is Cross of the Psalm 91 - in deep who can argue or touch you and the answer is NO ONE except the Holy Spirit that you are "the anointed" as "truly anointed" by the Spirit of God.

If you would like this anointed cross send to you must coimmunicate via email first then will conversate on the phone