Abraham Christ


Divine Pains - Sufferings - Prayers is God - Divine selves the Blood of Christ Jesus on the Cross that prayer is not just one function in life- not even the most important function - it is human life itself a Life on the Cross for the unman Purity to be done - alive with Purity all prayers in one word is God - divine selves in God than praying through a saint that all are not before God - impurity is not before God and saints of religions in diversities are many things not of God. Christ in human ways I am Abraham Christ - Christ is how attain God - attain God direct - Purity is self don't pray through Saint but pray God make yourslf a Saint - that saint before you might not be before God -

ETERNITY: Christ is human ways God who when where why what how of the Eternal above creative drama of salvation - this is my body is God make the body new through creation while God salvation eternal neither old nor new - Abraham Christ is God work in me with me through me God make the creatve new through God with God in God no more religious ways. God so love the purpose of the creation that the Healing is the mission God above body of the creation above the human. God eternal second to none human ways Christ - although Eternal nameless timeless soundless shapeless spaceless beginningless endless existence no body the creation, religiously soul Christ is expression in the Puriy. Eternal neither in belief nor a human language communication yet in everything even in a split second. Eternal who is self attainment, eternal who work I am Abraham Christ - Eternal neither religion nor fits any thing separated from the eternal but in simple human standard is Christ I am Abraham Christ - God is God of no religion or no Father Son Holy Spirit Trinity but in simple Purity in yourself God is Eternal is Purity - the Father is Purity the Son is Purity the Holy Spirit is Purity the Trinity is Purity the Eternal is Purity in every existence and be strong in God purity you too are Christ - Would you be One - Do Christ above religious and cultural and human law aspects. "Word of God" is wordless almighty insights the Word in man. Every living and nonliving in the universe namelessly do God in such Christ is humanly an identity. Eternal makes all things new... eternal is free of human created values that Christ is level for those who in the Spirit. All in all God is not a word of man or limited with man but between God and Man communication Mighty sharp is Word and Christ sharp word for God. Everything under creation in Diversity. What is in us beyond the creation has no diversity among us, Christ free of diversity is the Christ you should a Christian in Christ, I am. The traveler bleeding knew he needs help and a stranger, Good Samaritan, fulfilled the need but more than that parable we all need help invisibly too and who can come to the help, beyond creation, the almighty in the creation is beyond the creation and is eternal all peoples, no pride or selfish or drama of salvation no diversity hat is the Christ one salvation All in All. In the almighty of no diversity unrighteous is dark on the almighty. And light is serving righteousness of the almighty all peoples. Beliefs in God are many on diversities but serving God together is practicing the almighty above the diversities, serving the light above darkness. Righteous is light of the almighty, Nameless all in all. Humanly names in the diversity but serve righteousness together the almighty. Smallest to the highest diversities will shrink down to zero that in the almighty there shall be no diversity, and human salvation is from the almighty while can be direct from the almighty God beyond a belief, everyone can pray direct to God or Pray from God the almighty. For example religiously a Christian at church worship may pray God through Christ because of a belief while all times or other times commonly or naturally pray God - Almighty is God above the creation while God is human existence of the creation. God is human standard of the almighty although not all in all the Almighty. The Almighty above the creation is the God eternal, Beginningless Endless Timeless Spaceless Shapeless Holy of no human explanation possible, God the almighty serve instant of no God education of the man. The assimilation all in all of the creation or a man under creation into the Almighty is nameless but Christ in human ways until all assimilated - Abraham is my human given name at birth and Christ is my Almighty Identity attained or confirmed in me in human life in human ways that I am Abraham Christ that I pray from God above all prayers on earth (it is own experience wordless or no word can explain or instant happening above all religions - you should be too in human ways of human life - this is my personal enlightenment and testimonial of the almighty God). Eternal and almighty are the same in human is God. God is eternal almighty human communication is God. Christ is the performance and communication God in human ways, would you be one in taking share God. I performed Christ I am Abraham Christ (communication Nameless Christ and name Abraham). Christ is human life of the Almighty. Almighty God man identifies through Christ, man identifies himself for God above religious identity. Religiously people are narrow minded on God. Christ immeasurable of God Purity in human life. Christ is all people religion, Christ is value of Christian. Purity religion is Christ the religion almighty God. Purity is above all religions. Purity you are above all religions. The purity you will attain unique God worship. Christ is God human salvation. God invisible that mind is the longest road to the destination if Christ missing. Almighty is the position Christ above the creation. Almighty is the Word of Creation and Christ is the Word of Man. Christ is eternal of the human ways, the existence God regardless the creation - Holy position under the creation humanly God communication to feel it and do it in human life to who is image of God above a wordily talk - while anybody even the Satan can communicate wiser but does not. I got this anointed of God message and Feel it and do it to myself Abraham Christ. God second to none the Nameless communication within every human being that God human ways biblical is Christ - In simple of all people God of no religion is Purity - the purity is undivided, the almighty undivided - but anything under creation is divided (man is divided male and female - life is divided birth and death - creation is divided heaven and earth - so on countless divisions). Communication above creation is undivided - Communication under creation is countless yet the Spirit of life existence is above the Creation. Nameless is beyond the creation our existence with the almighty - Christ unman of God is the purity Nameless. In simple purity in human life fills in for the almighty, the purity in human life is the image of God, that Image of God is anointed of God above the light and heat and life above the Sun - that in the Purity man can serve the Light and Heat and the source of Life from God above the Sun, it is the most simple humble innocent neutral pure wordless - soundless - speechless helping human from my human life - my human life with human body while feel Living of no creation or I may say between the Beginning and Eternal of Wordless. I Feel my life this is we all are toward the almighty that ask anything according to his will for it will be heard says Abraham Christ (pray/worship position above the creation above all prayers under creation - blood of Christ faith on earth under the creation but beyond the Blood is Invisible purity). Jesus was human life communication but the communication above the creation is wordless Christ of God. The purity God is above all known words - sounds - prayers and worship and rituals - God anointed everyone is above the ordinary (the Satan serves so perfect wonderful meaningful wisdom but directs left for right or South for North that we shall not reach the Salvation). God anointed person or existence is above all wisdom prayers of earth. Anointed of God is Nameless happening of no external influence. God anointed everyone fulfills presence of the almighty. The eternal agelessly present even in the split second that God the amazing unman can happen even in split second, child or older, expected or unexpected, man or unman, can happen instantly above all the work of the world. Christ is God anointed human life you too can be, I am so Abraham Christ that I am member with the almighty above the human world, I testify on attained Christ. Religion is human membership with the world. Purity is the "Word of God" Christ of God, our purity in the almighty God. God anointed is free from the Satan and its contamination. God anointed performs communication invisible of God. Would you be anointed of God - if yes the worship through the name Christ is Christian while for all people God above all religions Beginningless Nameless Timeless in human ways is life Purity - attained Christ the purity is above religious Christian - anyone of any religion can attain the purity Christ - the purity is the attributes for Christ over the diversities on earth - than a wording Christ. In simple the purity begins with the image of God - lacking the purity Christian still stand beginner only - that rituals are media service and priest is only a media worker and worshiping is enjoyment of human mind, rather than a faith of salvation the almighty. Christ in human ways the Spirit of God free of any contamination of the creation. Enemy of Christ can present well before the world but hiding the position Christ. Christ the prayer is free from the Satan � attainment Christ is free from the Satan - Christ is the Salvation attained. Be in Christ above human worship, be in God above worth+ship=worship. Again in simple: God anointed you are above all prayers of the wold - God anointed is above all prayers on earth - Would you be one? you will serve miracle healing for others. God anointed I am Abraham Christ:

All people, regardless any differences good bad rich poor right wrong male female young old color creed nationality shape size belief style culture religion or of no earthy difference, invisibly everyone stands the same line (queue) God, an invisible line (queue) anointed of God, for what is next to happen, the most purity stand next to God and least stand the farthermost, perform where your position be - attain God anointed by the purity of life - The line is anointed of God that Christ the line - attain anointed stand next to God - closer to God - Most people believe the religion, whereas religion helps only to enter into the First Lesson, pass to God free of contaminated life - Abraham Christ.

Parable of Salvaton

Christ is Christian God but belongs to all of us I am Abraham Christ belongs for all of us serving the almighty Miracle Healing one God all healing. Christ is the most simple Almighty Human life serving the almighty says Abraham Jesus Christ God Healing Miracle Healing Made Easy you could be miracle healing recipient - Jesus parables signify God healing for you Abraham Christ of Jesus ChristPrayer more than we pray (a parable): A forest many animals - birds - fishes - creatures - they live in there from the Beginning of countless years in the image of the forest and live in the image, they know the place and prayer for survival. They feel they know well all about the forest. But do they? There are more things about the forest than they know. The same is the human life in small village or big cities or if moves to elsewhere another planet. A priest you are a Media man while purity you are God man.

Who is God - very impossible for man to reconcile the identity (because God is unman beyond human existence) - however - in simple anointed of God human ways feels the answer (who God from the human to the identify God): Involuntarily every existence under the creation anoints and seeks an existence second to none, the existence is God, the existence second to none anointed by every being is God. The one existence that all the infinite existences anoints and seek (the animals - birds - fishes - plants - unknown to man - all living and no-living) is God. God is the existence so easy to be ignored yet the existence everyone anoints is God. GOD is the only one existence deserves blessings from every existence and everyone anoints God. Man can know God from human ways of life and no man can know God from the eternal of God - God is the only One Existence all in all Beginningless and endless Eternal. God the eternal exists in split second. The truth in prayer is the depth of the purity existence. A president unanimously anointed by all people second to none. Attain this message in wordless eternal, the answer who God is? Attain wisdom every grain of sand at the beach blesses the ocean for how great the ocean be, while no grain of sand see the Ocean?

Christ the unman prayer possible only with the almighty we all could be the participants � Christ the unman prayer is possible in the Purity of human life - Christ is human communication that signify relationship with the almighty - Christ the communication every human can serve Word of God � Christ is expression the Purity our life fulfills God is not a religion � the word Christ religiously is not the Word of God - religion is a learning subject and Christ is unman happening in human life - Christ is not Christian � Christ can be in Christian and Non-Christian as well - Christ is the almighty God living in the human life - Christ is every aspect of human life is God the almighty - Christ of God in farmers, teachers, bus drivers, soldiers, employees, priests, etc in every walk of human life - Fulfilled Jesus is Jesus Christ � Christ is the almighty taken the Care of the body mind and soul with the eternal - that the human body and mind and soul shall appear in the Eternal ways - Free yourself from wordily to Eternal existence for it will happen with the almighty the Nameless and the Beginningless and the Soundless and the Spaceless the Eternal - Serve the purity and honesty and attain Christ is above all prayers on earth - that your prayer can be above all the prayers on earth - if understand and join me in Christ miracle happens beyond all the knowledge and prayers � Divine the selves for God will anoint you will be able to say your name with Christ.

Your heart is where your possession - Whole world is heart of God - Christ occupy whole world - Christ the heart God in human ways � Christ in you serve from the top of the world - Christ the heart of God and God the heart of Christ and everyone of us too as attained. Attain yourself Christ, then the life or death or beyond in the hands of eternal God - attained Christ yourself above all the prayers you pray - attain the testimonial - Abraham Christ.

ABRAHAM CHRIST: Life or death or beyond in God is the same. - Every human in the same invisible value practice to own it. - Every human at least one thing on the top of the world. � Every human at least one thing in common - The best is lacking the Satan � Prevent us from the Satan, lead us not into temptation, help us from temptation, prevent us from temptation, save us from temptation � etc. � all are the same value Christ - ABRAHAM CHRIST

Prevent us from what is not of God. ABRAHAM CHRIST - lead us not into temptation - lead us into God

Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ - you too can be in Christ of no religious Christian - Christ the super life or faith or purity self-attained in own life experience is above all religions on all earth. Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ � do God you too can be - GOD-CENTERED our life PURITY IN LIFE

Many things of miracle happens in every human life yet no belief is the highest. If not Christ every belief is on the same queue same line waiting for the truth, understand in God every one of them is the value Christ I call in my human life. Christ is the communication value in every wait for the truth. Prevent us from what is not of God. ABRAHAM CHRIST

Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ - Christ the super life or faith or purity attained in own life experience is above all religions on earth. The entire universe is Christ the heart of God - Christ is greater of the Theology or Philosophy - top of the world theology or philosophy yet the existence of life is unknown - Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ � you too can be a Christian or not yet can be in Christ.

Super faith is simple presence always everywhere. God the unman the leadership on earth can be achieved through practice beyond religious propagations.

CHRIST is spiritual union and ABRAHAM CHRIST the value is invisible union my human life with the almighty God. It is self-attained value own life experience of no propagation comparable. It is value in my life above all prayers on earth. Abraham is a traditional situation given name for my human and Christ is traditional anointed name God that both are understanding of the Word. The value is beyond the human ways. Christ is God in human ways. The value beyond human ways for the almighty all in all existence. Every human is in the traditional ways one way or other but attain and practice the value together in the almighty of uniformity of no diversity.

Word is value, Christ is the value, the understanding is the value, everyone the value, universally the uniformity no diversity, one God Christ value all in all.

Although we don�t know all in all yet the wish and value and heart Christ is God the Word. Christ the value is the same Communication all situations. That you too be in the value with Christ in me, the value is unman metaphysical above human language, GOD the value Christ your prayers will be above all the prayers of the world. Attained Christ shall be free from all religious practices. Other than the attainment no prayer or worship can fulfill Christ. Christ the value free from the Satan, attain Christ you will not pray �lead us not in to temptation� but shall be in the protection already. The Satan cunning in prayers imitate God to blind the world. Christ is the world no blinded by the Satan. Live free or exempt from the Satan. Repulse any attack by the Satan. Serve uniformity or no diversity that serve every one like you wanted to be served.

Christ is cooperation and co-existence and protection and the safety and rights of life and salvation of the souls, Christ is wordily approach God free of the Satan. Christ is not religious sovereignty. Christ is not religious claim. Christ is the morals above all Commandments on earth. Christ alone is Universal Moral the choice and opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people throughout the world and eternal Salvation.

Christ is God in human ways � human life Christ existed with God and in God Beginningless - the existence is beyond a story of creation � Story of creation is a story of the earth blinded of the Satan - Christ is the value of God the Word unman for human beings. The Word is not a creation that anything contaminated is not of the Word. The earth is many contamination not only the food but also the knowledge - if the earth was created by God no contamination possible - no evil possible - no death possible - all eternal is God. I am Abraham human ways my earthly tradition, and the Beginningless Communication for the human in me is Christ. Christ in me is nonreligious value although sounds traditionally.

A Case Study CHRIST: At a busy place I was talking with a 69 year heart surgeon 40 years. On m question he answered � �How many? � Look at the people in here � can you count them? so much surgery performed and that I don�t even think I am heart surgeon, yet always mind with many things of the day to day surgery - in an hour I have to call the resident to check the respiratory of the patient last night�, he continued, �in my field I am on the top of the world � yet � I don�t know the philosophy of life�. I responded "Christ" � he replied �that is Metaphysics � let me do what I am doing nameless� = I responded - in simple invisible of no separation is "PURITY"

Another Case Study CHRIST: I was a volunteer at a hospital for the Pastoral Care Department. Hospital mission is Patient Care, patient-centered service. My job was to visit multi-national all faiths patients at the bedsides to comfort them, and refer to the staff if any service requested, and pray God if they wish. I received an email from the Chaplain asking me to spread the word that the chaplain conducting a seminar �How To Cope With Love One Dies�. I replied it would be vague for the volunteer when the patients and the love one are there for healing and pray healing and want to go home alive as soon as possible. Moreover it is severe violation before patient's rights of life, and the hospital slogan "(the hospital name") means your health is everything. To make a long story short, the hospital legal department answered I am on a different philosophy. (I disagree that too because PURITY is the highest of all philosophies - nameless above their philosophy).

The value Christ is nameless and soundless holy communication in human ways. No one of us can do the Christ all in all and no one of us know the Christ all in all yet unbiased life is the simplest way beginning of Christ you are. Christ is not a body on earth that Christ you are is on the top of the world. But must attain the union to claim the name Christ. You too may divine yourself Christ. Abraham is my given name. Christ is my communication value with God. God is eternal and the holy is unman. Eternity is the attributes of communication with God all people one God in human ways. Eternally is position value performances. Theology is religious term and Philosophy natural term. Abraham is my human position anointed in God by the biological parents and Christ is an anointed Communication holy image unman position in me. In unman holy value of Christ it is nameless and soundless and it happens of no creation. Abraham Christ I am a beginner in God human ways I sought the beginning from my position eternally in me. All in all many prayers and knowledge life yet I don�t know the philosophy of life because it is beyond all the creation. Abraham Christ my destination is God but in the human I don�t know where it is and I don�t believe any human who knows it. My testimonial Abraham Christ is my least that the highest is unman. Many things of miracle happens in every human life yet no belief is the highest. If not Christ every belief is on the same queue same line waiting for the truth, understand in God every one of them is the value Christ I call in my human life. Christ is the communication value in every wait for the truth.

No definition, philosophy, theology, knowledge, education, religion fulfill the almighty, might be they fulfill for a human style, but no to God the almighty - all values of human life are incomplete - purity is self alliance with the almighty - self alliance is the heart or purity of no theology or philosophy fulfills Christ or the almighty - no knowledge fulfills Christ - no knowledge no theology no philosophy fulfills Christ of the almighty - added with my human my heart Abraham Christ speaking thus the fulfillment in the almighty beyond what I say to you - the purity is natural truth, natural spirit, natural salvation and the same purity in the unknown high existence is God the almighty - you might know all these things but I say these on my heart my dedication my attainment speaking - when I pray or worship God with others I feel my body my mind my heart my purity my position above with the unman unknown Beginningless eternity life norm with me

Christ is representing the ETERNAL in human ways for all people - Christ is not a religion - Christ is PURITY in human ways - Christ is the ways for human Salvation - Christ is unman fulfilled in Jesus - Christ is human salvation among all people - Christ is one culture and attribute one God - Christ is possible only with the Almighty - Christ is life God in human ways we all can - Abraham Christ I am in the honesty and dedication and the enlightenment and desire and willingness and attainment above all religious Christ or I may say Christian. That Christ is not a Christian. Jesus Christ was not a Christian. Christ unman is possible for anyone of us with the Almighty - I am - would you be too or already? The attainment I am Abraham Christ is God humanly Christ in Jesus human ways - And your you should be too Christ is humanity - Christ is God Healing Miracle Healing Made Easy you could be miracle healing recipient - Jesus parables signify God healing for you Abraham of Jesus Christ - CHRIST YOUR ANOINTED NAME - CHRIST YOUR SURNAME - CHRIST YOUR NAME FAMILY OF GOD - YOUR HEALING NAME - CHRIST - YOUR+CHRIST - JESUS CHRIST - ABRAHAM CHRIST - CALL YOURSELF - tell everyone your healed name+Christ - THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN ME BECAUSE GOD ANOITED ME - GOD IS MY LIFE MY LIFE IS GOD - GOD IS ETERNITY I AM GOD'S INFINITY IN THE ETERNITY

God Healing gift in every life spiritually testifies Jesus himself the greatest of all parables heaven on earth that every human can adopt parables in life for God miracle healing happens - (this website is not a religious declaration) - God is able to heal all the problems - Jesus parables signify God healing Christ Parable Christ is God - click here

Christ is Greek word for anointed - what is your word - call yourself Christ - Jesus Christ - Abraham Christ - let others know - your NAME+CHRIST and healed - The Christian is assembly of the anointed - Christ your name

Holy is unman - Holy in human ways is Christ - Christ is Holy - The Almighty - Christ - Salvation - God - Almighty is the Holy = Holy in human ways is God Holy - the Almighty spoken to man in human ways - Highest moral is one God - the Almighty presented the Self in human ways is Christ Jesus - on Greek influence in language was called Christ - Christ is all people, not just Christian - Holy is the Word commited or promised in human ways - Volunteer the Almighty - Do God - Do Christ - Feel and Call yourself Christ - vision CHRIST you are

Present the self Holy then you too are own name Holy in human ways - Name+Christ - if not prefer Christ in Greek call in your innermost ways in the Holy - Your Name+Christ you are above religion - What is religion? Religion is drama on God - Belief differences are religions - religion is drama of salvation - Brain is where your memories kept - God is where human prayers kept - Holy almighty where your life kept - world is where your living maintained in the flesh

Own experience is the experience even for God too - A person of God is an Experience more than a physical person - I am Abraham of Jesus Christ. Would you be too a person of God ?

I am invisible - invisible I am never born on earth - the invisible I am is a visible existence in human ways. Creation is visible existence of the invisible purity - the creation is parallel and simultaneous and one with the others is God invisible - You are visible and the visible is not mine and mine is not visible - I am there wherever is God and wherever God is no one else needed there is God invisible - wherever you are present no one else needed there is God in you - I am Abraham of Jesus Christ - I request creation not on my need but the purity where I am invisible - all in all creation is not visible to every created - Christ is human ways