Update life with Almighty Yes Community that all are in salvation life no one left behind. God is all of us fulfilled God not partial, in God salvation fulfilled in all saved. This is not a religious declaration instead declaration God in person all people and souls God for all.

ALMOST ALL SOULS UNSAVED ON SALVATION BY YOUR RELIGION. In person "Almighty Yes" testimonial identify Salvation free of all faith matters, also no human to be present in serving and receving Salvation, Abraham Christ of God testimonial God in person identified. "Almighty Yes Community" initiation life one God salvation community confirred in a child in the Pregnency Itself is greater truth of human baptism above heaven and earth faith orders. (Value your language if baptism is not the word in you). Salvation in the bond of Eternal Peace in existence beginningless new age uplift under the heaven and earth let us be in Almighty Yes Baptism for one God of all of us and in all of us fulfilling Godhead coming again in the Christian Jesus Coming Again. Almighty Yes Baptism God Borderless Universal Salvation living through every part everyone of us before human declarations. It is above all and through all and in all and it is in every soul. It is in the highest one Godhead of a diversed world in one God. It is before your soul begin a faith of the world. It is argument free Almighty Yes Soul Salvation confirred in the baby in pregnancy. Heaven and earth itself in pregnancy stage in God borderless space. In truth grow up God fullfilled beginning within pregnancy. In the salvation preference it is not new that salvation existed before the heaven and earth and Jesus was born Almighty Yes Baptism in the Pregnancy. If the word baptism not appropriate in culture select choice one in Truth. Having the understanding one God one Salvation one Community all of us no more of earthly rulers, as activated almighty God in truth it is life the highest prayer Being Good non-Self of the world. In person "Almighty Yes" testimonial identify Salvation free of all faith matters and no human to be present even in serving and receving holy Eucharist.

"ALMIGHTY YES" Eternal God fulfilled Yes, the borderless space anyone everyone anytime everytime anything everything always in Yes God, invincible compassionate kind humble innocent, in simple "Being Good" non-Self of the heaven and earth. "Almighty Yes" the one community under God all people and souls. "Almighty Yes" all wisdom and beliefs and parables fulfilled. "Almighty Yes" invincible life ascended. "Almighy Yes" in self God serve miracles. "Almighty Yes" wordless initiation and introduction and continuation and revelation and experience and progression and confirmation and acknowledgement and validation and celebration and approval and authorization and ratification and verification and indivisible and inseparable self attainment and endorcement and eternal salvation and all the values fulflled God in person "God Yes" all in all. "Almighty Yes" God attained life the beginningless Yes God. "Almighty Yes" the person serve God for others too. Priest of "Almighty Yes" is align with known and unknown. "Almighty Yes" Christ bring unityline with all align with almighty God. "Almighty Yes" God fulfilled all saved. God sent angels "Almighty Yes". Baptism one baptism "Almighty Yes" baptise the baby in pregnancy itself spiritually ensure amighty aligned life before multiple matters of the birth relation. "Almighty Yes" the blessed are free of words of wisdom of the world. "Almighty Yes Baptism" aligned with God almighty the salvation blessing inseparable of all people almighty God. ("Almighty Yes" in person identifies where lacked for the response and recovery). "Almighty Yes Baptism" new age one Baptism all of us in "Almighty Yes Salvation".

"Almighty Yes" - the experience God attained in person is wordless "Yes" - "God Yes" - "Life Yes" - "Prayer Yes" - "Impossible Is Possible" - "Being Good Yes" - "Being Good Invincible Testified" - "Righteous Yes" - "Beginningless Endless Borderless God Yes". "Yes the Yes the Ever in many ways the same Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow the Evermore", God all universes and the planets borderless of more space "Almighty Yes" within human life. "Almighty Yes" experience in person above the heaven and earth taught - "Almighty Yes" testified in person above godhead - "Almighty Yes" nothing more humanly possible of the time. "Almighty Yes" all in all holy humble and simple Yes no enemy or harm or ruin or scholastic or title. "Almighty Yes" in community and in person even in the instant serve and communicate the life itself "Almighty Yes" free of godheads. It is time for prayer "Almighty Yes" - let us meditate the experience and pray "Almighty Yes" in heart and soul and life and healing and unity and salvation perfection "Almighty Yes" changes in others too. In the Christian God the same yesterday and today and tomorrow the evermore in name Jesus Christ -"Almighty Yes" Jesus Christ ascented heaven instead Eternal. "Almighty Yes" God served, God worked, God happened, God done, God gotten. "Almighty Yes" Universal of all the universes new age communication Uplift God all people freedom from religious. "Almighty Yes" attained in person direct God fulfillment. "Almighty Yes" is above and beyond religious. "Almighty Yes" the Almighty and from the Almighty invincible the "Almighy Yes" already confirmed in Jesus before the human birth. Attained Jesus is attained "Almighty Yes" the confirmation in person and in the Communiy Service. "Almighty Yes" in person above the heaven and earth a social media. Social Media anyone with access post and repost falsewood inpurpose, the apple eaten wisdom still around. Jesus Coming Again the communication is in person no social or religious or spiritual media of "Another Substance". Holy Bible "Almighty Yes" in one Word is God, many words are social media on heaven and earth.

Human life itself prayer for others and self by word and deed and God, humanity is service. "Almighty Yes" humanly is being good online heart and life and community, in simple soul of God online serving universal, an example is help of the USA for poor nations. It is CORONA-19 global pandemic time all people and nations in one accord pray "Almighty Yes" shall defeat the enemy. Tears online "Almighty Yes" perform God miracle, impossible by efforts becomes possible of the tears makes us global universal unity, lacked was the cause of the pandemic, "Now It Is Time For Prayer" let us "PRAY", I am Abraham Christ of God after much tears of not easy, Godhealing superseded in me by "Almighty Yes". During the 1997 - 2001 years in God experience I conducted miracle healing seminars at NYC Seminar Center, one of them scheduled for 11-9-2001 was cancelled and the Seminar Center itself permanently closed on the terror attack that day, "Almighty Yes" in person served I am one of the very first person immediately upon the area opened in October 2001 visited and prayed for all the ever more victim souls from the Ground Zero site itself. Also I pray salvation for all the souls ever regardless of the human.

Almighty a title for God in the entirety depth Wordless of no title on Unman, the Highest Power, Enormous Power and Wordless Ability that no human ways able to hold or communicate. "Almighty Yes" humanly communication in "Eternal Yes". All people any time "Almighty Yes". All the souls any time "Eternal Yes". In God Abraham Christ of God message "Almighty Yes" all people one communication for the invincible humanly limited with God for religion. The Invincibility "Almighty Yes" my life and your life and our life Abraham Christ of God welcome all world and people in "Almighty Yes". God human community "Almighty Yes" Being Good indivisibily serve Godhead non-Self Jesus Christ Coming Again for let us be ready and wisdom the invincible "Almighty Yes". "Good Samaritan" was a parable "Almighty Yes" for we all will be.

Jesus Coming again Nameless for salvation of Fallen Souls, "All Souls Saved" - Own safety first "Almighy Yes" protection for others too saves all world. "Almighty Yes" in strange too happens never to compare with modern world sience and technology global one system for many universes. "Almighty Yes" more about God and the angels and the heaven and earth and humans and the enemy than humanly knowledeable

Human life in "Almighty Yes" community service perfection. Almighty the title for God and new age title religion "Almighty Yes" all people. Meditate attain "Almighty Yes" in person, absorb, attain, enlighten in life. "Almighty Yes" wordless salvation before and after Jesus Christ, biblically languaged "Jesus Christ" is the Christian, people lied and deceived and failed me all such the pains and sufferings itself back to them "Almighty Yes". "Almighty Yes" the heaven and earth ends the same my life

We are human beings not God, while God among all of us is Almighty of no human name, "Almighty Yes" indisputable experience, Life itself godhead the purity every human Being Good religion free of religiosity. Jesus Coming Again "Almighty Yes" unman one Communication proactive the heaven and earth for all people and souls. Meditate protect yourself "Almighty Yes" in need in indeed if gates of heaven closed on you tears itself invincible in the "Almighty Yes" - New Age all people uplift no traditional religions INSTEAD Being Good one God all people "Almighty Yes" the almighty blessings upon everyone who submits

"Almighty Yes" my life

"Almighty Yes" save each other

"Almighty Yes" heaven and earth end the same

"Almighty Yes" eternal takes over

"Almighty Yes" in person everyone

"Almighty Yes" my invincible religion

"Almighty Yes" in experience

"Almighty Yes" my religion all people

"Almighty Yes" my tears miracle

"Almighty Yes" my protection

"Almighty Yes" my prayer

"Almighty Yes" my evermore

"Almighty Yes" my health

"Almighty Yes" my business

"Almighty Yes" my finance

"Almighty Yes" my family

"Almighty Yes" my children

"Almighty Yes" my church

"Almighty Yes" my job

"Almighty Yes" my true religion

"Almighty Yes" my priest

"Almighty Yes" my going and coming

"Almighty Yes" healing the world

"Almighty Yes" Being Good Religion

"Almighty Yes" our love

"Almighty Yes" my salvation

"Almighty Yes" my study

"Almighty Yes" my neighbour

"Almighty Yes" my answer

"Almighty Yes" God

"Almighty Yes" victory

"Almighty Yes" no more enemy

"Almighty Yes" miracle

"Almighty Yes" everything good

"Almighty Yes" my light

"Almighty Yes" my power

"Almighty Yes" my recovery

"Almighty Yes" my response

"Almighty Yes" my religion

"Almighty Yes" my spirit

"Almighty Yes" I am in

"Almighty Yes" no enemy

"Almighty Yes" my wish

"Almighty Yes" my wesite

"Almighty Yes" my blessing

"Almighty Yes" my doctor

"Almighty Yes" my medicine

"Almighty Yes" my parents

"Almighty Yes" my peace

"Almighty Yes" my angel

"Almighty Yes" my efforts

"Almighty Yes" my wisdom

"Almighty Yes" community

"Almighty Yes" my knowledge

"Almighty Yes" my divinity

"Almighty Yes" my world

"Almighty Yes" my nation

"Almighty Yes" my communication

"Almighty Yes" In God we are

"Almighty Yes" my attainment

"Almighty Yes" wordless in me

"Almighty Yes" instant

"Almighty Yes" my revelation

"Almighty Yes" in person experience

"Almighty Yes" God my God

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"


God with us, God with us free of religion, God in you no religion, "Almighty Yes" the greatest and highest and eternal community service. "Almighty Yes" for new age religion, invincible God all people.

Question: "Almighty Yes" yet how come we are suffering: Answer: We are affected by the heaven and earth around us.

Be true to yourself, chase efforts with honesty, if fails enjoy Jesus Coming Again, this message in your ways for Jesus Coming Again working in you.

God with us in person every human life, God with us in community the communication, God with us Universal sameness "Almighty Yes" the peace God with us


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GOD HEAL ALL SICKNESS - THE LORD GOD HEAL ALL YOUR PROBLEMS - THE LORD IS THE HEALER - ARE YOU READY FOR THE HEALING, IF NOT WHAT IS LACKING IN YOU TO BR READY? The universe is an echo of God (also known God the creator). The Heaven is the highest echo. We are sprinkles of the echo. Meditate the echo highest of God for your healing. On request I shall do it for you.

Click here for viewing Divine Sight blessing - view the divine sight as many times with prayer request to almighty God - it is visiting pilgrimage at distant places but is near within you - GOD MIRACLE FOR ALL PEOPLE - Jesus is so God what is wrong with God or the Christian or people that all are not Christian as yet?.


Due to domestic - international law ask healing requests from persons of legal age, please confirm the age:

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God heals all sickness, solve all problems - feel God Healing for you and you are guided by God to this request your request and happening mystery Blessing - that the Healer God touches you - heal you and make you anew that you are made to God:

I feel the presence I am inborn with miracle healing mystery for your healing comes from the heavens to the healing request made to me - miracle healing the Echo God of all people.


Some are healed of water, some through flood of things, some medicines - some through trails - all are healed through the BLOOD OF JESUS - Blood of Jesus is not by a language of visible things but is the Mystery - see case study.

Those who ask healing for the self cannot keep it away for others too.

GOD HEALING - SPIRITUAL HEALING - MIRACLE HEALING - MIRACLE BLESSING - INSTANT HEALING - FAITH HEALING - PRAYER HEALING - SELF HEALING - DIVINE HEALING - DIVINE BLESSING - DIVINE JUSTICE - JESUS HEALING, HEALING OF THE HEAVEN name as fit in your spiritual life while the divinity is almighty God. People purchase Holy Books of their faith - but the Holy is priceless and unpurchasable - purchase the human service of the messages in a book form while the moral of every one of those book is almost the same but the difference is the Holy of Holiness way beyond the purchase. Asking must be in the feeling of suffered in the blessing of God, presence of God, into the blessing and the presence each other so that God might Touch you, Bless you and Heal you which beyond words of faith for you are made to God. ::KnowingGod::

Go for God Miracle Healing - By the Grace Authority God has inborn in me a believer, I command my thought, body, mind, and spirit to align with the Mystery the God's word - the Word of God - God Healing the harvest of your spirit the Harvest on Earth - Let it be upon me. (It is not a religion - a liturgy used for sake of senses human communication - God Miracle Healing existed before the universe was founded as an echo of God)

Beloved souls - One person Jesus is more than billions of persons - One God Healing attained is beyond Thousand prayers prayed - just one God Healing attained is way beyond all the earth or the wealth owned - that powerful miracle God Healing is around you, it is heavenly property life's blessing waiting for you - otherwise would not appear in your search for seeking the blessing, just enlighten the divinity -

This Web site has information for self healing, heal yourself and others too. If not convincing for self healing or heal yourself, see below to send healing request to the gift of God this site provider for Prayer Meditation PERSONALLY, Email: - At certain situations he will ask your convenient time that you too may meditate together with him at where ever you are. (Dear souls in God the Highest: this message can reach to all people and the world - the greatest will be reaching and the healing the CORE of evil.

Concentrate the spirit of healing, genuine prayer meditation request make donation as a financial sacrifice support the healing ministry - donation needed shall eliminate scammers.

Why needing another person for prayer: a home and the kitchen - you are hungry - you have every item to cook what you want - any body can cook but who is a gifted cook. Also, compare doctors, teachers, parents, and so on, it is not just a knowledge it is beyond the understanding - It is the same not every one healer of God - O Holy almighty God, Whom Jesus prayed "Our Father Who Art in Heaven", Thy Are the only Holy God, I pray for, "Thy Will be done on me as it is in Heaven -that- Thy Healing and Thy Earth - God Healing - Miracle Healing - Thy Kingdom - done in me - as it is the Person Jesus beyond which human understandings" - Let my proclaimation be done loud in the entire Universe for all my sorrows be removed - Amen +++ An answer to "Question why all men are not been able to heal the self?" - Answer: Adam - Noha - Abraham - Moses - David - Jesus - and so on all are known "man" but man is different - it is not a file name "man" but beyond the understanding - the Man - what is beyond man is God Healing.

I was driving over 70 mph (about 120 Kmph) through a national highway - seen a break down car - in God love I stopped to offer help - usually Highway Police stops, the driver was confused seen myself a stranger stopped there - I offered help but doubted and replied, you drive Benz - might be you want to robe me - you are not going to help me, highway patrol will come. I replied I am a gifted healer, benz is a gift from a healed person - the driver in a rush offered me his wallet saying heal the car - seeing his great and genuine ambition, even though I am not a auto machanic, a thought came in me although the driver did it many times before, opened the hood shaken the car and started. Surely and certainly I feel I am gift of God, no one stopped to help him and the courageous sacrifice I have done to help him. There are many ministers and healers but fewer are machanic of the holy God

Jesus the heavenly healer - holy spirit is machanic of God - the public ministry and the healing begun at his age 30 years while he could have done from the very first day of his birth, but waited that long 30 years to prepare the world of people with heavenly knowledge on earth, thus it is necessary to prepare the people with this web site - Heal others O Holy almighty God, Whom Jesus prayed "Our Father Who Art in Heaven", Thy Are the only Holy God, I pray for, "Thy Will be done on me as it is in Heaven -that- Thy Healing and Thy Earth - God Healing - Miracle Healing - Thy Kingdom - done in me - as it is the Person Jesus beyond which human understandings" - Let my proclaimation be done loud in the entire Universe for all my sorrows be removed - Amen.