Eternal God Eternal even in split second unending the evermore mighty almighty Second to none where our salvation alive. We all alive inside God the same all of us and as live more on heaven and earth is our faith communities religions. In human sense "eternal" signify endless duraton, however, in God eternal is Another Substance not understandable of the heaven and earth, beyond Beginningless and Endless and Past Present Future and Nameless and Timeless and Omnipresence and Etc. that nothing under creation perfectly able to testify the Almighty, in simple God is what God Is. The explanations many are everlasting is Eternal, the love, peace, care, relation, righteousness, etc. are still human ways. Human everything limited that knowing God through human is not the entirety, Human entrance into God in human ways is salvation while not felt alive inside God, the soul can vision and touch the eternal God but the physical can't is the heaven and earth. Eternal truth humanly is not the eternal truth, eternal truth blocked on human life under the creation instead alive with incarnation. Human in the name of God or a religion from a prophesy or geography at least at times even for split second instant moment in life realises the invain of the human ways. This is I said from I live inside God not copied from a scholastic. "Almighty Yes" I urge all people and nations to unify into the Eternal to nameless and timeless truth the eternal almighty. The salvation is paid off life and eternity the explanation and eternal the mighty unity attainment and itis you live inside God of no religion. Religion itself ancient social media post and repost write and wrong in purpose. For Christian new age Jesus Coming Again is Our Father Who Art Eternal and in the eternal no religion instead will be Another Substance. For Being Now All almighty the Father - the Son - the Holy Spirit - the Trinity are eternity in the Eternal beyond all everyone, serve the Salvation the paid-off life signify Eternal sense ever-abiding presence Eternal. Mighty infinite of all things, wish eternal All to be, Eternal beyond all aspect the Time and Salvation, would you be all the aspects in Beginningless Endless Invisible Nameless Unman Almighty. Be a natural Christian above religious the Entered is of Beginningless unity with the Mighty God says Abraham Christ IAM

Eternal God Eternal is free from confusion controling religious ways Eternal is free from what we know Eternal is all about you and God even in split Second it happens of no religious ways - Satan agenda religion wants to control one against the other. Physical life limits everything whereas live in the Spirit free from Satan control the eternal timeless the highest decoration yet dishonesty on eternity the response invisible at hand greater than physical document that no man predicts to undivided beginning or end, the happening co-exists with all the successions in the order. Eternal every word is eternal and eternal all words are eternal and eternal always yes is the answer word.

What/how is Mighty the eternal almighty: Humanly a perfect answer impossible, in simple: Righteous Perfection second to none all in all, Readiness, Protection, Creation, Response, Recover, Continuity, Peace, Purposes, Objective, Service, Righteousness, Kind, Mercy, Care, Love, Light, Salvation, no trouble - Etc., Mighty the eternal almighty everything all in all is able and possible and done righteously perfect even in less than split second timeless beyond the creation no human or expression possible. Countless diversities on earth we live with yet the Mighty all in all the same everywhere Mighty second to none but others takes time and planning and skills and resources and no guarantee and the perfection and finish not possible without the Mighty. Would you be in the Mighty almighty eternal, the eternity all God, no religion no evil spirit no diversity above all traditional religions - if religiously the only Spiritual Invisible Religion all People - Yes I pray. The Mighty working in me Declare Righteous Perfection merger of all religions in the Eternity, in the eternal almighty God nameless invisible, humanly of religion all people salvation from the Eternal. An individual or head of organization the almighty one God all peoples unify you in the Spirit Power all people salvation the Eternity one God together above diversities. Eternity begins with the eternal within the self and eternity is Godly above religions and diversities - I am Abraham Christ ministering eternity Mission of God.




Eternal eternity almighty invisible nameless presents wordless expression on human salvation from the almighty God invisible for Word of God is human expression unman - For human salvation eternal the only one way is eternity - eternity in English if I don't know you then I don't know how to say God in your language - religiously speaking Eternity is the only religion from God to attain God - Every other religion is corrupt or selfish or satanic - or untrue on God - so this life you can be with Eternity the religion for with God while in your or in a traditional religion - Are you a Christian or Muslim or Jew or Hindu or other religion and you don't want any one to say their religion is better than yours - while I can say all people that your religion is in vain before God without Eternity in your religion - so you can say any one without eternity in them no salvation attained - Eternity is serving the Eternal - Abraham Christ

The almighty God of no religion - Religion means way to attain eternal salvation one God all people - Eternal the almighty is unman but eternity is the ways of human to attain eternal salvation. Salvation is the everlasting grant from the almighty the Eternal. Almighty eternal is Unman but eternity is human level from the almighty that man is image of God. God image eternal in every human life one God all people and serving the image is eternity attains the eternal salvation one God one image the Salvation is One, second to none on all people. eternity is image human characteristics for eternal salvation all people - Many religions among people are diversities under the creation in favor and against the eternity. Enemy is cunning with wisdom of the diversities while God the wisdom is from the eternal. For God the almighty traditional religions must be updated from the diversities to one God all people modern global life system. It is not merger of religions but accepting common principal one god eternity to eternal salvation one principal all religions and peoples. Christian is religion founded of Jesus Christ and Muslim is Muhammad and Jewish on Abraham and so on every religion has human foundation regardless righteousness fulfills, any function that blocks righteousness is not eternity. Besides religious righteousness in a faith order, must have a common universal same one proclamation of eternity to eternal by all religions that God the almighty is one for all - one prayer one creed of belief - one way salvation the eternity to eternal one mankind one God one salvation one eternal all people. Eternity the salvation for all people free of religious communication and affiliation every human can serve by self and I am Soul of the Almighty ministering Salvation for all people - other than the eternity, although spiritual all religions are communication spiritually to be fulfilled.

Eternity is righteous capability to righteousness, planning, discover threats, assist communities and individuals, stop misconducts, adapt righteous conditions, save lives and properties and environment, withstand and recover from disruption, help victims, neutral understanding, justice, avoid negativity, take suffering to help the innocent, honest activity, decision making, stay calm and cool and silence as needed, team work, improvement measures, care, training and exercises, charity, vision, attitude and approach, usage without misuse, health care, detection, ongoing efforts, achieving goal, reaching the destination, save assets, life safety, know the enemy, .....

God eternal. Eternal God. Eternal the almighty God. Eternity is the Religion from the dark in secrecy. Eternity is Religion from the Eternal almighty God. Eternity is the Word of God human way the Light. Eternity is preparedness of Eternal, through the Light see the Eternal. Eternity is the eternal association offering the eternal that righteousness is to be close with sinners. Maintain righteous relation with sinners. Eternity the attributes for eternal the salvation. Eternity is the only religion from the almighty for human salvation. No human religion shall serve the salvation. Life in the creation eternity is the foundation for eternal life. Diversities in the creation are many so is God of religions. Eternity is the attributes of the almighty God for eternal salvation. Many religions are the diversities humanly energizing efforts for eternal salvation from the almighty. The attributes are the same among all people regardless of the diversities. But the hidden influence of the creation among humans all are sinners or living under the influence of the creation. God is one truth existence one creation, enemy of God is more than one.

Human or man is a planning of the eternal God that planning is divine process engaging as appropriate including the whole community to meet with eternal caring objectives to achieve eternal salvation. In eternity physical protective measures be implemented and maintained of risk-informed countermeasures, and policies protecting people, life values, borders, structures, materials, products, and systems associated with key operational activities and critical infrastructure sectors that on a recurring basis, preparedness partners at all levels should review and update mutual aid capabilities, resources, and plans helping the entire peoples. Eternity enable the recognition, understanding, communication for individuals and communities to make informed risk management decisions necessary to adapt to, withstand, and quickly recover from incidents. God the eternal planned the creation and through human the image of God is to fulfill the purpose. Preparedness from human individual level help righteously help achieve eternity global mission for every human. Eternity preparedness includes reject and disapprove eradicate terrorism and anyone in terrorism must be eliminated altogether from the creation so that the creation shall be purified for benefits for all. Eternity for every human soul everyone build and sustain eternity, implement a comprehensive campaign to build and sustain individual and family and local and territorial and national and international and global one community preparedness, through a series of studies and reviews on diversities and geographical cultures and racialism of peoples. Develop the preparedness with the help of the whole community to enjoy terror free world. Groups and leaders to build and sustain the capabilities with providing education and training and conduct divine exercises. Preparedness involves information reviewing and estimating and updating and validating and identifying and risk assessing on diversities and solving through protection and response to all incidents. Eternity the righteousness distinguishes that every functioning person at own level contribute to the universal preparedness for peace on earth and beyond. Global goal includes the help includes the capabilities necessary to assist communities and individuals affected wicked. Serving eternity is the way divine participation can be measured a person. Serving eternity is resurrection and leads resurrection to all and ascended in eternal.

2500 Eternity characteristics serve coordinating structures that enable everyone to work together to prevent any act of violence and extend peaceful coexistence and lays the foundation for further operational coordination and planning that will harmonize efforts within the whole community. Provide common language for preparedness across the whole community and unite with essential for the execution of each mission area and are not limited exclusive to a particular person or group. Everyone a partner shall support each other to achieve the visions of the mission. Global coordinating structure is a collaborative effort led jointly by international and national and every local and individual efforts that identifies needs in every jurisdictions around the global. Jurisdictions to coordinate their resources and capabilities help support the global. Eternity human readiness engage partnerships one human society one God society the eternity. Eternity applies to government leaders and law enforcement, and every individual to life safety and reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of negativity and protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs always. Primitive life style yet eternity timeless services provide support every developed ways and programs, that God always everyone to the human salvation. Divinity conducts the diplomacy to prevent threats against eternity. Eternity the scope eternal answer God we endure save salvation like water at heart pardon offenses see the body obedience to righteousness foreknowing the almighty eternal with the eternity. The coordinating structure includes unity centers and task forces that work with one another to share information and align resources in partnership and eternity values. The eternity apply to every individual human being, since it is the righteousness lead directly all are responsible for implementing core capabilities within the mission. Eternity the most powerful human presentation of the Eternal has to undergo very many hardships under creation. Eternity focuses highest righteousness protection from negativity during steady-state conditions, the protection global to individual describe how everyone work together to deliver the capabilities prioritizing preparedness activities at the individual level to all people global. Eternity enable the recognition, understanding, communication and planning for risk and empower individuals and communities to make informed risk management decisions necessary to adapt to, withstand, and quickly recover from future incidents. In the eternity mission every human is mutual with other in partnership and coordination and the system principles, Coordinate with others all levels, ensure that everyone receive timely information in a variety of formats, promote the development of core capabilities to the safety of the people in their jurisdictions. Eternity every person has leadership role and every person represent the eternal salvation for self and others and destroying elements of evil spirit. Coordinating structures are composed of representatives from other communities and helping the government in serving common good for all, engaged in Partnerships and Inclusiveness, they are exclusive to the federal government and cannot be applied at the local levels, provide a common language for preparedness across the whole community, one person alone can bring to save the whole community of global.

The Spirit of God does what is said and the saying will be done - but evil says well but does otherwise - The evil does all cruelty on people and preaches God is good to make people believe living in God - ABRAHAM CHRIST

Eternity is one God one religion all people the religion of the almighty for mankind - Eternity is the attributes of God in every human being - Eternity is doing and practicing and serving God in human life - The Spirit of God does what is said and the saying will be done - but - NOT the evil spirit - Evil says well but does otherwise - ABRAHAM CHRIST

Son is the greatest and highest and the best heavenly image of father. We all are image of our father. Jesus Christ the Son of the Father is the eternal image we all are of the almighty greater than the best on earth. The almighty unman never a human that the Son became human life that the greatest served closer to the poor to resurrect from the poor. That our association helping the poor makes greater rich in God. A greater presence with the poor shall enlighten the poor. Righteously visiting a poor presents the infinite pretense of the almighty for the poor to begin serve the eternity

Diversities are under creation - not every position of the the creation is the same - the knowing or worshiping God is also not the same - people do by the world they live with - and at times every person with own experience nameless of the almighty.

God is righteousness working together and traditional religion is human situation and the Spirit of God is the almighty ability saying is doing, while working with the enemy says well but does otherwise - ABRAHAM CHRIST

Eternity the religion from the almighty and the Man was Image of the almighty God - but the Stan guided image taken over and rules every human thus until the Message of Eternity the Religion from the almighty reaches no human is free from human religion.

The one message humanly the almighty God, countless life on the land and water and the sky and countless nonliving existence the one creation, how the others feel the almighty, all others too feel need help.


Evil spirit talk great - Great is the talk of evil - great wisdom evil spirit - knows God more than man - knows God greater than human intellect - knows wisdom talk to fit every human sorrows - but will be used to confusion who is the Spirit of God and evil spirit, because the evil too talk like God - pleases in talk - and please more than God (while too much pleasing talk is also not God)- That anyone can be confused who is right or wrong - god of wisdom or evil of deceiving - the universe everywhere is ake love of the evil.

But watch by experience - own experience - you can easily say good and bad - who is God works and who works evil -

The almighty leads relationship in unity from the lowest level to the highest righteously serving support functions for protection and preparation and creation and response and recovery for life safety on earth and eternity to eternal salvation. Traditional religions are now outdated to replaces with the eternity that one international and global system one God all people is updated.

The divine procedures and structures described in religions align with the eternity and components. The eternity service cover different aspects of life management focused on righteous planning, and coordination. Divine Coordinator oversees over all activities lowest level to the highest and its support functions. The Unified Coordination from individual the lowest level to local and regional and provincial and national and international and the highest global coordination one God all people is divine eternal charity

Divine chain activity Planning and Public Information and Warning and Functioning Coordination attribution; physical protective measures; economic recovery, critical transportation; situation assessment; and mass care services, supply chain integrity, safety management; risk and disaster prevention protection readiness response recovery and eternity assessment and updated management one God one eternity all people are in membership.

Every person in principal is eternity incident manager and available resources utilized in the prevention of, preparation for, response to, or recovery from terrorist attacks, major disasters, or other emergencies.

Guiding principle of the Eternity work is that Unity of effort results when everyone is willing to relinquish their eternity opportunities, Effective partnership relies on engaging all elements of the whole community, Readiness to responses to situations, and always activated.

Eternity service equally applicable to every human regardless of working employee on duty or not, self-employee or individual that eternity service everyone always on duty regardless what when where why and how. Eternity service is the highest order of human service knowing the justice of human salvation. Eternity integrate response plans and resources across jurisdictions and departments, as well as with the private sector and Non-Government and Not For Profit Organizations, Corrections needed be conducted through operational communications. A basic of the framework is that response structures and resources must be able globally to expand rapidly to meet needs associated with a given incident. Act of enemy of eternity is waiting for a chance that every eternity member be always be ready.

Composed of seniors of life, officials such as agency designees, who are authorized to represent or commit agency resources and funds in support of incident activities coordination center that expands to become an interagency facility in anticipation of a serious incident or immediately following an enemy act. The potential contributions of all response partners should be incorporated into planning efforts. Eternity response saving and life safety involves Mass-Care providing life-sustaining and human services to the affected population, to include feeding, sheltering, temporary housing, evacuee support, reunification, and distribution of emergency supplies, Rescue Operations, and Public Health

Eternal God Eternal is all about God even in split Second as great as unending evermore the mighty almighty second to none for salvation all peoples. Eternal is eternal of greater than count all the peoples and birds and animals and fishes and creatures and plants and trees and split seconds and stars in the Sky and angels and spirits and born and living and will be and known and unknown and all sands and mud particles all everything known and unknown the Eternal is beyond the eternal of Man. Who is behaving the evil - yourself - parents - spouse - sibling - neighbor - children - priest - employer - officer - evil ways happens under creation - but know that the Sun under creation is source of life but Beyond and above the Sun still the greater Source of life for those who feel above the Sun Abraham Christ - Abraham Christ